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Never more
After 14 hours of flight we are in Santiago.
Only when I go back do I realize how much I have missed South America.
Flying over the cordillera I see them there? beautiful as always ... emanating that energy that once seen, ensures that you never forget them again ... the Andes.

1 day

It's hot, but that's fine. At the airport unlike the other South America I have known, everything? perfectly organized. The time to unload the luggage and we are already? on a collective taxi that takes us to our hotel, where a pleasant surprise awaits us.
Booked on the internet, chosen randomly, we find ourselves in a small apartment in the center, brand new and equipped with everything!
Do we spend the afternoon getting familiar with the atmosphere, the sounds, the smells of this city? which mixes the characteristics of large metropolises with the typical features of the great capitals of South America.
The result ? a colorful and noisy context that comes alive after 20:00, when the sun starts to go down and you can breathe again. The climate becomes pleasant and the square comes alive. Cerveza y empanadas. Welcome to Chile.
Santiago? a beautiful city. The period ? strange ...? almost empty! They are all at the sea a bit like in August with us and this makes it even more? charming.
Modern, very European, but with those details that never make you forget that we are here in the South of the world.
We drove all day with Ricardo, our personal guide ... a friend who introduced us to this city? intimately. Lots of green and the Andes in the background, which surround it as if they wanted to protect it.
Large shopping centers, restaurants of all kinds, wellness ... but the limpiazapatos, the crowded squares and parks, remain an indelible sign of
belonging to this continent.
It is "home" as always. Tomorrow we begin the journey to the far south.

2 day

After 6 hours by bus we arrived in Conception. Comfortable luxury travel, to arrive in this town lost in the woods.
Is Sunday. All closed. Everyone on vacation. The sensation ? that of being the only presences. Here they told us that c '? was the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake and some buildings still bear the mark.
Chileans still talk about it a lot ... it must have been scary, even if they are used to living with it here ... the earth shakes every day.
Conception? a tactical step on the long journey to the south. What? we walked, ate a pizza and slept. Then back on the road towards Valdivia.
The travel companions are the volcanoes ... they inspire respect and wonder.
Valdivia? a city? beautiful and full of people. We had to wander around to find somewhere to sleep but in the end we made it ... we are at Hostal El Torron ... a lugar full of charm!

3 day

Day spent wandering around ... lost to observe a colony of sea lions that lives near the fish market.
This country is giving us so many emotions ... a country on the move ... growing ... people who are well, calm and serene.
We arrived on Lake Llanquihue in Frutillar to be exact.
Here you can breathe the air of vacation ... we went in to eat when it was a bit cloudy ... when we went out surprised ... the volcano in the background ... a postcard.
Chile makes you feel like a traveler ... many miles to do every day, a constantly changing climate and every new destination a discovery.
In Puerto Varas a little more? south of Fruttillar there are two volcanoes that protect this small town? located on the shores of the lake. Does the journey continue towards Chilo? where, as they had announced, we find a little rain.
Here it seems to be in another Chile. A nature that fills the eyes with green.
City like Castro and Ancud are full of interesting things. Churches, beaches, stilt houses ... we crossed dolphins and saw a small colony of penguins.
Days go by quickly in this completely different country from the rest of South America. A country with a lot of energy ... the Andes following you all along the way. What? powerful. A fantastic people, a continuous surprise ... lakes, rivers, volcanoes, the sea ... and then off to the end of the world.
Another stop in Puerto Montt from where we will take the plane to Patagonia. Many Latin American features are found here. Noise, people,
confusion ... are we in a city? which has a port. The only thing that bothers me about this trip are the stray dogs ... so many, too many ... that tear your heart ... would you like to help them all ... they make me cry and smile.

4 day

Destination Punta Arenas. A legendary name ... known only through the many books of South American literature and now I'm getting there ... incredible.
The South of the world ... here we are ... we are on the Strait of Magellan ... Sailing on this legendary strait we arrive at Isla Magdalena where we
we find ourselves surrounded by an indefinite number of ... penguins. 85 hectares of land two hours by ferry from the mainland, inhabited only and exclusively by them. You walk among them watching you curiously. Nothing around ... you forget the wind that blows, the too many tourists there are ... you find yourself alone, with their funny way of walking, of looking ... We are the strange ones and are they right ... after all? their home.
The idea of ​​being on the Strait of Magellan? exciting ... I feel Sepulveda and Chatwin in the air, below me two seas that meet, mingle, unite ... Atlantic and Pacific ... the most? great explorers ... and now from here with extreme ease? I pass too.
After a transfer from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales, we find ourselves in another corner of paradise.
Parque Nacionale Torres de Peine. Describe it? Impossible. An enchanted landscape ... blue and green of the lagoons, the white of the glaciers, the brown of the towers. An incredible sun that accompanies us throughout the day.
Then begins the return trip ... Back to Punta Arenas ... to take the plane that will take us? in Santiago. I walk around with treats to try and do something for all my canines ... being able to take them all with me would be great.

5 day

The Magone of the return begins. We are in Santiago ... time to say goodbye to Ricardo, a last look at the city? and? time to go to the airport.
Back to normal? ? tiresome. I carry inside emotions and sensations that will never go away again? Street. The penguins, the sea lions, the volcanoes, the Andes, my canines. South America? a magical world apart ... lots of energy. I missed it and now that I'm back I realize it. Nunca mas ... never again? cos? so much without going back.

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