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    Crime in New York: How Dangerous is the Big Apple?

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    Monday 26 November 2012 will remain in the history of the Big Apple: for a whole day no violent crime was reported in the Metropolis, recording a pause in the uninterrupted flow of crime in New York. 

    The news is particularly relevant if we think that there is no memory of a similar fact at least in the last 60 years, according to what was reported by a true expert on the subject like Tom Repetto. Such news could frighten those who are preparing their trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, however the data on the crime in New York they must be contextualized so as not to run into misunderstandings.


    • Is New York Really Dangerous? Some data
    • Security and Crime in New York: A Personal Experience

    Is New York Really Dangerous? Some data

    First of all it is good to remember that the crime rate in New York has been for years constantly decreasing, verging on the lowest percentage since 2012 in 1960 (Police Department data). Furthermore, compared to many other metropolises, the Big Apple can claim the title of the safest city in relation to the number of inhabitants.

    It should also be borne in mind that New York it is a macro-area divided into several zones: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx. The most touristic area, the one in which any travel agency will direct your stay, is that of Manhattan, in particular the Downtown, the Midtown and some areas of the Upper Side (how not to see Central Park?).

    According to official data, the areas with the greatest crime in New York they are not the tourist ones, but those concentrated in some circumscribed neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx, areas far from the most important centers and where it will be very difficult to happen. Regarding the last district mentioned, we have addressed the problem of its danger in the article on how to visit the Bronx.

    But data isn't everything. Some observers even consider them unreliable, especially in light of some scandals in recent years that have seen the city police manipulate the numbers to make crime appear to be steadily decreasing.

    Security and Crime in New York: A Personal Experience

    It is certainly not up to me to pronounce on the veracity or otherwise of the data provided by the Police, however in these cases personal experience can be invaluable.

    I've been to New York on a number of occasions and haven't never had a feeling of insecurity. Wandering around at night even in the darkest streets of Midtown (which at first glance can be intimidating when you move away from the glittering Times Square) I have never happened to be bothered or bothered by someone, or to see episodes of microdelinquency.

    Rather, I was surprised to see a certain tranquility, which allowed women to take the subway alone even in the middle of the night. In short, from my personal experience, I feel I can say with certainty that the tourist areas of Manhattan are safe and not visiting them for fear of unpleasant encounters would be a real shame. For a general overview of the main areas where to look for accommodation to visit the city, I refer you to my guide on best neighborhoods to sleep in New York.

    And what experience have you had regarding the crime in New York? Did it seem like a safe city? Are there any other areas that you would label as trustworthy? Do you have any areas in particular that you should not recommend? Which ones are they? Contributions and personal experiences are always welcome.

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