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    California beaches: the most beautiful to see and visit

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    Le California beaches they enjoy a certain notoriety, yet, often, those who visit the coast of the Golden State in search of a Caribbean sea are often disappointed in front of the Pacific Ocean, considered by many to be a sea more for surfers than for swimmers.

    Yet, among the immense ones Californian sandy stretches, if we know how to search, we can find authentic pearls, wonderful desolate and uncontaminated coasts, where it is not uncommon to find crystal clear water and wild nature.


    • Jolla Cove: in search of Garibaldi fish
    • Coronado Beach: la top ten 2012
    • Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur's purple beach
    • Crystal Cove State Park: an underwater wildlife park
    • Channel Islands: a lonely paradise
    • Laguna Beach, pearl of Orange County

    Jolla Cove: in search of Garibaldi fish

    The Californian beach of La Jolla Cove, San Diego

    Inserted in the upscale beach community of La Jolla, the renowned Jolla Cove it is a small inlet protected as a marine reserve with beautiful transparent waters and sea caves, which make it very interesting for those who love snorkelling.

    As you dive, try to catch the orange glow of the Garibaldi fish, California's official marine symbol. If you want to visit Jolla Cove, leave early as the few available parking spaces fill up very quickly. Here is our article on what to see in La Jolla.

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    Coronado Beach: la top ten 2012

    Coronado Beach with the impressive Del Coronado hotel in the background

    We are in San Diego County and we are talking about one of the most popular beaches in California, winner of the Top Ten 2012 drawn up by Doctor Beach, a true authority on the subject; we are in fact talking about an expert who, in order to formulate his highly esteemed judgments, measures parameters such as cleanliness of the sand, water and accessibility of the place.

    The beach is about 1,5 miles long and is frequented by both families and surfers, making it a decidedly peculiar destination are an almost subtropical vegetation, a temperate climate and the historic Hotel del Coronado, a bizarre and wonderful structure at the same time, with its pointed Victorian towers. It was built 120 years ago and still retains all its charm, not at all out of tune in the natural context that surrounds it. Spending a night here, facing the ocean, doesn't have to be bad at all!

    Even on this beach, the parking lots fill up quickly, which is why many prefer to reach it by public transport from San Diego downtown.

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    Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur's purple beach

    Pfeiffer Beach nel Big Sur

    Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur is a beautiful unspoiled beach that is popular with locals and little known to tourists. In addition to the splendid views of rocky conformations and stacks, the particularity of the beach is its own unusual sand violet color, coming from manganese particles that slide down the hill. The further north you go, the more the purple color will be accentuated.

    The spectacular natural landscape will allow you to take magnificent photos, especially at sunset, when the alignment of the sun with the Keyhole Arch gives a unique visual effect. Admission is subject to a fee, read our guide on Pfeiffer Beach to better organize your visit.

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    Crystal Cove State Park: an underwater wildlife park

    Crystal Cove State Park Beach

    A secluded beach that stretches for over 5 km, with a real “underwater natural park” teeming with coral reefs, natural pools and fascinating inlets. Behind this beautiful California beach are more than 2000 acres of wooded land to explore.

    Connoisseurs of the area suggest visiting the coast when the tide is lower, to enjoy a clearer and clearer view of aquatic life.

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    Channel Islands: a lonely paradise

    San Miguel beach

    These islands are part of the Channel Islands National Park, which is located near coastal towns such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. In these beaches you can breathe the air of uncontaminated nature, with wonderful rocky conformations and crystal clear waters.

    Of the entire complex of 8 islands only 5 are part of the national park: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Anacapa, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. Small and charming beaches are scattered all over the islands, particularly striking is Cuyler Harbor Beach on the island of San Miguel. The only way to get to this natural paradise is by boat and there are no hotels.

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    Laguna Beach, pearl of Orange County


    Laguna is one of the trendiest cities in Orange County, as well as one of the most interesting from a cultural point of view, but its beautiful beach is perhaps the main attraction. The water is generally clean and the environment very calm, although the Pacific occasionally tends to be cold and with strong currents. The sand, on the other hand, is always clean, white and warm, ideal for walking, playing or relaxing on a towel and sunbathing. If I have intrigued you, read our guide on Laguna Beach.

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    But where exactly are all these wonderful beaches located? Do you want to create a tailor-made itinerary by visiting them all one after the other? Take a look at the map below for orientation.

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