Chapel of the Flowers, Las Vegas

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It is the most famous wedding chapel in all of Las Vegas. Very sober and with an almost unkempt appearance, it is instead at the moment of the ceremony that she dresses with special drapes and lights, to give the newlyweds a truly unforgettable moment. There Little Chapel of the Flower offers future spouses a complete service for their wedding, which can be organized directly online through e-mails with wedding planner authorized who will really think of everything, from photos to the limousine service to the documentation necessary to formalize the wedding.

Anyone can get married in Las Vegas and can do it in no time, but always by booking because, especially in this specific chapel, the waiting list can also be quite long. In any case, after only 24 hours from the function you will be able to have photos, videos and documentation ready to take away with you.

Where it is: 1717 Las Vegas Blvd. So. – Las Vegas, NV 89104
Official website:

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