Cat Islands: the 5 Cat Islands in the World

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If you love cats and if you love to travel, you will be pleased to know that there are places in the world where you can combine these two passions.
There are in fact several "cat islands", or islands where the colonies of our feline friends are so numerous that they far exceed the number of human inhabitants.
The most famous is, without a doubt, that of Aoshima in Japan, where locations of this type are very frequent. There are some two also in Italy!
Prepare cans, treats and lots of pampering and let's leave together for these destinations rich in purr!


  1. Aoshima Island, Japan
  2. Mykonos, Greece
  3. Malamocco, Lido Island of Venice - Italy
  4. Su Pallosu, Sardinia - Italy
  5. Samos Island, Greece
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1 - Aoshima Island, Japan

Thanks to word of mouth spread especially on the internet, this cat island has become the most famous in Japan but also of the world. The island is inhabited only by 15 people of average age that varies between 50 and 80 years, but the feline colony comes to count more than 100 cats.
During the Second World War, many people fled the island to the mainland and the depopulation continued, due to the lack of work, until modern times. To date it is not present no car and not even a bicycle, so as not to disturb the tranquility of the lazy felines! Conversely, many of the abandoned houses offer a perfect shelter for cats who can really live in peace here.
Here is a curious video:

2 - Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is part of the Cyclades, a group of islands off the coast in southeastern Greece. The Cyclades are home to a specific breed of cat, the so-called Aegean cat, formally recognized and regarded as the only native of Greece.
Mykonos in itself is one summer tourist destination very well known and appreciated, but it is also the home of an incredible number of stray cats. As on Aoshima, the vast majority of cats in this one cat island of Greece they have no owners but all the inhabitants of the island take care of them, as well as tourists and visitors. As if that were not enough, there is the Mykonos Animal Welfare, founded in 2005, an association that is concerned with the well-being of cats.

3 - Malamocco, Lido of Venice Island - Italy

While there are still pigeons everywhere in Venice, the number of cats has dropped dramatically over the past 20 years. Since 1965 the Onlus Dingo has been taking care of stray dogs in Venice and in 1989 it established, at the small island of San Clemente, their base where all homeless cats were able to find refuge, care and lots of love. Ten years later this sort of temporary home for strays awaiting adoption was moved to Malamocco, on the Lido Island.

4 - Su Pallosu, Sardinia - Italy

Sardinia is a paradise for lovers of beaches and crystal clear sea, but it can also be a paradise for cat lovers. It exists right here one of the most beautiful feline colonies in Italy, that of Su Pallosu. It is located in a splendid area nature reserve and is made up of about 60 cats, of whom numerous volunteers from the Friends of Su Pallosu Cultural Association take care 24 hours a day.
All female cats and most of the males have been sterilized, the cats of this island also have a personal card complete with a photograph to make them recognizable and monitorable by the Duemari Veterinary Clinic in Oristano. The colony is also the first oasis with felines all equipped with identification microchips.

5 - Samos Island, Greece

Greece is famous for the feline colonies that are present practically on all the islands, the stray cats are now part of the national scenario along with the archaeological remains and the splendid sea. The island of Samos is no exception, where cats doze on practically every corner of any street! Hoteliers, residents and tourists help take care of the colony, along with an association that also promotes its adoption at an international level.

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