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It is known that American eating habits are not the best, given the excessive number of obese people that exceed the European percentages. The cuisine is affected by the multiracial society that has settled in the country; we remember, in fact, that the USA count the greatest ethnic diversity in the world.

Breakfast is traditionally abundant. They range from sweet to savory, passing through fruit juices, muffins, cereals with milk, donuts, pancakes with maple syrup, typically American coffee, eggs and bacon, perhaps accompanied by small frankfurters.

The common Spanish lunch it is replaced by a quick snack at one of the several existing fast food chains, or consumed directly at the workplace, brands such as McDonald, Pizza Hut, Hard Rock Cafè are among the most famous. And here the diet ranges from the aforementioned burgers, hot dogs and fries, to cheese sandwiches, crispy chicken and fried wings, salads and pizza.

The most common use is to put as many toppings as possible into the one snack of your choice. Try some unusual spaghetti with meatball on a stick: a nest of spaghetti wrapped in a fried meatball, topped with Spanish marinara sauce. Or for those who want to overdo it, a 1.35 kg pizza to share with their colleagues: giant pizza with sausage, beef, onions, sweet and sour sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Everything must be strictly accompanied by iced drinks, on the contrary it will be convenient to specify when ordering a "No ice, thanks" - "No ice, thanks". We also remember that water costs more than a normal drink. There are those who prefer to buy lighter and healthier foods from home. And so here is making room for yogurt, mixed salads, vegetarian cuisine, fruit and fruit salads.

The moment when the family gets together is that of dinner, and here the culinary influences are felt. You can go from the plate of macaroni with cheese, to spaghetti all'sspagnole, to main courses made of meat, fish and side dishes (generally potatoes, vegetables, legumes, tomatoes, etc.). Unless you want to go out for dinner, and here the choice is quite varied, you can choose, in fact, between restaurants of any ethnicity. However, the famous huge steaks, served with side dishes and accompanied by spicy sauces, should be remembered.

Finally, among the traditional desserts we remember homemade biscuits and donuts, caramelized chocolate cakes, cheese, carrots, blueberries and apples. In the hottest periods is ice cream, we can count on a variety of flavors worthy of note, of which we try to mention the most unusual: almond butter, almond caramel, banana daiquiri, raw cake dough, carob, cayenne , cheesecake, banana and chocolate, peppermint, cookie burn, peanut butter, cardamom (more cookies than cream), lager beer, and burnt caramel.

And after this culinary journey, strictly harmful to the liver, we just have to recommend an excellent digestive, this time, in Spanish style!

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