Christmas 2021 in Paris: what to do, practical info and advice

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The charm of Paris becomes even more intense on the occasion of Christmas. At this time of year the city shines with intense light, among the streets, bridges and squares, you can breathe a wonderful atmosphere, with colorful markets and stalls and street artists singing Christmas songs.
This year give yourself a precious memory, give yourself a Christmas in Paris! Here's what to do and all the useful information to organize your holiday.


  1. Visit the Christmas markets
  2. Stroll along the Champs-Elysées
  3. Christmas for children at Disneyland
  4. Dinner cruise on the Seine
  5. Dinner + show at the Moulin Rouge
  6. Shopping at Galeries Lafayette
  7. Attend Christmas masses
  8. Taste the Christmas specialties
  9. Which museums and attractions remain open?
  10. What means of transport are available?
  11. Climate in Paris at Christmas
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Visit the Christmas markets

In addition to the wonderful "conventional attractions", in December Paris is filled with places related to Christmas to be discovered!
Among these we point out some of the most characteristic markets where you can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, sweets of all kinds and much more. The largest Christmas market in Paris is located in La Défense, with over 300 craft and food stalls spread over 10.000 square meters. There is also the "Starry Christmas" market at Place Joachim-du-Bellay in Les Halles, and markets in the Tuileries Gardens, Square René Viviani near Notre Dame Cathedral and the Champs de Mars.

The Parisian Christmas markets tend to start as early as the end of November (some even on November 14), and remain set up for the entire month of December (sometimes until January 5th / 6th).

2 - Stroll along the Champs-Elysées

One of the best places to breathe the Parisian Christmas atmosphere are the Champs-Elysées, the beating heart of the city. The streets and squares are teeming with so many people that you will be fine in the warmth! Let yourself be dazzled by the lights and by the glittering shop windows, finally end the walk on top of the Arc de Triomphe to admire one of the most beautiful streets in the world in its maximum splendor.

All the immense avenue is a succession of small wooden chalets with the Christmas market, with the classic stalls selling products of all kinds, from delicacies to souvenirs, from games for children to snacks for adults.

3 - Christmas for children at Disneyland

If you have children in tow and want to give them the christmas of dreams, needless to say the choice is Disneyland Paris! For the eve the park sets up spectacular entertainment, tastings and shows for all tastes and for all ages! L'Disney atmosphere it is definitely magical, the decorations and costumes are incredible!
Be careful though, why find a room in one of the themed hotel within the Resort it's quite difficult, so ... think about it in time and always pay attention to the prices.

Usually the Disneyland park is organized with a Christmas theme from the first ten days of November until January, with a winter landscape and an atmosphere to take your breath away! Children can visit the Christmas Disney Village and Santa's workshop, as well as, of course, have fun with their favorite characters!
For the occasion, we recommend that you buy a 1-day ticket with Fast Pass, to avoid the huge queues at the attractions.

4 - Dinner cruise on the Seine

A very romantic alternative is that of cruise on the Seine aboard the famous Bateaux Mouches: depending on the companies, you can choose a simple half-hour tour or the option with Christmas lunch or dinner, with live music and mouth-watering menus.
For this formula, an expense between € 150,00 and € 200,00 per person must be considered. For more info: Seine cruise with Christmas dinner.

5 - Dinner + show at the Moulin Rouge

Another alternative is to spend Christmas indulging yourself a show at the Moulin Rouge perhaps with dinner attached. Sure, the prices aren't exactly cheap, but heck ... you only live once! You will be able to attend one of the most famous shows in the world enjoying a delicious menu based on traditional French recipes, and there are also options for vegetarians and vegans. It may seem obvious but ... better point out: elegant attire is required for the occasion! You're not going to show up in jeans ...

For more information: show at the Mouline Rouge with dinner (optional)

6 - Shopping at Galeries Lafayette

In themselves, the Lafayette Galleries are a fantastic place to absolutely see in Paris, but during the Christmas period these become even more suggestive thanks to the beautiful decorations and the big Christmas tree which make the atmosphere comparable to that of Rockefeller Center in New York.

This is probably the brightest place in all of Paris, a light show like no other! Think that over 10 million people visit the windows of Galeries Lafayette every year: real works of art, with the concept of the exhibition that begins a year earlier and involves artisans, designers, carpenters, even puppeteers! And for the occasion, in the 7 floors of the shopping center you will find gourmet corners to delight your palate between one purchase and another!

7 - Attend Christmas Masses

Mass on Christmas Eve is a special part of the holiday season in Paris. For many visitors it is an unforgettable experience. Among the largest and most famous churches in which to attend the celebrations are the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the Church of the Madeleine, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Church of Saint Sulpice, the Church of Sant'Eustache. On the occasion of the eve celebrations, you will be able to listen to the best choirs of sacred music in the whole of France.

8 - Taste the Christmas specialties

Dinner on Christmas Eve generally includes specialties such as "boeuf bourguignon" (stewed beef cooked in red wine), "foie gras" (duck liver) and roast turkey with chestnuts, roast goose, oysters, lobster, game and cheeses. The typical Christmas dessert is the Bûche de Noël, known in Italy as Christmas log, and is a sort of sponge cake rolled in the shape of a trunk covered with chocolate or coffee cream and icing and usually filled with jam.

Which museums and attractions remain open?

Most of the city's museums and attractions are closed on December 25, but can be regularly visited on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. However, there are some attractions that remain open even on Christmas Day, including the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles or the Center Pompidou.

What means of transport are available?

On all public holidays, including Christmas Day, Parisian public transport operates ran less frequently. For more information, we recommend reading the article on how to get around Paris and check for any changes on the official websites.

  • Recommended solutions: The best way to get around is the subway; a single ride costs € 1,80, the 10-ticket booklet costs around € 14,00
  • Useful passes and cards: To save on transport, we recommend purchasing the Paris Passlib card which includes all city transport, including boats on the Seine.

Climate in Paris at Christmas

Paris has a continental climate, with frequent rainfall all year round and especially in winter, when it can also take on a snowy character. The month of December is basically rainy and the average temperatures fluctuate between a minimum of 3 ° C and a maximum of 8 ° C.

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Tickets, tours and bookable activities

We propose some activities and tours to do in Paris. Click on the tour you are interested in for more information or to book.

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