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    Cheyenne: how to visit the capital of Wyoming

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    Cheyenne is there capitale del Wyoming and its position in reference to on the road trips departing from Denver make it both an excellent stop over and a good solution for an overnight stay. The town is small but has several elements of interest, including a downtown with many historic buildings and a notable series of small buts interesting museums, quick to visit and (most of them) free, a privileged opportunity to learn more about the history of the state and its "cowboy town" atmosphere.

    So what to expect from a visit to this town? Is it worth including it in your travel plan on the road? Here are some tips on what to see and how to plan a stay in Cheyenne.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • What to see in the city
      • Cheyenne Big Boots
      • Cheyenne Depot Plaza
      • Wyoming State Capitol Building
      • Big Boy Steam Engine
      • Museums dedicated to the Far West
    • Cheyenne surroundings
      • Warren Air Force Base
      • Terry Bison Ranch
      • Happy Jack Road
    • Where to eat
    • Accomodation

    Where is it and how to get there

    Cheyenne is located in the southeastern tip of Wyoming and is usually included in Real America's road trips as the next stop in Denver, which is just over 160 miles (about 1 hours by car) along Interstate 25. there you then continue usually towards Rapid City (for those who want to visit Mount Rushmore and its surroundings) or, more rarely, towards the towns of Laramie o Casper (for those who prefer to explore Wyoming deeper).

    What to see in the city

    Cheyenne is a town with its own personality, here you will begin to breathe the western atmosphere of the cowboy state (Wyoming in fact) and you will not miss the points of interest to visit.

    Cheyenne Big Boots

    Chyenne among all the "cowboy towns" of the state wanted to distinguish in a curious way. Along the streets of its historic district (and beyond) you will notice large colorful boots more than 2 meters high with decidedly creative patterns.

    They are all hand painted by local artists and are the favorite place for tourists for a nice selfie. There are more than 25 of them in the city, and if you want to take up the challenge, you can pick up the map at the visitor center and look for them all.

    Cheyenne Depot Plaza

    A very beautiful square full of historic buildings: the main points of interest (in addition to the inevitable boots) are the Cheyenne Depot Museum, in front of which you will find the statue A new beginning which celebrates Wyoming as the first US state to give women the right to vote, the historian Wrangler department store, where lovers of the garments of this historic brand can stock up on jeans, t-shirts etc ..., and the The Albany, a historic building dating back to 1905 which previously housed a hotel and now a restaurant / pub.

    Wyoming State Capitol Building

    The beautiful Cheyenne Capitol Building was built from 1886 to 1890 to house the seat of the state government. If you want to see the places of power from the inside, you can also take a quick self-guided tour of the building. Admission is free.

    Big Boy Steam Engine

    For train and locomotive enthusiasts I recommend a visit to Holliday Park, where the steam locomotive awaits you Big Boy, a precious example of a Union Pacific steam locomotive dating back to 1941. These locomotives were characterized by the particular configuration of the wheels and were built to travel the Ogden (Utah) - Green River (Wyoming) route. Today 8 specimens have been preserved.

    Museums dedicated to the Far West

    Cheyenne is a real boon for those looking for small but interesting museums dedicated to the far west and the myth of the border (and most of them are free), ideal places for those who visit the city in transit and want to use the little time available to get a little in the mood of the place.

    The most popular is the Wyoming State Museum, dedicated to the history of the state, but are not to be underestimated too Historic Governors’ Mansion, the former home of the governors of Wyoming, Cheyenne Depot Museum, dedicated to the region's railway industry, and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, full of relics dating back to the Far West. The more curious can take a trip to the Cowgirls of the West Museum, dedicated to the contribution made by women to the history of the old and wild West.

    Cheyenne surroundings

    Warren Air Force Base

    Less than 5km drive from Cheyenne, the Air Force base Francis E. Warren it is among the most important missile bases in the United States. The strict security rules that regulate the entrance have also protected the many antelos that roam freely (more unique than rare) near the houses and historic buildings of the district.

    These animals have developed an unusual familiarity with man by getting used to his presence; visiting this area is therefore a great opportunity to admire these specimens in freedom. Obviously much of the military site it is forbidden to visit, however guided tours are available, to find out more refer to the official website.

    Terry Bison Ranch

    With its 2500 specimens of American bison in a land of 27500 acres, the Terry Bison Ranch organizes some of the most popular family activities in the area, including the little train ride along the property, with the chance to see ostriches, camels and of course bison (with the possibility of feeding them). The ranch is less than 20km from Cheyenne and offers numerous other activities, as well as convenience stores and dining options.

    Happy Jack Road

    Veudawoo Recreation Area

    Fascinating panoramic road that connects Cheyenne to Laramie: if you take this road, prairies, suggestive rock formations, farms and grazing horses await you, but also the beautiful natural area of Curt Gowdy State Park. With a detour then you can also reach Veudawoo Recreation Area, which is striking for its evocative granite masses.

    Where to eat

    We are in cowboy lands and to stick to the theme probably no place is better in this area than The Bunkhouse Bar and Grill. The place is located on Happy Jack Road, about 25 km from Cheyenne, but it is worth the little trip, not only for the excellent American cuisine, but also for the atmosphere, for the live music and dancing that animate this place. I recommend that you check the evening entertainment and cooking times on the official website.


    A good number of accommodations are located on Lincolnway, 2 steps from the historic district, but there are many other areas to search within a good distance of the center, which is always easily accessible by car. Most of the hotels are managed by large American chains, some of excellent quality, such as the Staybridge Suite or the Comfort Inn (which also have apartments), but there are also more original choices, such as the Charming Cheyenne Home . For a complete list of accommodations available in the city you can click on the button below:

    All accommodations in Cheyenne


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