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    Christmas Lights Tour in Dyker Heights: how to get there, house map and guided tours

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    Born and raised as a purely residential neighborhood since its origins, at the end of the 800th century, Dyker Heights it has always been synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. Features that, over time, have grown even more.

    Suffice it to say that the single or two-family villas all have their own private driveway, their garden and the typical columned veranda, with the inevitable rocking sofa, as must be the American chic abode in the common imagery. Over the years, condominiums have also been added to Dyker Heights (very few, actually), whose height, however, almost never exceeds 3/4 floors.


    • Where it is
    • Why visit it?
    • How to visit Dyker Heights on your own
      • When to visit
      • The best ways to see the lights
      • How to get to Dyker Heights
    • How to visit it with an organized tour
      • Other tours available for Dyker Heights

    Where it is

    The neighborhood of Dyker Heights is located on a hill in the borough of Brooklyn, in its most southeast part, and is between Bay Ridge to the west, Bensonhurst to the southeast, Borough Park to the northeast and Bath Beach and Gravesend Bay to the south.

    Why visit it?

    For those who love New York, especially during the Christmas period, Dyker Heights has an even more sparkling and fun story to tell, which will make everyone feel like children again. Although the most visited spots are undoubtedly others (what a mistake!), Those who loved films such as Miracle on 34th street or Mamma I flew the plane cannot help but fall in love madly with this small, magical happy island.

    This neighborhood, divided into about three sections, has beautiful, well-kept and elegant tree-lined streets, in which all the inhabitants of the houses, historical and otherwise, compete with each other with Christmas lights, huge snowmen, puppets that come out, here and there , from the gardens in front of the houses. The "battle" with colored lights and sparkling waterfalls is made even more astonishing by the touch of professional designers and famous decorators hired by residents to impress visitors and neighbors. December in New York is also good for this!

    A curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows is that the district, which became famous also for this annual event, became a "pilgrimage" destination as early as the late 80s, when the first guided tour was organized, with privileged stops at the houses of Lucy Spata (1152 84th Street), who decorated the facade with a Santa Claus theme, and that of Alfred Polizzotto (1145 84th Street), who answered her by adorning her home following the theme of the Nutcracker. From the competition between the two residents, therefore, the challenge was born that would then gradually involve the whole neighborhood.

    How to visit Dyker Heights on your own

    When to visit

    Keeping in mind that the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights turn on on the weekend after Thanksgiving (therefore after November 28), it should however be emphasized that the best time to visit the neighborhood is from mid-December until New Year's, from sunset (17 pm) and up to around 21 pm, with some façades going off at 23 pm. After that time, in fact, many houses turn off their lights (sleeping with such a sparkle would be impossible).

    The best ways to see the lights

    Whether you arrive by car or on foot, the best streets to stop in are from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue, and 83rd Street to 86th. Some of the most interesting houses are:

    • Spata House, 1152 84th St.
    • Polizzotto House, 1145 84th St.
    • Saitta House, 1135 84th St.
    • 15′ Frosty, 8304 12th Ave.
    • Small World House, 1046 84th Street.
    • Sammy the Greek, 14th Ave & 71st St.

    To find them you can help yourself with the interactive map you find just above.

    How to get to Dyker Heights

    Since the traffic can be quite sustained during the Christmas period (but above all finding parking can be almost impossible), it is advisable to arrive in the area by public transport. Getting to Dyker Heights is simple. From Times Square take the line D towards Coney Island and get off at fermata 79th Street a Brooklyn, then take the 79th Street / New Utrecht Avenue exit.

    Once outside, walk northeast on 79th Street to 13th Avenue (Dyker Heights Blvd.); from here on you begin to admire the magic. As travel times consider at least 60 70-minute to get to the metro stop, more approx about fifteen minutes walk to get to the most interesting area. There are also other 2 lines (the R and N) that take you near the area of ​​interest, find the stop at which to get off on the interactive map just above.

    How to visit it with an organized tour

    For those who do not want to organize the trip to Dyker Heights on their own (which is not as short as we have seen), but above all for those who want to enjoy the show from start to finish, forgetting about traffic and lack of parking spaces, the best solution is to be accompanied up and down the hill comfortably seated on a coach.

    The tour, lasting about 3 and a half hours, includes the visit to both Dyker Heights and the Bay Ridge area, both Italian-American neighborhoods. Here, among imposing reindeer, toy soldiers who seem to have come out of Andersen's fairy tale, giant Santas and endless cascades of multicolored lights, you will suddenly find yourself in the Land of Toys.

    Thanks to guide, then, you will discover many interesting anecdotes and stories related to this seasonal event that attracts thousands of visitors to the neighborhoods every year. Finally, upon returning to the base, you will be able to enjoy one amazing view on the skyline of the Big Apple, also rigorously illuminated.

    Useful Information: The tour, which costs $ 65 per person, departs (and returns) in front of the Row NYC hotel (Times Square area) and winds its way along Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge. During the visit, you have the opportunity to get off the bus and stroll through the illuminated streets, perhaps even meeting some of the designers who have created these scenic wonders.

    Book the tour

    Other tours available for Dyker Heights

    In case you find the tour sold out do not despair, luckily there are many guided tours to discover Dyker Heights during the Christmas period. For a complete list you can refer to This Page.

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