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    New York is a kaleidoscope of cultures that coexist under the same sky: getting to know them all is very difficult but we have all the time in the world to try! Here are some activities, experiences, cultural and themed tours that can help us enter the multifaceted American heart of the Big Apple.

    The Harry Potter Shop in New York: between shopping and magical atmospheres

    Flora Lufrano

    The phoenix Fawkes, the shoes of the gamekeeper Hagrid, chocolates, butterbeer, magic wands, candies Tutti i Gusti +1, the rotating Griffin ... for fans of the most famous wizard of recent decades, New York will be even more magical and unforgettable: in the month In fact, in June 2021, the Harry Potter Store opened between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, immediately becoming one of the top attractions in New York for lovers of the world of Hogwarts. Harry's shop ...

    Jazz in New York: the best places to listen to it and tours in historic jazz clubs

    Often, when you think of New York, the image that immediately comes to mind is that of its imposing skyline, a series of majestic skyscrapers that seem to compete with each other to reach the sky, but often we forget. of the great cultural contribution that this city has given to the world throughout its still young history; I'm not just talking about the many wonderful museums and cultural institutions that distinguish it, but also about the incredible musical repertoire that this city has known ...

    New York Gospel Mass: how and where to attend Harlem services

    Bernardo Pacini

    To talk about the New York gospel mass, the first thing we get to do is stick to the rich Hollywood filmography on the subject. Of course, everyone has their own cinematographic background and their specific tastes, and therefore I will limit myself to mentioning the first two films that, among the countless, come to mind (knowing, however, that they are breaking through an open door): Sister Act and The Blues Brothers. . To tell the truth, the first is set in Nevada, the second in ...

    Christmas Lights Tour in Dyker Heights: how to get there, house map and guided tours

    Born and raised as a purely residential neighborhood since its origins, at the end of the 800th century, Dyker Heights has always been synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. Features that, over time, have grown even more. Suffice it to say that the single or two-family villas all have their own private driveway, their garden and the typical columned veranda, with the inevitable rocking sofa, as must be the American chic abode in the common imagery. Over the years, even in Dyker Heights ...

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