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Thanks to its spectacular Baroque and Gothic architecture, characteristic stone streets and the famous Astronomical Clock, Prague has become one of the most popular European destinations among travelers from all over the world. But if there is a particular time of year when the Czech capital shows its best, it is undoubtedly Christmas.
Throughout the month of December, on the occasion of the Christmas celebrations, the streets of the city and the imposing historic buildings are illuminated with colored lights, in the main squares are organized characteristic Christmas markets and everywhere you can breathe a magical atmosphere. If you are thinking of to spend next Christmas in Prague, here's everything you need to better organize your trip ...


  1. Plan your Christmas in Prague: Flights, Hotels and All Inclusive Packages
  2. Tickets, tours and bookable activities
  3. What to do in Prague at Christmas
  4. What to see in Prague at Christmas
  5. Climate and useful info
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Covid-19 emergency: events, concerts and demonstrations could undergo last-minute changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We recommend that you inform yourself well about the situation of the destination you intend to visit before departure. If you are planning a trip, follow government guidelines and make sure you are in line with safety measures.

Plan your Christmas in Prague: Flights, Hotels and All Inclusive Packages

Tourists know that Prague Christmas is one of the best in Europe, which is why it is important to plan your holiday well in advance to book at the best price. Fortunately, we took care of selecting the cheapest offers for flights and hotels.

Christmas offers in Prague: Flight + 4 nights in Hotel

  • Return flights from Rome or Milan from € 85,00 -
  • 4 nights from the hotel from € 195,00 per room -
  • Flight + hotel package:
    Return flight + 4 nights / 5 days in 3/4 star hotel from 23 to 27 December - from € 365,00 per person - see the offer

Tickets, tours and bookable activities

We suggest some activities and tours to do in Prague. Click on the tour you are interested in for more information or to book.

What to do in Prague at Christmas

1 - Visit the Prague Christmas markets

There are many Christmas markets scattered throughout the city, but the best of all are the ones found in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square (they are within 5 minutes walking distance of each other). Get ready to buy wooden souvenirs and sample a nice cup of Svařák (Czech version of mulled wine), perhaps accompanied by delicacies such as barbecued pork and sausages.

  • Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) Get directions
    Approximately from the first week of December to the first week of January
  • Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí) Get directions
    Approximately from the first week of December to the first week of January
  • Peace Square (Náměstí Míru) Get directions
    indicatively from the last week of November to the last week of December

2 - Visit the Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is one of the best in the world, and it's easy to see why. It is incredibly well managed and there are a lot of events organized for the public, especially at Christmas. The Christmas program is packed with activities that will entertain everyone, young and old. Shows, workshops and much more. You just have to visit the site to find out in detail the various proposals.

3 - Attending a Christmas concert or a dance show

If you want to treat yourself to a Christmas Eve with a cultural flavor, we suggest you enjoy a wonderful one dance show at the Hybernia Theater. A great Christmas classic is Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, staged by the best dancers and soloists of the Prague National Theater. For more info: Swan Lake at the Hybernia Theater in Prague

An equally interesting alternative for music lovers is the traditional Christmas concert held in the Church of San Martino inside the Walls. For more info: Christmas concert of classical music

4 - Attend the Mikuláš

If you are in Prague on December 5th, do not miss the day of Mikuláš (the coming of St. Nicholas). It is an event that sees people parading dressed as angels and devils, who according to tradition come to earth to find out which children behaved and which behaved well and therefore deserve to receive the gifts of St. Nicholas. On the occasion of this event the children have to recite a poem or sing a song and at the end of the performance they receive the judgment of the angels / devils. Mikuláš is staged in every square with a Christmas market, including Old Town Square, on the evening of December 5th.

5 - Spend Christmas on a farm

If you want to learn more about Czech Christmas traditions, we suggest you visit Toulcův dvůr (Get directions), a farm in the city center with traditional markets, Christmas exhibitions and many activities for children. Here the little ones can play with the animals and participate in the proposed workshops, while the parents can taste typical products and enjoy the atmosphere of the past.

What to see in Prague at Christmas

Prague is one of the Queens of Europe, a city of incredible historical and architectural value. Here you can visit attractions known around the world for their incredible beauty. Here what not to miss absolutely during your visit:

  1. Prague Castle
  2. The Charles Bridge
  3. Vitus Cathedral
  4. The Ghetto
  5. Find out more about what to see in Prague

Climate and useful info

  • Weather: The climate tends to be rainy / snowy, temperatures range from a minimum of -3 ° C to a maximum of 2 ° C
  • Prague Václav Havelè International Airport is just 20km from the city, connected to the center by Express Bus.
  • Getting around: the public transport system includes buses, metro and trams. The ticket is unique for all means. The 30-minute ride costs € 0,90 (24 crowns), the 90-minute ride € 1,30 (32 crowns), the day pass € 4,00 (110 crowns).
  • Useful passes and cards: The Prague Card is particularly recommended, which includes a free guided tour of the city lasting 2 hours and free, skip-the-line access to several city museums.
  • Average cost of Christmas dinner: between € 25,00 and € 50,00 per person

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