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    Cruise to America: an alternative way to get around the United States

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    The ways to visit the United States are really many: one of the most suggestive and practiced is undoubtedly the road trip by car; alternatively, those who do not like to travel too many kilometers by car often choose to move from one city to another by air; still, more rarely, public transport such as buses and trains is used, with pros and cons to be analyzed on the basis of the chosen destination. However, there is also another way to visit the USA which, it seems, is becoming more and more popular: to venture into a Cruise to discover America, an option that, in addition to comfort, allows you to explore the States from an unusual and often “scenographic” point of view. So let's see the destinations and itineraries available on the market.


    • Alaska cruises
    • New England and Canada cruises
    • Hawaii cruises

    Alaska cruises

    Visiting the natural wonders of Alaska is far from simple and it is no coincidence that many tourists, driven by the difficulties of organizing a tour on their own, are inclined to take a cruise. Indeed, many wonders that this state has to offer can only be admired by ship (starting with the close-up view of the glaciers) so the cruise can be a really good choice. Routes taken by ships in this state include theInside Passage, Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park, Skagway, Ketchikan, Seward, Sitka, Juneau, as well as hiking in the most coveted national park, Denali National Park.

    Typically, cruises depart from Vancouver, Seattle or another port on the Pacific coast and allow for a splendid journey, the main features of which are towering glaciers, forests rich in wildlife, ancient gold rush cities and culture. of Native Americans.

    All cruises available in Alaska

    New England and Canada cruises

    Embarking on a cruise between Canada and New England means having an authentic feast of history, good food and spectacular views, characterized by jagged coasts overlooking the sea, suggestive fjords and scenic lighthouses. The main destinations covered by the itineraries in this area are Bar Harbor and Portland in Maine, Newfoundland, Halifax and Sydney in Nova Scotia, Montreal, Prince Edward Island and Quebec City in Quebec.

    Fleets offering this type of cruise include Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America, Princess, Crystal and Carnival.

    All cruises available in New England and Canada

    Hawaii cruises


    Hawaii means a series of volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean, whose main strengths are lush nature and beautiful beaches. Among the destinations touched by the cruise itineraries are Oahu, in particular Waikiki Beach, the memorial of Pearl Harbor and Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, and also Kauai, Hilo and Maui. Cruise lines to these islands include Norwegian, Princess, Carnival, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.

    All cruises available in Hawaii

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