Christmas gifts for travelers: 15 gift ideas for those who love to travel

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Christmas Gifts: cross or delight? While giving a gift to a loved one fills us with joy, having to choose the right gift can be a real torture. The important thing, to be sure to make a welcome and personalized gift, is not to be reduced to the last minute! Today we recommend some possibilities for travel lovers and serial vacationers.


  1. Scratch Map - Map to be cleared
  2. Anti-theft and rainproof backpack
  3. Travel iron
  4. Waterproof case for mobile phone
  5. USB cup warmer
  6. Travel Bathrobe
  7. Moleskine notebook for travelers
  8. Kway, rain jacket
  9. reflex
  10. Wallet with phone holder
  11. Glass decanter
  12. Bag organizer
  13. Touch gloves
  14. E-book reader
  15. Paper tour guide
  16. A travel themed book
  17. User questions and comments

1 - Scratch Map - Map to be deleted

A world map that allows you to mark the places visited with the use of a coin, as you would for a Scratch & Win.

Prices: starting from € 15,00

2 - Anti-theft and rainproof backpack

The anti-theft backpack is impossible to open without being taken off. This allows you to travel comfortably without worrying about any pickpockets. It is also waterproof, has a hidden power bank and can comfortably hold a PC.

Prices: starting from € 85,00

3 - Travel iron

Do the clothes come out of the suitcase too crumpled? with a small and compact iron the problem is solved in a few minutes.

Prices: starting from € 18,00

4 - Waterproof case for mobile phone

Essential for going to the beach without the risk of getting your phone wet. It allows you to use the smartphone even if immersed in water.

Prices: starting from € 7,00

5 - USB cup warmer

Keeping tea warm while working on the PC on cold winter days will no longer be a problem thanks to the cup warmer that takes heat using the computer's USB port. If you love to send emails from your laptop while on the go, with this taza warmer you can enjoy an excellent tea or coffee that is always hot at the same time.

Prices: starting from € 10,00

6 - Travel Bathrobe

In your suitcase, it is well known, spaces are often limited. So why not make it easier for a traveling friend by giving a comfortable microfiber bathrobe? Lightweight, space-saving, functional and ... economical!

Prices: starting from € 16,00

7 - Moleskine notebook for travelers

The famous Moleskine notebook in a traveler's edition. It contains the city map and pages to mark routes and addresses of interesting places, as well as to write down your impressions and create your own travel guide.

Prices: starting from € 9,00

7 - Kway, rain jacket

When visiting the countries of northern Europe, especially in the mid-seasons, it is easy to be surprised by sudden rains. In these cases, nothing is better than a pocket waterproof jacket, to always carry with you.

Prices: starting from € 20,00

8 - Reflex

Now with your mobile you can do everything ... or almost! But to capture the best moments and the most beautiful views, nothing beats a digital SLR camera.

Prices: starting from € 350,00

9 - Wallets with phone holder

Practically a clutch bag where documents, credit cards and smartphones find space. Ideal for elegant evenings but with a romantic touch and to always have everything at hand when traveling.

Prices: starting from € 3,70

10 - Glass decanter

A nice aerator for red wine to be used for every single glass, able to oxygenate the wine at the moment. Compact and space-saving, it can always be carried with you to enjoy a good glass of wine in front of a new panorama.

Prices: starting from € 18,00

11 - Bag organizer

A woman's bag can hold an entire world, but traveling this can be a hindrance. Thanks to the bag organizer you can find everything you need quickly, without having to rummage inside the bag for hours.

Prices: starting from € 10,00

12 - Touch gloves

Winter: do you give up on gloves or use your smartphone? Nothing, thanks to touchscreen gloves! With these gloves you can update your social networks with yours
Prices: starting from € 10,00

13 - E-book reader

When traveling, reducing the weight of your luggage to a minimum is essential. Thanks to an e-book reader it is possible to carry hundreds of books with you in less than 2 ounces.

Prices: starting from € 80,00

14 - Printed tourist guide

That colleague of yours who has long wanted to organize a trip to that distant country ... What better gift than a tour guide to help him define the departure?

Prices: starting from € 5,00

15 - A travel-themed book

A book is a faithful companion in sleepless nights, during train journeys and waiting for them on a bench. A book never leaves you but takes you to new and wonderful places.

Prices: starting from € 1,00

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