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    Da New York a San Francisco: 2 Coast to Coast Low Cost

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    Among the possible itineraries of the Coast to Coast the one it brings and New York at San Francisco it is certainly one of the most beaten; on the other hand we are talking about 2 of the most fascinating cities in America and their geographical location on the opposite shores of the East and West Coast makes them the ideal starting and ending point for embarking on the most adventurous tour imaginable: a long crossing from one ocean to another, penetrating the depths of what is the womb of America.


    • But how much does it cost me?
    • 1. Coast to Coast Road Trip Eastbound 23 giorni
      • Tour price
    • 2. Coast to Coast Camping Westbound 23 giorni
      • Package price
    • Why is the price so low? Is there a trick? Let's try to understand it!
      • So? Is it convenient or not?

    But how much does it cost me?

    Often, the least pleasant aspect of this type of holiday is certainly the cost: unless you want to race against time, the journey will take you at least twenty days, with associated expenses for travel and accommodation. The price of a Coast to Coast, therefore, can easily go up.

    How then? If you choose to plan the magnificent New York-San Francisco trip on your own, from a "do it yourself" perspective, we recommend that you take a look at our article on how to do a Coast to Coast USA; if you prefer to buy a travel package, continue reading, we will reveal 2 tours that do just this route and which, as you will see, are available at very affordable prices.

    These are 2 packages offered by GAdventure, a tour operator that addresses many of its products to a young, informal audience, in the name of sustainable tourism and with the traveler and respect for the planet at the center.

    Tours are meant for small groups (on average 16 people), who will travel with an air-conditioned coach and WI-FI service inside, and include entry to all US national parks, access to all trails and hikes on the route, various orientation trips to the cities, some specific tours and all transport.

    The packages also lend themselves to customization needs, allowing you to add additional activities to the offer. So let's see some more details on two coast to coast da New York a San Francisco and reverse treats.

    1. Coast to Coast Road Trip Eastbound 23 giorni

    This tour moves east (from San Francisco to New York), passing through the main parks of the West Coast (Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Mesa Verde National Park) and some important American cities such as Santa Fe, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans and Washington DC. Before arriving in New York, you will cross the Appalachian Mountains and have the opportunity to fully explore Shenandoah National Park, one of the most beautiful parks on the entire East Coast.

    Tour price

    The package would cost 2199 euros, but is often available on sale at 30% discount, therefore to a figure of 1539 €. The tour is also available in reverse (from New York to San Francisco).

    Please note:: This tour is no longer available at the moment. You can find similar ones managed by other tour operators on this page:

    Tour information

    2. Coast to Coast Camping Westbound 23 giorni

    What's between New York, Chicago and San Francisco? This package is designed to discover the wonders of the area that unites these fascinating cities: Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes, Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Devils Tower, Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton and Yosemite National Park. Differently from the previous proposal, the itinerary will be oriented towards the exploration of the natural beauties of the North side of the States; you can also visit interesting cities such as Cody, Salt Lake City, Milwaukee and Jackson.

    Package price

    The cost would be 2249 euros but even in this case it is often available at a discount, in this case at 20% discount, lowering the figure to 1799 €.

    Tour information

    Why is the price so low? Is there a trick? Let's try to understand it!

    One of the reasons why the price is like that low cost it stems from the fact that they are not complete all-inclusive packages. In fact, the total amount does not include the flight, health insurance and other small expenses, such as those relating to the documentation to enter the USA, for example the Esta visa.

    Also, although all overnight stays are included, most of them are arranged in campground (only for 5/6 nights the hotel is provided). It is however possible to request the overnight stays at the hotel paying a surcharge of approx 830 € (on average we are about 45 euros per night).

    As regards the food, the first tour includes 18 breakfasts, 15 lunches and 12 dinners, while the second includes 17 breakfasts, 14 lunches and 15 dinners. The operator suggests calculating for meals not included about 300/350 dollars for the first package and 200/250 for the second.

    So? Is it convenient or not?

    Despite the exclusions of some services, these tours still have a very attractive price. If you are not too formalized and you do not have particular problems sleeping in the campsite, the savings are considerable: you may be able to make a coast to coast of 23 days spending a figure around 2500 € (including everything!).

    But even if you intend to take advantage of an overnight stay in a hotel with an increased cost, the price is still interesting: the secret lies in finding both flights and health insurance at a reasonable price and for this I refer you to our dedicated guides:

    America health insurance: how to choose the best policy

    Low Cost USA flights: how to save money for your flight to the United States

    Have you ever tried one of these tours? Leave your opinion below! Tell us your experience!

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