Cosmetics in hand luggage: which ones to bring and how

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Destination of the holiday already chosen, luggage preparations started and here comes the problem, common to most women: which make-up products to take on vacation?
And, especially if the trip is by plane, how to place them in your hand luggage, so that, both in terms of weight and space, they do not cause problems when boarding?
By now everyone knows the inflexible rules imposed by airport authorities, which force us to resize our luggage, making us carry only what is strictly necessary. Which is not easy for everyone, especially for those used to a particular beauty routine.


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  2. What to put in our hand luggage
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3 useful tips

  1. Mini formats: to meet these needs, many famous brands have marketed products in mini format, very practical, which can be travel kit (with all the essentials, both in versions for women and men), gods empty vials in which to pour our creams or shampoos or even shower gel, foundation or in sachet format to take safely on the road.
  2. Bags approved for hand luggage: It is advisable to close all products in special sachets, closed with an airtight strip (they can be found at the airport).
  3. Transport of liquids: all liquid products (according to airport regulations are liquids: creams, oils, perfumes, gels, shaving foam, almost all cosmetics, toothpastes, water and other drinks) must be contained in containers of 100 ml or 100 g and placed in resealable plastic bags, and any passenger can only board one bag with a capacity of one liter.

What to put in our hand luggage

  • Refreshing wipes fragrant: very useful during the trip, to have a bit of well-being, especially if, after hours and hours of travel, you want to refresh yourself when you wake up; you can also choose make-up remover wipes for a make-up renewal;
  • Hand washing gel with antibacterial action;
  • Products oral hygiene travel version;
  • Moisturizing cream face and body;
  • Primer and foundation: the first will help keep the make-up intact, which can be kept uniform by the foundation;
  • Lip pencil;
  • Lipstick;
  • Eye liner;
  • Two eyeshadows: a lighter one to give brightness to the eyes and a darker one to blend;

Always remember the packages, which must be strictly for travel, the right amount to reach your destination with a radiant, well-groomed and also relaxed appearance.
Better always check the weight and size of hand luggage on the airline's website.

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