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Formentera: tips for those who want to rent a car

Formentera it is a jewel: small but very exclusive, crystal clear waters and very popular thanks to the beauty of its beaches. Not only is this a much loved tourist destination but also one of those locations where deciding to rent a car will allow you to experience it and tour it in total autonomy.

Although Formentera is one of the smallest islands of the Balearic Islands, with an area of ​​83,2 square kilometers and a population of about 10 thousand inhabitants, the car rentals in Formentera are not very few and therefore find the right price or the perfect opportunity it won't be complicated at all.

The main centers of the island are Sant Francesc Xavier in La Savina, seat of the port; Es Pujols, the main tourist center; Sant Ferran de ses Roques, an inhabited center and a favorite destination for hippies since the sixties. Car rentals in particular are mainly in the port area.

  1. ☞ Where to rent a car in Formentera
    1. Here you will find all the rentals mentioned above sorted by price (lowest to highest):
  2. ★ Car rental in Formentera: San Augusti area
  3. ★ Car rental in Formentera: Platja de Migjorn
  4. ☞ How to rent a car in Formentera
    1. ✎ Car rental in Formentera: reviews and tips
  5. ☞ Tips for getting around Formentera by car

☞ Where to rent a car in Formentera

La the area of ​​the port of Formentera is perhaps the richest in car rentals and therefore renting a car in this part of the island will not be difficult at all, on the contrary, it will be quite immediate because it will be right next to the ferry terminal and therefore very convenient.

Among the various points of car rental a Formentera – La Savina we see:

  • Europcar
  • OK Rent a Car - Formentera
  • Avis Formentera Puerto De La Savina
  • Blue Autos Rent a Car
  • San Fernando Rent A Car
  • La Savina Rent a Car – S2
  • La Savina Rent a Car – S3
  • Astbury Formentera, Property Sales & Rental Inmobiliaria
  • Formotor – Car and motorcycle rental (affitto di auto e moto)
  • Rentalcars
  • Moto Rent Reyes
  • Migjorn Rent Motorcycles
  • La Mola Motorent
  • Formotor - Taller
  • La Savina Rent a Car – S1

Here you will find all the rentals mentioned above sorted by price (lowest to highest):

As you can see, car rental in Formentera La Savina port offers a wide range of car rentals, from the most inflated ones such as Avis or Europcar, to more local chains or car rentals but still with competitive prices and good service.

★ Car rental in Formentera: San Augusti area

In addition to the port, you can also find car rentals in the San Augusti area, therefore in the easternmost part of the island. In particular, we advise you to check the rental prices and offers of Proauto Rent a Car Formentera and Autos Isla Blanca.

★ Car rental in Formentera: Platja de Migjorn

Instead, if you are further south than the port of Formentera, you can try Autos Ca Mari to find your rental car.

Finally, rent a car in Ibiza and then go to Formentera it is an option that is valued by many because often the prices seem more advantageous but, in general, not recommended because Ibizia's car rentals prohibit taking the car to another island and, if you really want to do it, you would have to pay an additional rental fee, thus losing the convenience of the price. It is therefore advisable to rent directly in Formentera and do it in advance, in order to find a discounted price.

☞ How to rent a car in Formentera

Il car rental in Formentera without credit card it is almost impossible, as in almost any part of the world. In fact, every time you make a reservation, you will be asked to guarantee your request with a credit card, which is obviously not prepaid, and to pay also by credit card, especially to block any excess or other additional costs depending on the rental practices (additional cost for returning the car without a full tank, unlimited kilometers or extended rental hours, etc.).

To then block your booking, it will be sufficient to do it via the web either by using the car rental portals or by making the booking through an online intermediary, such as expedia or budget. Alternatively, you will often be able to call your car rental in Formentera and block by phone, always providing a credit card number.

Finally, last method, rent directly on site as soon as you landed on the island but, clearly, this option could be the most expensive or you could run into a lack of means by the car rental companies in Formentera.

Find a cheap car rental in Formentera it is very simple, as you have seen, but the trick is to move in time or use the right tools (online portals or offer aggregators) to benefit from additional discounts beyond those you can get from the rental company itself.

In general, a good tip to rent a car in Formentera and spend little, is to always check online for any discounts, especially on special websites, which aggregate the various offers, and then make a comparison of costs and services. In particular, to rent your car in Formentera, you can always check first on:

  • send
  • rentalcars
  • holidaycars
  • rental
  • budget

Il car hire in Formentera can offer various prices, it depends a lot on the period in which you will go to the island. For example, a week in August - in high season - could cost you from 200 euros up to 2000 euros, depending on the vehicle chosen and the insurance you intend to add to the rental of your car. For example, if you are looking for a convertible rental car in Formentera or an off-road SUV, it will clearly cost you more than a small car or a small car like a smart.

A great tip, when renting a car, is always to add insurance, whether it is proposed by those who rent your car or has been signed by you before leaving. Obviously, the sooner you make a reservation for the rental of your car, the sooner you can benefit from the best prices and therefore find a car rental in Formentera with offers and discounts.

✎ Car rental in Formentera: reviews and tips

In general, the companies on the island of Formentera are quite reliable for car rental, however, a valid indicator is certainly offered by the reviews of other customers and users that can be found online.

In particular, we advise you to check the company you intend to contact or with which you intend to rent either on TripAdvisor or directly on Google and selecting from list of rental cars on Google Maps those that have a better rating.

☞ Tips for getting around Formentera by car

Once you have found your low cost car rental, you just have to take the car and move freely around the island.

Some of you may think that the car is not the most suitable way, due to the few kilometers of paved roads, but it is certainly the best if you want to travel comfortably and in full autonomy.

The price, as explained above, is almost always very accessible and, even if sometimes you will have to leave the car a few meters from the beaches, it will certainly be the best way to bring everything you want with you and, also given the short distances that you will travel, vi it will cost very little in fuel.

And i parking lots? They could, at times, be a bit of a problem but, if you wake up early and hit the best beaches a little early, the parking problem will certainly be avoided!

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