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    City Infidels: here is the Top 10 in Europe

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    You travel for work, you travel for pleasure, you travel for love ... yes, but love for whom? And with whom? And ... are we sure that it can really be called "love"? In short, in the Old Continent it seems that more betrayals are being consumed than one might have thought. So much for romanticism and marital fidelity! And there is even one ranking with the most unfaithful cities in Europe, extrapolated from some statistics of the dating communities reviewed on the site, based on the number of registered users looking for ... escapades! And how does Italy behave ...? Take a look, it will be fun ... or depressed!

    10th location: Zurich, Switzerland

    And away with the first surprise! It may well be that the Swiss are the symbol of efficiency and punctuality, but evidently not even they resist the pleasures of the flesh ...! At least now we are sure that they are not cyborgs ...

    9 location: Amesterdam, Netherlands

    The surprise here is the location ... because we expected to find it a little further up there capital of the transgression! But perhaps this is precisely the reason: to betray, you must first commit yourself, and to think about it ... with all that goodness, who thinks about getting married!

    8 location: Bordeaux, France

    Could wine play tricks on the inhabitants of this delightful French village? Maybe so they have at least an excuse. But ... if the saying "in vino veritas" were valid, then the true soul of the inhabitants of Bordeaux would be rather unfaithful ...!

    7 location: London, UK

    One of the largest and most multi-ethnic European capitals, London, needless to say, knows about transgression.

    Of course, not very regal as an attitude, but so be it, Londoners also indulge in the pleasures of life! God Save the Queen!

    6 location: Marseille, France

    Well, maybe France should start asking a few questions ... already two representatives are in the top 10! The city of French Provence is a particularly romantic destination ... obviously also ideal for fast conquests and without too many sentimental aftermath!

    5 location: Rome, Italy

    Here's peep the Beautiful country also in this ranking! But you know, Italy always wants to excel, and even here ... the first city represented is the capital, the Eternal City! The city will be eternal, but love, obviously ...

    4 location: Brussels, Belgium

    Eh ... the political disputes in the Belgian capital bring a certain appetite ... No, not that kind of appetite that is satisfied at the restaurant, but that other ...!

    Among other things, those who work in politics don't have hours, so even the oldest and most inflated apology could be credible: "honey, sorry, but I'm late for work"!

    3 location: Barcelona, ​​Spain

    That it was known for its eventfulness nightlife, you knew. It is clear that between one entertainment and another, between one museum and another, between a paella and tapas ... the people of Barcelona also find space for a fleeting encounter with the lover!


    2 location: Milan, Italy

    For a hair! One step away from the finish, Italy with the Lombard metropolis touched the top step of the podium! Who were these fundamentalists followers of fidelity who made us lose the primacy? Seriously, Milan is a highly industrialized city, but it is also there fashion capital... in short, do you want particular "impure thoughts" to occur between a business trip and the next, do you want to lose your head between models and fashion shows ... the result is that Italy places 2 cities in the top 5!

    1 location: Paris, France

    Vive la France, the cheating men from all over the world will scream! A real paradox for the French capital: al second place among the most romantic cities in the world, And the first among those infidels!

    But in short, then these romantic trips, who are they with?

    Statistics on Betrayals between men and women in Italy

    Other than saints and navigators ... Italy of saints perhaps venerates many, but has few! In fact, it seems that in the world, there are only Denmark and Thailand before us! Well yes, Italy is the third most faithless country in the world. We are talking about 45% of confessed offenders, tied with Germany, and with the city of Rome leading the way.
    The relationship between men and women is almost equal: among the traitors of Italy, 56% are men, 46% are women.

    • Men: The average cheater is in their 40s, of good culture (with a degree or at least a high school diploma), and they are looking for a woman aged between 25 and 45, naturally uninhibited and ... blonde!
    • Women: the average traitor is around 38, also generally graduates or high school graduates (87%), with an average salary and employed in the marketing, sales or banking sectors.
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