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Il Chrysler Building not to be confused with the Empire State Building, it is located in Midtown Manhattan at no. 405 Lexington Avenue (between East 41st and East 42nd Street). The Chrysler Building, designed in art deco style by architect William Van Alen, a pupil of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, was finished in 1930 and for a short period of time, until the construction of the Empire in 1931. State Building, could actually boast, with its 319 m and its 77 floors, the primacy that its creator so longed for.

To date, however, it remains the highest city building subject to monumental constraint and is clearly visible from almost every point of the metropolis. In its external form and its characteristic appearance (three central bays with steel arches and triangular windows illuminated during the night), the Chrysler skyscraper recalls, not surprisingly, the radiator grilles and grille typical of the cars of the thirties and it is basically considered a sort of architectural celebration of automobile culture. At the top of the building stands the steel spire (called Vertex) which allowed Chrysler to reach 319 m in height and thus achieve its ephemeral record.

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