City Ghost in America: here are the 5 Ghost Towns of the USA!

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Abandon for a long time, with the dust that settles on the various constructions made by those men who, not having found what they were looking for, finally decided to leave everything and move elsewhere: this is the ghostly scenario of the so-called "Ghost Town", the ghost city.

A little around the world they are found abandoned cities for the most varied causes: from social problems such as the failure of the local economy and the consequent exodus to more favorable places, to natural calamities or terrible wars.
The most famous ghost towns are located in the Stati Uniti d'America, most of them built in areas where minerals were extracted.
The exhaustion of the gold reserves discovered at the end of the 800th century led to the disappearance of many city ​​of gold diggers, especially after the panic of 1907 and the crash of 1929. To date there are more than 800 cities, many of these have been transformed into "open-air" museums, real attractions for enthusiasts and "on the road" travelers. .
Here are the America's 5 Most Atmospheric Ghost Towns!


  1. Bodie, California
  2. Calico, California
  3. Virginia City, Nevada
  4. Goldfield, Nevada
  5. Rhyolite, Nevada
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Bodie, California

Located in Mono County of California, east of the US Sierra Nevada mountain range, this ghost town of California was born as a mining center after the discovery of a modest quantity of gold by a named prospector William Bodey. It maintained a permanent population for many years of the th century until a fire, in 1932, it devastated a large part of its economic centers. In 1962 it was recognized by the Department of the Interior of the United States, a place of national historical interest. The city of Bodie preserves almost intact the architectural structures and furnishings of the time: i tourists who want to relive the era of the Far West find the interiors and their contents as they were at the time they were abandoned; Slamming doors, rusty and creaking hinges, the buildings retain a situation of controlled decay that allows the visitor to relive the sensations and emotions of yesteryear.
The charm of the place is such that it is often used as movie set e photographic: photos of the ghost town of Bodie were included in the famous photo shoot by Anton Corbjin from the album "The Joshua Tree" by U2.

Calico, California

Located in San Bernardino County, in the Calico Mountains area, southern California, the city was a mining center between the end of the th and the beginning of the th century.
Known as Calico ghost town, is an intermediate stop between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It was founded in 1881 and grew rapidly thanks to the discovery of gold, silver and borax deposits; but, despite the 1200 inhabitants, the 500 mines and 22 saloons, the city soon turned into a ghost town, when in 1907 borax deposits were discovered in the nearby Death Valley.
Some original buildings have been removed and replaced with constructions that give the city the typical look of a real one western town. From the historical point of view the city of Calico has lost much of its value, on the other hand that of entertainment has increased, thanks to the restoration work done by Walter Knott (farmer, owner of Berry Farm Knott) in the 50s: come on souvenir shops, To moments of animation with actors dressed as cowboy or with period clothes.

Virginia City, Nevada

This ancient mining town was abandoned by the early pioneers after they had mined all the gold and silver hidden in its mountains. In the spring of 1859, the Comstock Lode mine was discovered on Mount Davidson; in a short time, more than 20.000 men armed with shovels, hoes, horses, mules, whiskey and women settled in this wild place, giving life to the city ​​of Virginia.
The city quickly became the richest in the West: in fifty years more than 22 million dollars in nuggetsalso in 1863, in an article published in the Territorial Enterprise, the local newspaper, the signature of one of the most famous writers in America appeared for the first time, Mark Twain (pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens). Virginia City today is one of the best restored ghost towns, with houses, premises and what were once cheerful saloons, important tourist destination with over two million visitors a year.

Goldfield, Nevada

The city of Goldfield, in Nevada, was built in 1902, around mines which, at the time, produced more than ten million gold. After a series of labor disputes, fires and floods, the Goldfield mines ceased operations in 1920 and caused a severe economic crisis which consequently led to the exodus of the population. Curiously, the town became famous for Goldfield Hotel, according to experts on paranormal phenomena, one of the most haunted buildings in the world. Everything would seem linked to its old owner and to the sad and bloody story that had him as protagonist. George Winfield, the wealthy owner of the Goldfield Hotel, saw his existence change around 1930; a prostitute named Elisabeth became pregnant, claiming the baby was from Winfield. For a while he paid the woman for her silence, but when it was no longer possible, he lured Elisabeth into room 109 of the hotel and chained her to a radiator. The woman remained tied up, supplied with food and water, until the baby was born. According to some Elisabeth died in childbirth, according to others she was murdered by Winfield who then threw the newborn baby into an open well. After these sad events Winfield's health deteriorated, possibly due to the rumors of his murdered mistress who kept visiting him. Elisabeth, described with flowing hair and in a white and terribly sad dress, is said to pass through the hotel halls calling her child; under the hotel it seems one can still hear the cry of a child. Could it be true?

Rhyolite, Nevada

Approximately 120 miles NW of Las Vegas, near the Death Valley, lies the ghost town of Rhyolite, of Nye County, in Nevada.
It was born in early 1905 as a mining camp. During the so-called "Gold Rush", building contractors, gold prospectors and miners settled in the Bullfrog mining district and many of them settled in Rhyolite because it was located in a sheltered desert hollow near the Montgomery Shoshone mine. This mine was bought in 1906 by the industrialist Charles M. Schwab who invested many resources in infrastructures, brought electricity, water and railways, both for the mine and for the city; already in 1907 the city of Rhyolite was equipped, in addition toelectric energy, even water along the streets, the telephone, a hospital, a school, newspapers, the theater and even a stock exchange. But as it grew, so quickly the city declined: the precious minerals ran out and consequently production dropped forcing the population of Rhyolite to relocate. After 1920 what was left of Rhyolite became tourist attraction, set for productions film.

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