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Who has never dreamed of visit London? The English capital is the undisputed symbol of British culture, with its streets, royal palaces, churches and museums, it offers a unique and inimitable atmosphere. As modern and visionary as it is firmly anchored in its glorious past, London really has a lot to offer, above all on the occasion of Christmas. The month of December is indeed full of unmissable appointments and special events organized on the occasion of Christmas celebrations. So enough with the usual conventional gifts, this year no books, CDs, woolen sweaters and grandmother's socks, this year treat yourself to a nice trip to London at Christmas! Your soul will be happy!


  1. London Christmas markets
  2. Christmas events
  3. London in the Snow: Warner Bros Studios and Cinema Classics
  4. City tour on foot or by bus between parks and Christmas lights
  5. Ice skating
  6. Christmas Concerts
  7. Meet Santa Claus
  8. Attending the Christmas mass
  9. Taste the typical specialties
  10. Which museums and attractions remain open?
  11. What means of transport are available?
  12. Climate in London at Christmas
  13. User questions and comments

Covid-19 emergency: events, concerts and demonstrations could undergo last-minute changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We recommend that you inform yourself well about the situation of the destination you intend to visit before departure. If you are planning a trip, follow government guidelines and make sure you are in line with safety measures.

1 - London Christmas markets

London is a modern, precocious and multi-ethnic city that in the Christmas period becomes even richer in color.
They are scattered throughout the urban area places related to Christmas, especially traditional markets with wooden stalls selling decorations, toys, ceramics and other handicrafts. Here are some of the markets to visit in London:

  • Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park (Get Directions), open every day from the last week of November to January 6;
  • Christmas Market at London's South Bank, Southbank Center at the London Eye (Get directions), open every day from the Immaculate Conception (8 December) to 6 January;
  • London Bridge Christmas Market, London SE1 9DD (Get directions), open every day from November 30th to January 6th (Closed December 25th).

2 - Christmas events

The entire month of December is full of Christmas-themed events. Among the best known we point out thelighting up of the spectacular lights of Oxford Street (late November), previously chaired by stars like Emma Watson or Jim Carrey, or the ceremony of lighting the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree (usually the first Thursday of December), which includes carols and various celebrations.

At the beginning of December, you can attend The Great Christmas Pudding Race: a charity event during which some competitors try to complete a bizarre obstacle course by balancing a Christmas pudding on a plate (all dressed as Santa Claus, elves and reindeer, of course).

The "Peter Pan Cup", a traditional one, is held on the morning of December 25th swimming competition in the icy waters of the Hyde Park lake which has been repeated for over 150 years.

3 - London in the Snow: Warner Bros Studios and Cinema Classics

London is getting ready for the holiday season, and it does it in style and for all ages! For fans of Harry Potter and fantasy, at Warner Bros Studios you can visit Hogwarts in the Snow, a reproduction of the legendary Hogwarts castle all covered in snow!

For the older and more nostalgic ones, however, the Backyard Cinema organizes Cinema in the Snow, a programming of the great classics of Christmas cinema!

4 - City tour on foot or by bus between parks and Christmas lights

When London lights up for the holiday season, it's as if it were transformed! The city takes on unprecedented outlines and colors: do not miss the wonderful and highly original ones silk light installations at the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick House, i Kew Gardens that on the occasion of the Christmas at Kew festival illuminate the paths to discover the botanical gardens, and again theEnchanted Woodland in Syon Park and Victorian Christmas at Kensington Palace.

With a bus tour with a panoramic top you can enjoy the show and above all stop whenever you want, with stops between the shopping centers or the Christmas markets, and then go back up and continue the tour. With a walking tour of the old city you can experience a more intimate atmosphere, together with a guide who will tell you the thousand stories of London!

5 - Ice skating

There is no Christmas movie in which you don't see young people, children and families armed with skates, hats and woolen scarves dashing on ice rinks between pirouettes and ... some comical fall! If you want to be the protagonists of your film, you will find a city full of tracks to try your hand at: Somerset House, Hampton Court Palace, the track at the foot of the London Tower, the magical track of the Natural History Museum, and even a panoramic ice rink to Skylight!

6 - Christmas concerts

In these parts you can really stock up on Christmas songs and concerts! Absolutely not to be missed traditional Christmas carols in Saint Paul's Cathedral, the Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall, and the Cutty Sark concert.

7 - Meet Santa Claus

Oh yes, the super busy Santa Claus also passes by here, and goes out of his way, even more, to give everyone the chance to take a photo on his lap!

If you want to meet him, you can do it at the ZSL London Zoo, the Royal Albert Hall, the Museum of London. And if you really want to exaggerate, then they are waiting for you husky guided sleigh rides at WWT London Wetland Center and even a cheerful cruise on the Thames with Santa Claus!

8 - Attending the Christmas mass

As midnight on Christmas Eve approaches, faithful from all over London gather in churches and cathedrals for Christmas mass. With flickering candles, the sound of carols and poignant sermons, it is a tradition dear to many Londoners who celebrate Christmas. All the churches in the city have their own services, but if you want to enjoy a unique experience we suggest you choose churches such as St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Cathedral of Westminster, St James's Piccadilly Church; in these places you will hear some of the best choristers of sacred music in the city.
If, on the other hand, you consider it a priority to attend one religious service in Italian, go to St Peter Church.

9 - Taste the typical specialties

London also has its own Christmas gastronomic specialties, and during your stay you cannot fail to taste them.
If you are in the city just for Christmas day, choose a hotel with restaurant where you can enjoy a typical meal according to tradition.
The classic Anglo-Saxon Christmas meal features a stuffed roast turkey main course (usually with a puree of chestnuts, onions, breadcrumbs, butter and other herbs), accompanied by potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding (a kind of baked batter) and Brussels sprouts.
Among the desserts there is never a shortage of Christmas Pudding (based on eggs, almonds, candied fruit, rum and spices) and Mince Pies (small cakes filled with fruit such as raisins, cranberries and sultanas, as well as chopped nuts and spices such as cinnamon , sugar and nutmeg).

Which museums and attractions remain open?

Unfortunately, most of London's attractions are closed on Christmas Day. The only attractions that can be visited are the parks, such as theHyde Park, within which the "Peter Pan Cup" is held.

Alternatively, you could visit the decorated galleries of Leadenhall Market or skate on one of the few tracks that remain open (for example that of JW3).

As of December 26th, the situation returns more or less to normal, with the reopening of markets and skating rinks, as well as many attractions of interest such as the London Eye, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds wax museum, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, and more. On Boxing Day the Anglo-Saxons celebrate Boxing Day. The name of this festival derives from the boxes full of food and gifts, which wealthy families of the past used to give to the less well-off social classes. Finally, December 26 also marks thestart of winter sales.

What means of transport are available?

Also London public transport does not run on Christmas Day. Starting from the eve of the afternoon, the frequency of the vehicles is progressively reduced until it stops completely. Therefore we advise you to stay in a central and strategic district, so that you can move on foot, or you could think of renting a bicycle to move around the parks, along the cycle paths or in the areas of the center that are closed to traffic. Finally, we point out that taxis remain active even on holidays, although the rates tend to be quite high.

  • Recommended solutions: getting around by bike or on foot on 24th and 25th. On other days, the metro is the most effective transport system. Single fares are around £ 2.2 and vary by area.
  • Useful passes and cards: We recommend the purchase of the London Pass + Oyster Card, which together offer admission to over 80 attractions and free use of transport.

Climate in London at Christmas

In December, temperatures tend to fluctuate between a minimum of 3 ° C and a maximum of 8 °. London's skies are generally overcast around Christmas and there is only three hours of actual sunlight per day. It rains quite frequently but the quantity is moderate overall, so you don't have to worry too much about showers ruining your stay.

As with most Europpe destinations, you will need to pack warm sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, trousers and a coat. Even if it rarely snows, you may need scarves and hats, but above all don't forget waterproof shoes and umbrella!

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Tickets, tours and bookable activities

We propose some activities and tours to do in London. Click on the tour you are interested in for more information or to book.

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