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In Golfo Paradiso, in the province of Genoa, there is Camogli, one of the most beautiful towns in Liguria.

Once a fishing village, today Camogli is a historic village nestled between green mountains and built directly facing the sea.

The original residential nucleus, called "del Castellaro", was enlarged over time thanks to the construction of houses built in piles, developed in height and leaning against each other, separated only by narrow alleys that lead to the sea and the marina. Since then, Camogli's appearance has remained unchanged.
Even today, in fact, the visitor's eye remains enchanted by characteristic sky-line of the Ligurian villages, made of pastel-colored houses, green shutters and trompe l'oeil decorations.

Also known as the "City of a thousand white sailing ships", it offers amazing views and enchanting views, here's what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening in Camogli.


  1. 10 things to see in Camogli in a weekend
  2. What to see in Camogli in one day: recommended itinerary
  3. Where to eat in Camogli: the best restaurants
  4. What to do in the evening: the nightlife areas and the best clubs in Camogli
  5. Plan your stay in Camogli: info and useful tips
  6. User questions and comments

10 things to see in Camogli in a weekend

1 - Historic center

The historic heart is the area that offers a real slice of real life.
The ancient historical core is characterized by narrow alleys flanked, on both sides, by the typical tall and narrow houses in pastel tones, to be admired with the nose upwards for the splendid trompe l'oeil decorations.

Here and there, small open spaces open up including, one of the oldest, the small square of the Dry Ladies.

Walking along with the inhabitants and browsing through typical artisan shops, you come across shady and steep stairways leading to the sea.

  • enter the village on foot, leave the beach and the port on the left and enter the narrow streets on the right - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Walking tour with traditional food tasting

2 - Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta

From the small port starts the marble staircase that leads to the churchyard of the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, built on the promontory called "Isola", once reached by crossing a wooden bridge.
The basilica is located in suggestive position: from the churchyard in front of the entrance you can admire the enchanting glimpse of the small port and the houses overlooking it.

Dating back to the th century, thebuilding, in Baroque style, is covered with precious gold stuccoes and polychrome marbles. On the vault, frescoes of the late nineteenth century by Nicolò Barabino and Francesco Semino.

  • from the small port, on the left, the marble staircase leads to the church square - Get directions
  • 8:00AM - 18:00PM
  • free

3 - Marina

Camogli boasts a centuries-old vocation in maritime history, which reached its peak in the second half of the nineteenth century with a fleet of over 700 vessels. This legacy has marked the appearance of the town and is still well perceptible today.

The historical past is in fact evoked by the delightful marina crowded with wooden goiters and pleasure boats, as well as from the imposing seventeenth-century quay of the port, from which the alleys and the characteristic cobbled streets branch off, which climb between the houses clinging to the hillside.

Around the small port there are small shops selling local products.

  • in Piazza Cristoforo Colombo, past the beach, you will find it on the left - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

4 - Castle of the Dragonara

Also called Dragonara, it is a 'impressive structure from the th century built to defend the town from the devastating Saracen and Turkish pirate raids.
Over the centuries it was used as a prison and then as a warehouse for provisions; in 1950 it was restored.

Inside there are relics, donated by the Camogliesi between 1700 and 1900: books, documents, nautical maps, ancient navigation instruments, wooden models of sailing ships, weapons, ship pictures and many ex-votos.

Tower it housed the Tyrrhenian Aquarium, today they are set up periodically temporary exhibitions.

  • exactly next to the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta - Get directions
  • open only on the occasion of temporary exhibitions
  • variable price based on the exhibition set up

5 - Pier

Beyond the small port you can take a nice walk that leads to the pier, up to a few tens of meters before the lighthouse.

It is the place ideal for admiring Camogli in all its colors: the colorful houses in the foreground and, in the distance, the Basilica of S. Maria Assunta and the Dragonara Castle.

Note the port "traffic" with the boats that come and go along with the ferries that dock to drop off tourists.

  • it can be reached on foot via Via al Molo, past the marina - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

6 - Belvedere "People of the sea"

On the way to Recco, this lookout is one tree-lined pitch that houses the Monument to the navigator, a tribute to all those who died at sea and whose bodies could not be recovered. The commemorative plaque reads as follows:
"Lord, bless those who lie at the bottom of the sea".

Panoramic point from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf of Paradise and the village.

  • on foot along Via Jacopo Ruffini from the town center and almost reaching the cemetery; by car along the road that leads to Recco, leaving the car in the Via Romana car park - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

7 - Promenade

Garibaldi Street is the straight waterfront known for the colorful houses stacked next to each other on the right and the beach collection on the left.

By making a few stops in one of the various terraces along the road, you can admire the surrounding hill and you can see the Basilica and the Dragonara dominating from above.

On the right, the lower part of the typical colored houses is occupied by fish restaurants, pasta factories, focaccerie and souvenir shops in a typical marine style.

  • Garibaldi Street; upon entering the village, follow the beach on the left - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

8 - Monastery of San Prospero

Hermitage surrounded by olive trees with a breathtaking view of the sea.
San Prospero, together with San Fortunato, is the patron saint of Camogli and in September an evocative procession is dedicated to him.
There is one in the monastery beautiful library where ancient books and parchments are kept.
Benedictine monks produce their famous and ancient ointment considered miraculous to heal wounds.

  • on foot, from the seafront you cross Corso G. Mazzini for 750 meters. Get directions
  • 7:30AM - 17:30PM
  • free

9 - Beach

E' collected and very well kept. One part is equipped and another part is free access. Consisting mainly of pebbles, the water is crystal clear; not surprisingly, every year, it is awarded with the Blue Flag.

  • as soon as you enter the village on foot it is on the left - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

10 - Via della Repubblica

If from the promenade popular with tourists you take one of the many crossroads to the right that climb uphill, you reach Via della Repubblica, a pedestrian street certainly more quiet and less crowded especially in the high season.
Here there is the opportunity to browse with tranquility among the numerous local craft shops, enjoy an aperitif in one of the many trendy cafes and enjoy a good fish dinner.
From alleys and stairways open priceless glimpses of the sea.

  • parallel to Via Garibaldi which can be reached by walking up the Salita Don Francesco Ansaldo - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

What to see in Camogli in one day: recommended itinerary

Breakfast at the Auriga Deneb Bar (€ 4,00), enjoy a quiet stroll along the seafront and then go down to the beach. Dedicate the morning to the typical bathing activity when the beach is less crowded.
For lunch, stop at the bakery of Giuffra Michele e C. to buy something typical (on average € 4,50). Have your box lunch on a bench along the marina while admiring the wooden boats and the ferries that come and go.

After lunch stroll around the marina browsing among the artisan shops and go to the pier.
Retrace your steps and take the climb that leads to the Basilica of SM Assunta and the Dragonara. Visit the church and the castle (if open for some exhibition).
Once back down to the port area, take Corso G. Mazzini and Via Romana and reach (600 meters, 10 minutes) the San Prospero Monastery. Continue on Via Romana for another 700 meters and enjoy the view of the Belvedere People of the Sea.

Return to the village and lose yourself among the alleys, admire the facades of the colorful houses, browse the little shops and, if you feel like it, enjoy an aperitif.
Romantic dinner in the small and refined Ostaia da ö Sigù (€ 50,00).

One day itinerary at a glance

  1. Breakfast at Bar Auriga Deneb
  2. Lungomare
  3. Beach
  4. Lunch at the bakery of Giuffra Michele and C.
  5. Marina and Pier
  6. Basilica SM Assunta (8: 00-18: 00, free)
  7. Castello della Dragonara (open only on the occasion of temporary exhibitions, prices vary according to the exhibition set up)
  8. Monastery of San Prospero (7: 30-17: 30, free)
  9. Belvedere People of the Sea
  10. Historic Centre
  11. Dinner at Ostaia da ö Sigù

Where to eat in Camogli: the best restaurants

  1. The Camogliese: historical restaurant that since 1912 offers typical Ligurian dishes in the scenic veranda suspended over the sea.
    Average price per person: € 35,00
    Address and contacts: via Garibaldi, 76 (Get directions) / tel: 0185.776027
  2. Crazy fish fishermen cooperative: set up on the fishing boat at the marina. Mixed fried cone 0 km (also gluten-free)
    Average price per person: € 8,00
    Address and contacts: via Scalo, 4 (Get directions)
  3. Ostaia da ö Sigù: Small restaurant (20 seats) and very well kept
    Average price per person: € 50,00
    Address and contacts: via Garibaldi, 82 (Get directions) / tel: 0185 770689

What to do in the evening: the nightlife areas and the best clubs in Camogli

In Camogli there aren't many discos, but just move to nearby Santa Margherita Ligure (10 minutes by car).
For the aperitif and after dinner, however, there are many quality cafes especially around the marina.

The best pubs, clubs and discos

  • The Stagger: restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, perfect for an aperitif with excellent cocktails, craft beers and appetizing tastings at an honest price
    Address: via Garibaldi (Get directions)
  • Dragun Pub: alternative and informal pub. Good draft beers to combine with delicious saucers or cutting boards. Live music evenings.
    Address: via della Repubblica. 73 (Get Directions)
  • Muagetti bar: bar in an enchanting position: high up, in the green and along a promenade leaning against the rock with a view of the sea. Perfect for an aperitif at sunset
    Address: via mortola, 2 (Get directions)

Plan your stay in Camogli: info and useful tips

  • by car take the A12 Autostrada dei Fiori and exit at Recco; continue with the coastal state road. To enjoy magnificent views, exit at Rapallo and take the SP1 road.
    By train: 2 hours and 10 from Milan
  • Getting around: the village is very small and almost entirely pedestrian; the best way to explore it is on foot
  • Where to park: the ideal is to leave the car at the station; the alternative is to leave the car in a paid parking lot under a shopping center that you meet coming from Recco, about 4 km away. From there, shuttle service to the center.
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 103,00 per room -
  • What to see in the surroundings: bay of S. Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, Ruta, San Rocco, S. Nicolò, Punta Chiappa, Portofino

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