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    Chelsea Market: let's discover the market for foodies in New York

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    There is a place in New York where the industrial atmosphere is combined with the artistic one in a succession of art galleries, where thanks to the conversion of industrial buildings some buildings have a new soul and where the buildings with red bricks contrast with the glittering skyscrapers that are located a short distance away: it is the Chelsea neighborhood. And if you wonder what to visit in New York when it rains, where to eat good sushi in Manhattan, where to taste the famous Maine lobster, there is only one answer: the Chelsea Market.


    • Chelsea Market: Connoisseurs gather here
    • The history of the Chelsea market
    • Where to eat at Chelsea Market?
    • Chelsea Market: not just food
    • How to get to Chelsea Market, timetables and useful information
    • Where to sleep in the Chelsea area

    Chelsea Market: Connoisseurs gather here

    Foodies looking for culinary delights in New York know where to go when they have to choose what to eat and no matter whether they are foreign tourists, students or professionals from New York, Chelsea Market is the right choice for those who want good food and a wide variety of choice. In 240 square meters there are approx fifty shops / restaurants / outlets serving high quality products, a must for anyone visiting or living in New York.

    In this culinary market the food and wine specialties to try are endless: from the freshest fish to the meat without hormones or antibiotics from sustainably raised animals (in English the term grass-fed is often used to indicate high quality beef from a controlled supply chain ), from sushi to Mexican or Thai food, from fresh fruit to ice cream, from soups to tortellini by Giovanni Rana (you read that right, if you are longing for Italian tortellini here you can find them!), from wine to beer, from fresh bread to several pastry shops that will make you fat just by walking past them.

    Once you enter the Chelsea market getting lost is difficult: most of the shops are located along a central corridor. The atmosphere and decor are industrial chic, it feels like being in a huge loft. You will probably be amazed by the order and cleanliness of the place despite the large influx of visitors daily. In fact, every year millions of tourists visit this part of Manhattan as well as many New Yorkers when they have an important lunch or dinner they come here to buy ingredients knowing they can trust the quality and find whatever they are looking for.

    The history of the Chelsea market

    The cow is the symbol of Chelsea Market. After all, we are close to the Meatpaking District, a historic meat trading district. At the end of the nineteenth century this was the seat of the Nabisco (National Biscuit Company), the biscuit and cracker factory that put the famous ones on the market biscotti Oreo e i Ritz. The location of the factory was strategic because they could have large quantities of lard and lard directly from the butchers of the neighborhood.

    The factory changed location in the XNUMXs and the area remained unused. Thanks to the foresight of a new owner and a meticulous renovation, in the XNUMXs the industrial complex was converted into the offices of major companies such as Google and various television companies and a huge covered market was inaugurated on the ground floor.

    Where to eat at Chelsea Market?

    Answering this question is not easy because there is a temptation at every corner. But here are some of the most famous places:

    • The Lobster Place: If you love lobster and lobster this is the place for you. I recommend you try the Lobster roll, a sandwich filled with lobster pulp, even if honestly calling it a sandwich is an understatement. For lovers of fish soup I recommend the clam chowder, a cream of clams. Here you will also find very fresh oysters, perhaps to accompany thesteamed lobster.
    • Beyond Sushi: Specializes in vegan sushi and vegetarian… to try.
    • Mok Bar: Korean restaurant with chefs cooking in front of you, kimchi with its beneficial properties and various types of ramen await you ... or if you prefer you can order noodles-to-go, take-away noodles, and eat them while you walk like the real Asians.
    • Los Taco's No.1: for lovers of Mexican cuisine.
    • Num Pang: varied choice of sandwiches with fresh local products and mayonnaise made by them, typical recipes of Cambodian cuisine.
    • Giovanni Rana: wide selection of fresh pasta produced on site.
    • Bar Suzette: those who love crepes here can choose between various ingredients to fill their savory crepe or have a substantial snack with the Nutella and banana crepe.
    • Amy's Bread: bakery and pastry shop, this is the place to order the sticky bun, a sweet, slightly sticky calorie bomb (after all, the name says it too!) Made with honey, cinnamon and dried fruit. Or I suggest you try the red velvet cupcakes.
    • The art of ice cream: when it's hot, ice cream is a must, but it better be Spanish!
    • Donuttery: Nothing compares to Italian desserts, but you're in New York and a real donut you can't not try it… Homer Simpson will be proud of you!

    Chelsea Market: not just food

    Despite being fewer in number than the activities dedicated to food, here you will find various gift shops, clothing and souvenirs. Among these, the famous Anthropologie shop stands out. There is also a florist and an independent bookshop. There are also specific areas open to events and artists: don't be surprised if in the midst of spices, fish, chocolate and meat you will find photographic exhibitions, workshops and artists getting ready for a show or concert.

    How to get to Chelsea Market, timetables and useful information

    Chelsea Market is located in Manhattan's West End at number 75 of 9th Avenue, between 15th and 16th streets. We are in the art gallery and red brick district, not far from the Hudson River and close to the Highline.

    - orari di apertura of Chelsea Market are:

    • Monday to Saturday from 7.00 to 21.00.
    • Sunday from 8.00 to 20.00.

    To reach Chelsea Market, you can walk the Highline along the Hudson River to 23rd Street and then descend to visit the beautiful neighborhood of Chelsea continuing to 16th Street at the intersection with 9th Avenue. Otherwise you can go straight down to 16th.

    However, the most common way is to take the subway: with lines A, C, E you arrive at 14th street, stop 14 Street / 8 Av., and you are just a 4 minute walk from Chelsea Market. With lines 1,2,3 you can get off at both 14 Street and 18 Street stops: in both cases, you will reach Chelsea Market in about 9 minutes on foot. If you're not familiar with the city's public transit system, take a look at our article on how to use the New York subway.

    Remember that although there is a wide choice of places to eat, we are in a market and seats are few. If possible try to avoid the busiest times… especially if, like me, you would like to taste everything and want to observe each stand carefully before choosing your favorite.

    Where to sleep in the Chelsea area

    In the market area there are interesting possibilities for overnight stays, for more information I refer you to our in-depth analysis on where to find accommodation in Chelsea and the Garment District:

    Advice on where to sleep in Chelsea

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