Car rental guide: info and tips for renting a car on vacation

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To pass one holiday with a capital V, comfort is an essential component. In fact, it often happens that particularly discounted last minute offers do not have unpleasant "inconveniences". For example it can happen that the location of the airport is out of the way than the place you want to visit. The same goes for the hotel, which can be in the city center or in the suburbs. A solution to consider in these cases it is therent a car. Fortunately, today there are many solutions that allow car rental in a simple and economical way. But when it is convenient to rent a car? What are the pros and cons? Here is all the advice you need in ours car rental guide.


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When is it convenient to rent a car?

It is not always essential to rent a car: in fact, if the chosen location has a widespread network of means of transport that allow you to easily reach any place, renting a car is certainly not recommended. As we all know, public transport is much more convenient and accessible to all types of pockets. It happens, however, that in particular places the possession of a car is not only particularly recommended, but even necessary!
Having a car at your disposal is the best choice if you intend to visit very large and extensive islands or territories. For example, visiting the United States aboard a car is an excellent ploy to reach the most remote areas of the South - West (Texas, Arizona etc) or the West Coast (from San Francisco to Saint Diego).

Pros and Cons

Obviously renting a car has advantages and disadvantages.
I advantages I'm:

  • Absolute freedom:
    Having the ability to plan times during a vacation is an unparalleled opportunity. You can indulge in off-itinerary walks or maybe a few more hours on the beach, without worrying about timetables and connections on public transport.
  • Relaxing and peaceful journeys:
    This is a point not to be underestimated.
    You can choose your music at the desired volume, without any external distraction of any kind. No telephone conversations between strangers, no crying or screaming from hungry and tired children.
  • Flexibility and convenience of the service:
    If you rely on the large car rental companies, you can benefit from excellent amenities. For example, you can pick up your car at one airport and leave it at another. Just inquire about the agreements between airports and major companies such as Hertz or Alamo

- disadvantages I'm:

  • Costs not always cheap:
    Renting a car has a considerable cost. However, to get around this disadvantage, you have to keep an eye on the offers of the various companies, or maybe book the car at the same time as buying the plane ticket.
  • The stress:
    "What if I ruined my car?", "What if my car was stolen?", In short, everyone thinks the worst.
    In addition, the stress of having to look for parking must also be considered.
  • To drive:
    Getting used to another type of driving can be tiring, especially in countries where you travel on the left lane.

Car Rental Guide: 8 Useful Tips

To help you we wanted to create a list of 10 tips based on the suggestions of the experts of, well-known online portal for the comparison of rental cars.

Here you go i advice:

  1. Be sure to reserve the car in advance, in order to avoid queues and waste of time.
  2. Have the international driving license if you are traveling outside of Europe.
  3. To avoid scams, as when choosing a hotel, it is advisable compare rates of different car rental companies so as not to miss the best deal.
  4. Also have insurance it is very important, as we know: "it is better to be safe than sorry".
  5. When traveling as a family, you should always make sure that the car rental company has arrangements seats for the little ones which are any extra fees to be paid.
  6. The same goes for the satellite navigator (GPS) or snow tires during the winter
  7. Always read the payment conditions as for the gasoline in the tank.
  8. Rent a car suitable for the type of trip you want to undertake. If you plan to travel long distances, it is advisable to choose a large car, comfortable and comfortable for all the inhabitants of the vehicle. And trust me, this really has a big effect on the travel experience.

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