Can you pay for a trip in installments? Yes, here's how to do it

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Does the desire to travel torment you?!? Doesn't a night go by when you don't dream of being in a heavenly place?!? I know, I understand you. After all, those who do not think of giving up their monotonous life in exchange for a nice holiday. I confess: among these there are also me. If something prevents you from fulfilling your aspirations, remember that nothing is impossible. For example, you want a trip but you don't have the money to make it? ForTravelAdviceLovers offers an easy, convenient and quick solution to your little problem: a trip in installments.


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Can I pay for a trip in installments?

There are many different answers to the possibility of paying a trip in installments. For this reason we want to immediately dispel a false myth: yes, you can enjoy a wonderful trip by paying in convenient installments. Working hard and leading a hermit's life just to be able to afford a vacation is a mistake many people make. Extreme low-cost is fine, unbridled savings are excellent, but why limit yourself all year round for a few days of vacation ??? The advice is this: enjoy life and take the opportunity to enjoy a nice trip by paying for it in monthly installments.

Financing for travel and holidays

They exist today funding for anything you want to buy, from blender to car, from TV to vacation package. And we are interested in the latter. For some years now, many institutions have offered excellent financing among their services to leave alone, with friends or with family.

Among the many credit institutions available, we have Astrofinance, with which you can obtain a loan of 3000 euros, payable in 36 installments of about 93 euros per month, with Tan and Taeg fixed at 7,48 and 7,74. For more information .

Can airline tickets be paid in installments?

In the past some agencies have offered special promotions to encourage the purchase of airline tickets. These promotions included the payment in installments. In particular, in 2012, with Alitalia it was possible to reach New York, from Rome, with only 64 euros per month. Currently, a very popular method is to buy a ticket in a travel agency affiliated with a financial institution. But perhaps, the simplest solution that allows you to buy airline tickets in installments is found with Revolving card, that is a credit card that allows you to buy through your current account, regardless of the available funds, and subsequently pay your debt with monthly deductions. All airlines that accept this type of payment, therefore, in addition to offering a good service, respond positively to the question asked at the start. For more information .

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