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The fascination of gorges and canyons has affected millions of people over the centuries. Not only does America boast famous canyons: Europe also defends itself well, with canyons that exceed km in depth. An important first for us Italians: one of the deepest canyons in Europe is located in Sardinia. Ready for the trip? Let's go to the discovery of the largest and deepest canyons in Europe!

14 - Cava d'Ispica, 20 meters

Where it is: Sicily Italy

Cava Ispica is a very rich river valley in Sicily from an archaeological point of view: it preserves in fact important prehistoric necropolises, catacombs, monastic hermitages. The valley is called "quarry" as it is a long and winding canyon about 13 km long crossed by a stream.

13 - Vintgar, Bled, 30 meters

Where it is: Slovenia

Gorge 1,6 km long and carved into the Radovna River. Discovered in 1891, it winds through imposing walls e waterfalls, pools and rapids: the highest waterfall, called "Šum", reaches 13 meters in height.

12 - Partnach Gorge, 90 meters

Where it is: Germany

The fur is fantastic excursion suitable for the whole family to be carried out in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area, in Bavaria. There is an entrance fee of around € 3.

11 - Matka, 120 meters

Where it is: Fruit salad

Matka is an impressive canyon that covers approx 5.000 hectares: is one of the favorite destinations for day trips in Macedonia. It is a truly charming and relaxing place, and is packed with monasteries. Matka Lake is the oldest man-made lake in the nation.

10 - Valli Cupe di Sersale, 130 meters

Where it is: Calabria, Italy

Another all-Italian beauty: it is the Valli Cupe di Sersale, in the area of ​​Catanzaro, a enchanting and wild place. Impossible not to be fascinated by the canyon, the waterfalls, the streams and the crystal clear water. In particular, the canyons represent real naturalistic jewels.

9 - Orrido di Botri, 200 meters

Where it is: Tuscany, Italy

Let's stay in Italy again, this time moving to Tuscany, to be exact in the province of Lucca: the Orrido di Botri nature reserve consists of a suggestive gorge with limestone walls. The surrounding mountains reach 2.000 meters above sea level

8 - Saklikent, 300 meters

Where it is: Turkey

Huge throat from length of 20 km: the place is truly spectacular, with its high walls that close the stream bed. One caveat: be careful as the water is notoriously freezing ...

7 - Samariá Gorge, 500 meters

Where it is: Greece

The Samariá Gorges form a canyon about 16 km long. Everything is located within the Samariá National Park, and the entrance fee is € 5.

6 - Gola su Gorropu, 500 meters

Where it is: Sardinia, Italy

The Gola su Gorropu is a deep canyon of Sardinia, located in the area of Supramonte. The throat was formed due to theintense erosive action by the waters of the Rio Flumineddu. It is one of the most beautiful gorges in all of Europe.

5 - Gorges du Verdon, 700 meters

Where it is: France

Another famous European canyon, the Verdon gorges are truly spectacular: they have one chasm that reaches up to 700 meters deep. The length is 21 km, and they have nothing to envy to the Grand Canyon of Arizona, although that is even more famous.

4 - Paklenica, 700 meters

Where it is: Croatia

These gorges are located within the national park of the same name, and create a formidable detachment between the sea and more continental Croatia. Here different types of sports are practiced: dal more challenging trekking a simple walks and easy climbs.

3 - Vikos, 900 meters

Where it is: Greece

The Vikos Gorge is a real paradise for children rafting lovers: long 12 km and 900 meters deep, the gorge is spread over one very inaccessible and wild area, not accessible to everyone. Around 45 villages are connected to each other through beautiful stone bridges.

2 - Cares Gorge, 1.000 meters

Where it is: Spain

Also in Spain there is a very interesting gorge: it is the Cares gorge, ideal for those who love mountain walks. The gorge develops very deep, reaching 1.000 meters. There is a promenade, originally built for the works on a dam for hydroelectric purposes. A visit on weekdays is recommended, because on weekends the Cares Gorge is very busy and the risk is not to enjoy the beauty of the place.

1 - Tara, 1.300 meters

Where it is: Montenegro

And here we are at the top of our ranking. The primacy of the deepest canyon in Europe belongs to Tara, in Montenegro, which is also the longest canyon in the Balkan state and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the Rafting.

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