Christmas destinations 2021: where to go for Christmas in the world

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There are many beautiful and characteristic cities where to spend the Christmas holidays. Sparkling lights, magnificent decorated shop windows, concerts, markets, events and tall Christmas trees, every city lives the holidays in its own way, and here we want to offer you some of the destinations not to be missed.

New York, USA

New York is one of the most desired destinations at Christmas. It will be for the splendid atmosphere created by the great lights, which decorate the streets, shopping centers, shop windows and glittering department stores, an unmissable destination if you want to meet a real Santa Claus at work. The ice skating rinks, the romantic atmosphere of Central Park and the visit to Rockefeller Center, then combine to give New York a real magical atmosphere.

  • Climate and temperatures: it's cold at Christmas. The average temperature is just above freezing, but with cold spells between -10 ° C and -15 ° C and frequent snowfalls
  • starting from € 335,17 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 95,00 per room -
  • Flight + hotel package: Flight A / R + 6 nights / 7 days from € 1.050,00 per person - see the offer
  • Niagara Falls: Full-Day Bus Tour from New York Empire State Building: Skip-the-Line Ticket Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island: 1-Hour Tour

Paris, France

The romantic atmosphere of Paris becomes almost palpable during the Christmas season. Between the Christmas markets on the Champs-Élysées, the charming boutiques of the Galeries Lafayette, the events, the shows, and the gigantic Christmas tree, it will be difficult not to be fascinated by one of the oldest cities in the world. How difficult it will be not to be moved during the Mass on Christmas Eve in Notre-Dame Cathedral.

  • Climate and temperatures: cold but not icy. Temperatures range from 7/8 degrees during the day to zero in the evening
  • starting from € 21,98 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 75,00 per room -
  • Flight + hotel package: Flight A / R + 4 nights / 5 days from € 342,00 per person - see the offer
  • From Paris: Mont Saint-Michel full-day guided tour Skip-the-line access to the top of the Arc de Triomphe Eiffel Tower, evening cruise with audio guide and bus tour

London, Great Britain

London is the capital of Christmas. The city lights up with a thousand colors, is filled with markets and Christmas trees of different sizes, and lights up with events and shops, where you can do the best shopping in Europe, even if a little expensive. One of the must-do things to do in London at Christmas is see the lights of Carnaby Street, famous all over the world, and of course the giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. For the rest, there are too many things to do in London at this particular time of the year, you just need to know how to choose, being careful not to turn the holiday into an exhausting rush.

  • Climate and temperatures: cold, with frequent rains, but not freezing. Average temperature around 5 degrees, with lows below zero
  • starting from € 33,98 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 42,00 per room -
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  • From London: 1 day Stonehenge, Bath, Lacock and Avebury Tour St. Paul's Cathedral and Tower of London with sightseeing bus tour cruise

Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø lives in total darkness all winter, which makes Christmas celebrations even more evocative. In December, it comes alive with songs, which echo in the vaults of the Arctic Cathedral, and Christmas markets, where you can't help but try the traditional ingefærnøtter, gingerbread cookies in the shape of a ball, accompanied by a glass of bearberry.
The best thing about celebrating Christmas in the dark is the chance to spot the Northern Lights and the Northern Lights, between 18:00 and midnight.

  • Climate and temperatures: the country is less cold than one might think. The average temperature is about 2 degrees, with minimums around zero and maximums around 3/4 degrees
  • starting from € 185,59 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 90,00 per room -
  • Flight + hotel package: Flight A / R + 4 nights / 5 days from € 730,00 per person - see the offer
  • 7-Hour Northern Lights Tour from Tromsø Tromsø: Polar Fjords Cruise From Tromsø: Visit to a Husky House

Naples Italy

Naples is the city of the sun and the sea, but also of nativity scenes. Starting from the end of November, the Neapolitan capital comes alive with lights and colors, which reach their peak on December 8th, during the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. Via San Gregorio Armeno is particularly suggestive, the street of the shepherds, where it is possible to admire the artisans in their characteristic shops, give life to the famous and particular characters of the crib including, of course, many inspired by the Napoli team, and several other famous people.

  • Climate and temperatures: mild and rainy. There are beautiful days, pleasant during the day but a little cold at night. Rain and snow can fall in the mountains, so much so that you can admire the snow-covered Vesuvius
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  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 55,00 per room -
  • Pompeii and Amalfi Coast: Full-Day Tour from Naples Underground Naples: Entrance to the Bourbon Gallery Entrance Ticket to the Royal Palace of Caserta

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, preparations for Christmas begin in November, even if the holiday falls on December 6: the night of St. Nicholas. The city offers a variety of 60 different markets, tradition born right here, ranging from the traditional and contemplative atmosphere of the Christmas spirit, to the commercial and hectic. The heart of Berlin Christmas, however, is in Potsamer Platz and in the Sony Center, where the most traditional market of all takes place, with wooden stalls and typical products, all within walking distance of the Legoland Dicovery Center.

  • Climate and temperatures: averages around zero. There may be mild periods with temperatures around 10 degrees but also cold currents of polar and Siberian origin with snow and frosts
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  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -
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  • 10 main attractions walking tour Reichstag Dome and Brandenburg Gate: tour in Italian Berlin Festival of Lights: Photo Safari on the bus

Küssnacht, Switzerland

Santa Claus is loved and expected all over the world - but not in Küssnacht. Here is a strange tradition, with medieval roots, which sees more than 20.000 people gather every December 5th for hunt for Santa Claus. The event is called
"Klausjagen", literally "Hunt for Santa Claus" and it is among the strangest Christmas celebrations in Europe, born as a pagan rite during which the communities tried to drive out evil spirits ... making noise.
The parade, which lasts all night, sees protagonists: 180 horn players, 200 men adorned with "iffeles", bishop's mitres lit by candles designed to look like stained glass windows, and 700 drummers armed with cowbells and whips, which snap while " chase "Santa Claus and his dark elves, chasing them from the city.

  • Climate and temperatures: average daily temperature below 7 ° C
  • Flights to Zurich (74km) from € 74,98 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 63,00 per room -
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  • Zurich City Tour Rhine Falls: Coach Tour from Zurich From Zurich: Jungfraujoch Tour on the Roof of Europe

Douz, Tunisia

The famous location where the Star Wars movies were filmed, in the last days of December gives life to a magnificent Bedouin show. The Sahara International Festival certainly has nothing to do with our idea of ​​Christmas, but it can be a pleasant alternative. Every year, huge crowds of tourists and nomads from neighboring countries gather here to watch camel rodeos, sand hockey tournaments, craft fairs and traditional belly dance performances.

  • Climate and temperatures: cold, dry and clear weather prevails. Daily maximum below 20 ° C, minimum 6 ° C
  • Flights to Djerba (about 200 km from Douz) from € 244,55 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 57,00 per room -
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Honolulu, Hawaii

In Ho-Ho-Honolulu, the traditional Western Christmas has been celebrated since the beginning of the th century, in a unique and particular variant. The festival lasts throughout the month of December, and is full of fireworks, parades and Christmas carols played on the ukulele. Santa Claus makes his triumphal entrance sitting in a canoe pulled by dolphins and of course, in flip-flops and Hawaiian shirt.

  • Climate and temperatures: cool, more abundant and frequent rains even on the southern slopes, and some short storms, but the sun always shines
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  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 44,00 per room -
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  • Hawaii: Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Waikiki Tour: Turtle, Snorkel, and Sailing Adventure Honolulu City Lights: 30-Minute Helicopter Tour

Mosk Russia

Religious holidays in Russia follow the Julian calendar: therefore Christmas falls on January 7th, while New Year falls between January 13th and 14th. However, the city is pervaded by the Christmas atmosphere since the beginning of December. Here too the tradition of the markets is at home, and among those not to be missed is that of Izmailovo, where it is possible to admire numerous objects created by artisans who work with wood, and the stalls overlook the suggestive Red Square. Here it is possible to taste typical gastronomic products and sweets, finding space for musical shows and entertainment suitable for children, which can also count on the numerous ice skating rinks.

  • Climate and temperatures: continental, temperature normally below freezing. When currents from Siberia prevail it can easily drop to -25 ° C, while when currents from the Atlantic come it can be around zero
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  • Moscow: Kremlin 2-Hour Small Group Tour Moscow: Moscow City Museum and Observation Deck Moscow Underground and Arbat Street Walking Tour

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