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A special and obviously romantic Valentine's Day for a couple of Italian travel bloggers in and around Copenhagen.

1 day

Our journey starts from the center of Copenhagen, from the very famous Nyhavn, the Copenhagen canal with colorful houses, in some of which lived none other than Hans Christian Andersen, the writer of the Little Mermaid.
The Nyhavn? an area very popular with tourists with numerous restaurants and clubs, but like all hyper tourist spots,? really expensive to have lunch. So? we immediately throw ourselves on the street food, and enjoy with satisfaction a p? lser (Danish hot dog) with cucumber, fresh and fried onions and remoulade sauce. There? space also for a dessert: among the Nyhavn premises c '? a certain Rajissimo ... Drop by, your taste buds will make the party!
From Nyhavn we embark on the Canal Tours boat, why? a trip through the Danish channels? a must! We reach all the main attractions of the city, and see the Little Mermaid and the Opera from afar.
In the afternoon we visit Christiania, convinced that it is one of the trendy districts of Copenhagen. Nothing more? different!
With those colorful murals and psychedelic statues, it looks like an abandoned park, a meeting place for artists. A sign that says Pusher Street and a marijuana leaf dissolve for? any doubt.
The smell we smell? unmistakable, and in fact Christiania? strewn with stands selling soft drugs (and more).
The counters have a covered showcase, with the exception of a space for handing the goods. Some people wear a mountain pass, to cover their entire face except the eyes.
Let's take a quick tour why? some "particular" characters do not put us at ease. Definitely not to visit in the evening!

2 day

About 40 minutes by train from Copenhagen, we choose to visit Helsing? R on a clear sunny day. Here is in fact the Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most beautiful landscapes. beautiful of Denmark.
There are several areas to visit: the Chapel, the gigantic ballroom and the outer courtyard, but the best part? under the castle. A sinister tunnel leads us into the basement, called the Casematte. Thrilling, and not just for the cold!
We can only imagine what gruesome episodes happened here, as these dungeons have also been used as dungeons and prisons.
Here also rests the great statue of the hero Holger Danske, who according to legend sits asleep, but? ready to wake up in case of danger for Denmark.
I recommend that you go out the main door and turn right to take the path outside the castle, with a view of the sea, Sweden and the city. of Helsinborg.

Before returning home, we stop on the dock for a snack: some guys have set up a pallet banquet and a brazier with a large pot. It is cold, but sitting on the quay and with the open sea as a panorama, we enjoy a plate of moules frites with the most? the best I've ever tasted (and I hate mussels!).

In the afternoon we decide to visit Koge, after another hour by train. Is it already? dark and we realize that not? was a fantastic idea: the city? ? very particular with all the ancient and colorful houses, where each one tells a story. The shops for? they are all closed and not c '? no one walking down the street, so? do we retire to the stylish Café? Vivaldi for a coffee? milk and a super sinful chocolate cake.

3 day

If you are interested in Viking history, Roskilde will be? a must. The museum, a bright open space, seems to plunge into the water thanks to the windows that open onto the fjord. Here are five Viking Skudelevs, vessels used for trade or warfare. They were sunk in the canal so that they formed a barrier and prevented enemy ships from approaching the ancient capital. In this way they managed to keep themselves and reach us. All ships date from the early th century - it was a time of conquest and wars during the Viking Age.

Unfortunately, the winter period with its reduced hours, isn't it? a good time to visit: only during the summer in fact you can? sail for an hour on a beautiful reconstruction of a Viking ship with an experienced and fully equipped staff.
Outside the museum, there is an island on stilts that includes the port, from where the ships for excursions leave, and the shipyard where during the summer you can observe craftsmen who build traditional ships. The port is also home to a unique collection of traditional ships and boats.

Self ? lunch time, stop at the Caf? Knarr on the museum island, where you can enjoy a delicious dish of New Nordic cuisine. An example? Fish balls with remoulade sauce, black bread and a cabbage salad with pomegranate grains.

4 day

The beautiful Dutch Renaissance building in the heart of Copenhagen, Rosenborg Castle,? famous nowadays as a museum housing stunning royal art treasures and most importantly, the crown jewels.
The glitz of the interior of Rosenborg Castle? so abundant that it stuns the pupils: the upholstery? rich, mirrors and silver illuminate the luxurious rooms ... The rooms live on the light reflected by these sumptuous furniture, unique in its kind.
In the majestic Hall of the Knights, the coronation thrones and three magnificent life-size silver lions, symbols of Denmark, which protect the high-chairs stand out. The tapestries on the walls recall the endless battles between the Scandinavian kingdoms.
The icing on the cake? the powerful charm of the crowns kept in the vault, together with the sets of beautiful precious stones.
We conclude the visit around the moat outside the castle, walking hand in hand through the romantic gardens as we move away from the castle. If you have time, buy the combined ticket to visit Amalienborg Castle too!

For a snack, we absolutely must try the typical Sm? Rrebr? D, the most open sandwiches. famous of Denmark. Let's try the version with very fresh shrimps and the one with marinated herring in curry sauce. Tasty but definitely not cheap!

We dedicate the last half day to some free sites: the National Museum which tries to enclose the history of the Earth from prehistoric times to the present day, the majestic Marmorkirken (or Frederiks Kirke), one of the most important symbols. famous of the Copenhagen skyline and the round tower or Rundetarn: after climbing a spiral ramp, you reach a height of 35 meters from which you can enjoy all of Copenhagen.

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