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If you pass by the parts of Miami between February and March, stretch out in the neighborhood of Little Havana (the Cuban heart of the city) and, in particular a Eighth Street, where you will find a rich range of original and unique events waiting for you: a series of initiatives follow one another, in the wake of the Latin tradition, and culminate in what is considered the largest city event of the year, the Eighth Street Festival.

For over 35 years, the Calle Ocho Festival, a Latin festival that takes place mainly on the street, has attracted nearly a million participants: this year, is held on 8 and 9 March.

The Calle Ocho Festival is the rear (in chronological order) of numerous events, including the Domino Tournament (this year on March 5th), at Domino Park: it is a prize-winning domino tournament that does not fail to attract a crowd of participants.

Equally numerous are the golfers who meet at the Miami Country Club for an exciting game, this year the event is held on day 6.

In terms of numbers and intensity, the Calle Ocho Festival stands out on the related events of this period: to get an idea, let's consider that the city blocks 24 blocks from vehicular traffic that are animated by concerts, dances, street performers and all forms of entertainment that can cheer not only the evenings, but also the days of the Festival, considered the most colorful and noisy in Miami throughout the year.

Calle Ocho becomes the unmissable destination for lovers of Latin music: in the streets closed to traffic, over 30 stages are set up and for most of the day you can dance and dance, on the most varied rhythms ranging from bachata to pop music.

Between a paso doble and a merengue, you need a refreshing break and certainly there is no lack of choice among the numerous tasting stands where you can appreciate flavors and tastes coming mainly from the best culinary traditions of Latin America.

The festival is also children-friendly: in fact, for the little ones there are various opportunities for fun and entertainment tailored to their age to make the hours spent at the Festival as pleasant as possible.

The Festival attracts an impressive number of people and, therefore, it is no coincidence that it has been the location for numerous records entered in the Guinness Book of Records: in 1988, here the Guinness book of conga dance records, with almost 120.000 people engaged in the longest "train" in the world. Other records were recorded in 1990 with a pentolaccia weighing over 4.000 kg and in 2000 it was the turn of the longest cigar in the world.

The event is considered one of the warmest and most attended in the nation: a river of people take part in it and the quality of the events proposed is really high. In short, there is no shortage of reasons to leave for Miami!

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