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Il Canadian health system is public and aims to offer the same service to the entire population. Financial support is managed by the federal government while the distribution of services is guaranteed by each province of the federation.

For the permanent residents, medical treatment deemed indispensable is completely free although most of the medicines required for the treatments are often paid.

Faced with this, a large part of the Canadian population has health insurance coverage stipulated through their employer or outside of it, in order to receive reimbursement of paid medicines or part of those costs.

To obtain the health card and therefore be considered suitable, once considered permanent residents, it is necessary to wait a period of about 3 months, during which it is necessary to take out private insurance.

The necessary documents are: Canadian immigration card, confirmation of permanent residence, entry document, permanent residence card.

In Canada, private clinics are allowed but they do not have to charge a fee higher than the price set by the federal system for that treatment, and the fees assigned to treatments deemed necessary are also declared illegal.

Currently, the Canadian political debate on health is trying to solve the problem of long waiting lists in public structures and the decrease in the quality of service, as opposed to the flourishing instead of private structures.

For example in Quebec, it is possible to choose whether to turn to a public facility or to a private clinic, in an attempt to stem the problem of high turnout towards free public assistance. According to political discussions, the problem with the Canadian system is not so much in its organization as in the amount of money allocated to it. However, supporters of federal assistance believe that expanding the private offer would further weaken public resources by increasing costs and decreasing the quality of services.

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