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In the United States the election date for the presidential and vice-presidential office is established by law. THE'Election Day it must be the Tuesday following the first Monday of November, four years after the last presidential election. Elections are held every two years for the members of the House of Representatives and for 1/3 of the members of the Senate.

The election campaign begins in autumn, preceded in the summer by the "huddle", give her corporate conventions. and by primary elections to establish candidates.


With the term "caucuses”(Word of Indian origin referring to meetings of Algonquin tribal leaders) is meant to define an informal or formal meeting between members or supporters of a political party. In the case of the presidential election process it is the district meeting of local party activists.

In this meeting held in the open debate mode, they come delegated representatives have been chosen to be sent to County meetings. The delegates at the county meetings will in turn choose the delegates for the state meetings, where the representatives to be sent to the National Party Convention will be voted and chosen.

This system allows a greater number of people not only to participate in political life, but also to indicate the presidential candidate preferred by the party in each state. Since the preferences on candidates are made within the electoral district, the "appointments”For the presidency are consequently democratized. In the State of Iowa, the "caucuses" are defined as "neighborhood meetings”, This is because not only do we vote but discussion groups are also activated in 1.784 seats.

Primary Elections

For several decades, the opening of the voting season has been given by the "caucuses" in Iowa and by the primaries in New Hampshire. The primary they are real elections with voters who go to the polling stations to vote for their candidate.

Le primary elections these are votes that do not always concern a single party. There are two variants of primary elections, the closed and the open. In the closed primaries only voters registered on the electoral roll of the party that called the elections are admitted. In the open primaries all voters can vote, even sympathizers of other parties, the important thing is that they are registered on the electoral roll. Each party has a variable number of delegates to be elected in the primary, the greater the number of inhabitants of the state where they take place, the greater the number of delegates to be elected.

In the USA, registration on the electoral roll is not a right that is acquired upon reaching the age of majority. Every time you want to vote you have to subscribe to the electoral lists of reference.

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