Christmas: what if it were this most magical place in Europe?

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The arrival of December inevitably marks the desire to leave towards destinations and destinations that have made the Christmas spirit a real tradition. To inspire our travel choices are above all the Christmas markets, the magical and most anticipated events of the year that bring together citizens and travelers from all over the world.

Some of these, like the German ones, are so famous that they need no introduction. But if this year we try to change course ea fly to Estonia? Tallinn, the suggestive capital of the country, in fact, is dressing up to welcome travelers with a magical and suggestive atmosphere.

During the advent period the streets, alleys and the historic center light up with magic giving away enchanted and fairytale atmospheres. Handcrafted creations, hot drinks and white sweets expertly fill the stalls among which people can stroll.

Tallinn. Town Hall Square at Christmas

In the air you can breathe the scent of toasted almonds, gingerbread and cinnamon and the historic center of the oldest capital in Europe is transformed into a postcard of enchanted beauty to be kept in the heart and mind.

Spending the Christmas period in Tallinn is a really good idea. In fact, since 1997, the Christmas markets have enriched the medieval streets of the historic center with more than 50 stalls selling sweets and traditional local objects.

Until 7 January, the date which corresponds to Orthodox Christmas, it will be possible to immerse yourself in amagical and suggestive atmosphere, a sort of Santa Claus village with a taste of Estonian tradition.

Christmas decorations in Tallinn

Obviously there is no shortage exhibitions of cribs created by local artisans, as well as the kiosks that warm from the cold and the Christmas trees that light up the streets and neighborhoods.

One of all, however, shines and enchants more than the others: it is fir that every year is decorated in the main square of the city. Everything is thought out in the smallest details: for years, in fact, Tallinn has skilfully decorated Christmas trees with light chains, colored balls and other accessories.

But how could it be otherwise? Tradition has it that it is precisely in the capital of Estonia, in 1441 that the first Christmas tree was set up in 1441. And this, needless to say, makes everything even more magical.

Christmas tree, Tallinn

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