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Prague? a city? very welcoming and, if even? well served by three subway lines and buses, it is also easy to get around on foot.
Have we been there during the Christmas markets, which are generally there from 01/12 to 06/01, (but I recommend checking online year by year)? a real show, the lights, the decorations, the typical stalls enhance even more? this city? .
Are there numerous connections with different cities? Italian, and once you arrive at the Prague airport you can? take the bus, there are two lines that lead to the center, the nr. 119 and nr. 100.
As a currency there is no ?? the euro but the Czech crown, we have decided to change a small amount at the airport to be able to buy the bus ticket.

Once in the center there are many exchange offices, but you have to be careful, not always? convenient due to the exchange rate and commission rate, many offer commissions? 0? , but they often hide catches, so in the end, in order not to waste time taking a? tour of the exchange offices? , we have withdrawn to UNICREDIT. Obviously there is ?? a commission, so? better organize yourself and not make a lot of withdrawals for us? been more? comfortable. Or can you? pay directly with your credit card which? always accepted, in any case, before leaving, I recommend that you inquire with your bank about the costs of using both cards (and of course if you have to do it, remember to unlock them for use abroad) and then once on the spot they do the math.

1 day

Have we started visiting the city? from PIAZZA VENCESLAO, to Nove Mesto (New Town).
Pi? what a square? an avenue, where we find hotels, cinemas, shops and restaurants.
In the past, the horse market was held.
On the south side of the square stand out the National Museum, a building from the Neo-Renaissance period, and the equestrian statue of St. Wenceslas, representing the Duke of Bohemia. During the Christmas period we find numerous stalls, both for souvenirs such as candles and decorations but also for gastronomy.

With a walk of a quarter of an hour we arrive at the PIAZZA DELLA CITTA? OLD, Stare Mesto.
This ? the main square, one of the most popular tourist places important, especially for the buildings around it, such as the Astronomical Clock, which, every hour, 12 statues of the apostles pop out of the windows and move, everyone has something in their hand: some a chalice, some a stick, some a manuscript , etc? We waited for the 18pm show, sitting in a bar across the street, sipping hot chocolate,? not to be missed !

Equally important, overlooking this square we find the Church of Santa Maria di Tyn with its fantastic spiers, the Church of San Nicola and the Town Hall.

This square attracts many tourists and during the holidays? Christmas, even here we find an immense market full of everything and a little, around a splendid bright Christmas tree.

2 day

Today we are going to visit the JEWISH QUARTER, the Josefov, located a few steps from the City? Old, heading north.
The old Jewish Cemetery is worth a visit, with its 12000 tombstones, the largest. ancient of Europe.
What? like the Synagogues, not only a place of worship but also a meeting place: the Spanish Synagogue and the Old-New Synagogue among the most? renowned.

We head towards the PONTE CARLO. A bridge built at the behest of Charles IV,? been destroyed and rebuilt several times,? 515 meters long and there are numerous statues and classic padlocks. An attraction for many tourists,? always very busy, even with musicians and vendors.

This bridge connects the City? Old to the CITY? SMALL, Mala strana.
A small suburb, in Baroque style, with many squares and magnificent buildings,? very romantic and should be toured on foot and without rush. As soon as you reach it from the Charles Bridge, on the left we find the Kampa Island, a very suggestive place, with its narrow streets and its square.

This neighborhood should be seen walking in its many streets, such as Via Nerudova, with its numerous shops and pubs, admiring the splendid Baroque palaces, Malostranske Namesti (Malastrana Square), the Church of San Nicola (not to be confused with the homonymous Stare Mesto) or having a drink sitting at a table in one of the many clubs present.

3 day

Today ? the last day and first we go to see the CASTLE OF PRAGUE, can you? to reach on foot, with a very long staircase or by taking the bus nr. 22. A stop not to be missed, with a visit to the Cathedral of San Vito, the Royal Palace and the Vicolo d? Oro. Spectacular views over the city from above.

Finally, among the most important things? interesting can't you? leave out the DANCING HOUSE, these are two buildings that have the appearance of two dancers, one tends towards the top waiting for the embrace of the other. This particular building was dedicated to the famous couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
To get there, take bus no. 17 or the metro, stop? Karlovo Namesti? yellow B line.

Did we choose the hotel? HOTEL PRAGA 1, is located in the NOVE MESTO or Citt? New, we were fine, also for the location, in about 20 minutes on foot we were at Wenceslas Square.

To eat, I would recommend:
-? U BETLEMSKE KAPLE? (address: Betlemske Namesti, 251/2? Stare Mesto)? a brewery is located between Wenceslas Square and the Astronomical Clock.
-? U FLEKU? (address: Kremencova, 1651/11? Nove Mesto) it is always a pub-brewery, we enjoyed it

Prague? a city? fascinating, particular, romantic and rich in history. In my opinion, considering the numerous connections with Italy, and with a good quality ratio? and price, it deserves to be visited and not only once in a lifetime but even more? .

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