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    Cities with the most beautiful women in the world

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    Where to find the most beautiful women in the world

    In which cities can you find the most beautiful women in the world? A question that many often ask. The Web site Travelers Digest tried to give an answer by publishing a detailed ranking, complete with official reasons:

    1) Stockholm (Sweden): the ideal city for all those who love tall, blond and slender women
    2) Copenhagen (Denmark): the city which, together with Amsterdam, is the symbol ofuninhibited love
    3) Buenos Aires (Argentina): the country of the most sensual dance in the world, the composer
    4) Varna (Bulgaria), summer and seafaring capital, where girls stun you with a single glance
    5) Los Angeles (California): a city that has always been at the forefront in terms of fashion, sport, entertainment and… beautiful women
    6) Moscow (Russia): blond hair and blue eyes make Russian girls irresistible
    7) Caracas (Venezuela): i beauty contests they are part of the national culture and the participants undergo a very meticulous preparation
    8) Montreal (Canada): city in which the girls speak, in addition to English, also the language of love, French, the second official language
    9) Tel Aviv (Israel): beauties with emerald green eyes and dal intriguing and sensual look
    10) Amsterdam (Holland): there are women as beautiful as they are trendy and surprising

    And what do you think of this ranking? Italy is missing .. do you agree?

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