Carhenge: Nebraska's Stonehenge made with vintage cars

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By chance, you were aware that the United States also has theirs Stonehenge? Well yes, in Nebraska Americans have erected their own tribute to these ancient Anglo-Saxon sculptures, albeit a bit in their own way. Replace stone with car and you get a bizarre rework: a Stonehenge made with machines instead of stones!

Crazy idea? Nonsense? Surely extravagant. Carhenge it consists of a circle formed by cars, with 3 triliths erected inside (just on the model of Stonehenge). This bizarre property is located north of Alliance, Nebraska, and is made up of vintage American cars, painted in gray to replicate the color of the stones of the original monument.


  • Brief history of the installation
  • Carhenge - information for a visit
  • Other attractions around Alliance
  • Carhenge Photo Gallery
  • Videos on Carhenge
  • Accomodation

Brief history of the installation

Many visitors wonder if Carhenge is a sort of artistic expression, or a socio-economic denunciation, or if it is simply a pure eccentric structure with no particular pretensions. None of this, it is simply an installation built in 1987 by Jim Reinders in memory of his father, apparently a great lover of vintage cars.

Apparently Reinders wasn't the only one with such an idea. It seems that a similar structure (called car hege), built by Bill Lishman a year earlier (but there seems to be no connection between these 2 characters).

Carhenge - information for a visit

Admission to Carhenge is free and the facility is open every day. The attraction is near Alliance, Nebraska and can be reached by following the US-385, a major thoroughfare that cuts across the United States from South to North, crossing Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota. Above you can take a look at an interactive map.

Once inside, you can follow the short path on the right that will take you immediately in front of the main attraction, continuing on the same path you will then have the opportunity to admire other installations or small and decidedly unique sculptures, for example:

  • Spawning Salmon sculpture, which depicts a salmon laying eggs
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture, which represents the skeleton of a dinosaur
  • The Fourd Seasons installation, 4 cars in a precarious position whose different colors represent the 4 seasons

At the entrance you will also find the Pit Stop Gift Shop, where you can find various gadgets dedicated to the bizarre attraction: from classic magnets, to glasses, mugs, t-shirts and much more.

Other attractions around Alliance

If you love the so-called roadside attractions in this small town you will find at least other elements of interest:

  • Dobby’s Frontier Town (20 E 25th St.): a small western village nestled in the prairies of Nebraska that has the mission of preserving the spirit of the frontier towns of the time.
  • Alliance Rest Area (coordinates): 3,5 km north of Carhenge you will notice on the right a comfortable armchair, a Free Wi-Fi sign and the toilet, all
    lying on 2 comfortable heaps of wheat.

Carhenge Photo Gallery

If you still don't believe that such a sculpture could really exist, then take a peek at these photos:

Spawning Salmon sculpture
View from above
Spawning Salmon sculpture
Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture
The Fourd Seasons installation

Videos on Carhenge

In this video you can get a better idea of ​​this extravagant attraction.


The best place to find accommodation is Alliance, a small town of about 8000 inhabitants that can also be considered as an excellent stopping point for those who, coming from Colorado or Wyoming, want to visit the fossil area, that extensive region that preserves numerous prehistoric remains, crossed by the road not surprisingly called Fossil Freeway.

All accommodations at Alliance

In the surroundings of Alliance there are 3 other towns that you can take as a reference point in case you are not too comfortable sleeping in Alliance according to your itinerary:

  • All accommodations in Scottsbluff (1 hour south of Alliance)
  • All accommodations in Bridgeport (40 minutes south of Alliance)
  • All accommodations in Chadron (1 hour north of Alliance)
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