Camping in Formentera: why is it forbidden?

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Why are there no campsites in Formentera?

Among the many solutions for stay in Formentera, there is no camping. It may seem strange but the words "camping" and "Formentera" never got along too well. And now we will try to explain why, starting with the memorable popular uprising of the 90s ...

In fact, one of the main reasons why there are no campsites in Formentera dates back to an episode from a few years ago, precisely in 1993: on the island there was one general strike of all the Formenterese population to demonstrate against the idea of ​​opening a campsite - precisely in the area of Ca Mari, on the southern beach. Many people protested against macro-urbanization, effectively obtaining the non-opening.

Since that event, things have not changed much: still today free camping is absolutely forbidden in Formentera. Also sleep in any type of vehicle - including parking with caravans or camper vans, as well as sleeping on the beach and in wooded areas - not allowed.

For that, if you are looking for economic solutions, we advise you to move towards other types of accommodation in Formentera, such as hostel or bungalow, as cheap as camping but legal!

  1. The reasons why camping in Formentera is forbidden
    1. Environmental Protection
    2. Demonstrations of 1993
    3. Zanzare
  2. Alternatives to camping in Formentera
    1. Camping in Ibiza
    2. Hostel and bungalow

The reasons why camping in Formentera is forbidden

Not only popular opposition, but also reasons related to the environment and health.

Environmental Protection

Formentera is a small and delicate island, eiMass tourism certainly does not benefit the environment and to the entire island ecosystem. If we imagined a campsite in Formentera by the sea, it would actually be an "eyesore" (just think that most of the sandy coast has dunes behind it, on which you don't have to walk to avoid compromising their growth).

Demonstrations of 1993

As we have seen, although many years have passed since the 1993 strike, it is evident that the population of the island prefers less tourism aggressive towards the territory. There are still some photos of the peaceful parade in which it took place against the campsite in Formentera. Until a few years ago, even at the port there was an inscription to remember this prohibition to those who got off the boat.


Doubtless the presence of the large salt flats (real very extensive ponds), would confirm the massive presence of these insects. However, several reclamations are carried out every summer and the situation is no longer so dramatic (in the past at sunset it was really amazing to see how many mosquitoes appeared all of a sudden).

Alternatives to camping in Formentera

Camping in Ibiza

If you really don't want to give up camping, for example if you are naturists, you can settle for a small compromise: camping in Ibiza and reach the island within a day.

There are ferries that connect Ibiza to Formentera every half hour, which in 40 minutes will take you to the port of La Savina and from there you can reach the beaches, where nudists are always welcome.

Among the campsites in Ibiza we recommend Il Vintage Camper and Camping Cala Nova, just 50 meters from the beach.

Hostel and bungalow

The hostals in Formentera also represent thecheaper alternative to sleep on the island without spending too much. Obviously, the real savings will be obtained by excluding the months of July and August, that is, out of the very high season. Also bungalows near the beach they can be a choice not to give up a "wild" accommodation, in contact with nature.

Among the cheapest hostals in Formentera, we recommend:

  • Hostal Pitiüses Islands
  • Hostal Casbah
  • Hostel Germany

Few daredevils risk entering Formentera in a camper and hiding in the dunes, especially in the Migjorn area, but we do not recommend it because the authorities could make you a hefty fine and drive you off the island.

Then a yes to hostals and bungalows if you are looking for an alternative to camping in Formentera. And even if you can't camp, Formentera is still unspoiled and wild in some areas, such as Migjorn and La Mola. You will be free to explore it by bike, on foot, by boat… and you will forgive it for the absence of campsites.

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