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Seven bicycle lovers and would you like to combine a visit to some European city with your favorite means of transport? Exploring a city pedaling with the wind in your hair is a unique experience! And then the bike is green and eco-friendly, therefore ideal for not only urban routes, but also in the midst of nature. In the Old Continent there are numerous places where "cycle tourism" is a real lifestyle. The ideal cities for those who love to pedal are metropolitan locations that offer excellent and very long cycle paths, splendid landscape views, infrastructure for cyclists e bike-sharing services. We present you the 10 best bike-friendly European cities. Choose your favorite and enjoy your ride!

10 - Paris, France

The French capital is among the European metropolises most suitable for those who love cycling. The city, in fact, is carrying on a series of large investments in the bike sharing system. The present service is called Velib and has been active since 2007. Everyone can use them, residents and tourists. It offers various solutions to be able to rent one of the bikes present on the Parisian streets. Currently the system offers over 20.000 vehicles in around 1.800 stations-racks. Think how wonderful to enjoy the most romantic city in Europe by pedaling graceful and light, even better if on a spring day in bloom… merveilleux: c'est parfait!

9 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

A city you don't expect to find in this ranking! Instead, Ljubljana holds the title of European Green Capital Award 2016 and its administrations are investing, and want to continue to do so, on two wheels. There particular care and attention to bike-friendly infrastructures is constantly growing, so much so that it is a source of prideefficient bicycle rental system of the Slovenian capital. Ljubljana, then, it's a pretty riverside town, very lively from a cultural point of view. Beautiful to ride on a bicycle!

8 - Barcelona, ​​Spain

For some time the Catalan city has been taking steps to improve its bike-sharing service, but in recent years Barcelona has lived a real cycling boom: an exploit of cycle paths and a notable upgrading of the bike rental system. Now you can find in addition to the Bicing public bicycle network, rental of electric ones. Cycling is the best way to visit the city, admiring the monuments, the port, the beach and the particular characteristics of its neighborhoods. Try it: you won't regret it!

7 - Vienna, Austria

Vienna is great for cycling! The Austrian capital offers over 1.200 km of cycle paths, public bike sharing, preferential lanes for cyclists and bicycle transport allowed by subway. Not enough for you? Thanks to the investments made, the cycle paths were extended even beyond urban borders. You know how much it is spettacolare la Viennese countryside? If the answer is no, then rent a bike and go explore it!

6 - Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a perfect city for those who love cycling. Students, workers and many tourists use the bike to move from one neighborhood to another. It is estimated that there are more than 400.000 urban cyclists every day for 160 kilometers of cycle paths scattered around the city! Furthermore, i parking for leave the bicycles are practically everywhere. The "Call a bike" service allows you to borrow a bicycle for short distances and then return it to one of the various depots.

In a city so crowded with people intent on pedaling even the traffic lights are bike-friendly: all are equipped with a light signal for cyclists. In short: if you love cycling, big cities andcontemporary cultural artistic effervescence, Berlin is for you!

5 - Bordeaux, France

A beautiful location in the southwest of France, perfect for combining good wine, gourmet food and beautiful rides. The quiet streets of Bordeaux and its enchanting views they will catapult you into a bucolic setting,a picture full of rows of vineyards and romantic landscapes. If you want to have a nice and tasty experience riding your favorite means of transport, they are waiting for you 200 kilometers of cycle paths that will allow you to follow the wine route and to stop in the numerous chateaux present along the territory. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay in the center, no problem: the city has invested heavily in tramways, thus making the traffic much more fluid e the circulation of cyclists is safe and quiet.

4 - Utrecht, Netherlands

This city in the Netherlands has made of transport on two wheels a real institution. Not surprisingly, here it is the largest bicycle park in Europe, with 12.500 seats! Even this bike parking offers unlimited parking time and the first 24 hours are free. Utrecht is also at the forefront for the signage dedicated to cyclists: in fact here it is possible ride safely even in city traffic. Utrecht is a pretty city on the River Rhine, with a great historical and cultural heritage and home to a prestigious university. Sara a real pleasure to cross its medieval center, with its bridge and its enchanting views, pedaling peacefully on a beautiful day. Seeing is believing!

3 - Strasbourg, France

A splendid river city, with a characteristic historic center dominated by its majestic Gothic cathedral. It is not only the seat of the European Parliament and the European Commission for Human Rights, but it is also considered the best French city for those who love cycling. In recent years they have been built 536 Km of slopes which they thus created the largest cycle network in the entire country. The bike sharing it's a great way to explore this city of romantic and elegant charm. Will find large pay parking lots in different corners of the city e sidewalks used for the flow of both pedestrians and bicycles. Trust me: Strasbourg will not disappoint you!

2 - Amsterdam, Holland

For our second place we go back to the Netherlands again: Amsterdam is defined the most bike-friendly capital in the world. It is estimated that 60% of urban travel happen by bike. The Dutch city matters over a million bikes and 400 km of city cycle paths, which run from the center to the periphery. It has even been available since 2005 a special city map for cyclists which indicates the passable places, the most dangerous ones and those where it is possible to whiz fast. Enjoy the charm of Amsterdam: its canals, its houses with large windows almost on the surface of the water, the flowers… it will be a real pleasure to discover the city by pedaling peacefully!

1 - Copenhagen, Denmark

At number 1 of our top ten is the Danish capital: Copenhagen. Here the bicycle is a constant presence. Virtually every citizen travels with this eco-friendly vehicle on two wheels: ordinary people, politicians and high officials of the state. Everyone moves around the city, takes the children to school, runs errands and reaches their workplace by bicycle. Politicians also make their way to the Danish Parliament by bike. Obviously there is no shortage in the capital state-of-the-art infrastructure, as an example, a large elevated cycle path.
All traffic is calculated based on cyclists: timing of traffic lights and projections of vehicle movement are based on bike travel times. In addition, around the city you can find pedestrian kiosks offering coffee, pancakes and sushi! In short, everyone loves cycling in this one splendid culturally rich and interesting metropolis, but also ecological and innovative. The perfect city for bike lovers!

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