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  • The history of Calgary: what to see
  • Major events in Calgary

The soaring skyscrapers and the industrious business buildings, the streets teeming with hurried men in suits and the typical noises of a big city of the third millennium, in no way betray the past as a modest cattle breeding center. Calgary. But the current city does not deny its origins: with the greatest joy and the most unbridled chaos, the days of Calgary stampede they will be perfect for discovering the more goliardic side of this extraordinary metropolis, rich, modern and full of opportunities for fun.

The history of Calgary: what to see

To get an idea of ​​what Calgary's true roots are and appreciate the extraordinary development that has made it an excellent commercial city today, there is no better place thanFort Calgary Historic Park, a faithful and realistic reconstruction of what was the city a hundred years ago.

Fort Calgary Historic Park

To see there are a village with a church, a school and a fort and you will breathe the air of the typical West, including steam train fumes! It will be no less interesting Fort Calgary Historic Park where you can appreciate the vestiges of the original fort and see the places where Calgary was built.

From the past - albeit recent - to today the step has been short and to discover the adventurous story that from the cowboys passed from oil to the present day Glenbow Museum it will be better than the finest history book.

Of course, you can't say you've been to Calgary without seeing its symbol, the Calgary Tower. Built in 1968, at the time it was extraordinary with its 191 meters high. Today, the numerous skyscrapers have snatched the record from it and so it no longer stands out over the other buildings, but this does not mean that the view it offers will be less impressive.

Last but not least, the list of unmissable monuments ends on Calgary Chinese Cultural Center: a highly realistic and suggestive reproduction of the Beijing Temple of Heaven. Made by masterful Chinese artisans in 1993, it will enchant you with its dome, as well as for the wall paintings of admirable beauty that will make an excellent souvenir to take home with pleasure.

After duty - if we can define a tour among many wonders in this way - pleasure: if you are looking for a moment of peace and relaxation surrounded by greenery, in the middle of Bow River there is the Prince's Island Park which will prove to be the ideal place to stretch out on a lawn for a few half hours; alternatively, it will not be equally characteristic, but restorative - for sure - there is the Fish Creek Provincial Park.

After being immersed in the green, it will be hard to throw yourself back into metropolitan chaos: I therefore recommend a visit to the zoo which will be perfect for appreciating the fauna from all over the world (over 900 species), immersed in realistic reconstructions of western landscapes. If you are particularly interested in the world of birds, theInglewood Bird Sanctuary it is the ideal place to do bird watching and learn more about it at the educational center.

Se you have children with you, do not worry: in addition to the zoo, there is the Telus World of Science, a science museum tailor-made for children with numerous workshops and activities; while, nearby you can count on the largest amusement park in western Canada (Calaway Park).

Major events in Calgary

Calgary's focus on children peaked over the course of Calgary International Children’s Festival, at the end of May.

This event is only the first of a long series that animates Calgary: in June the Caribbean festival, Carifest, is held and at the end of July the Calgary Folk Music Festival on Prince's Island, dedicated - in fact - to folk music.

One of the events during the Calgary Stampede

In between, there is the very famous Calgary stampede. In mid-July, Calgary transforms and pays homage to its origins with what is called the greatest outdoor show. For over a hundred years, lasso rides, rodeos, wild horses and wagon races have ignited the hearts of an ever-increasing number of people (today, they are estimated at one million) who proudly wear Stetson hats, jeans and ties. leather. Country music, meat menus and lots of fun make Calgary a real capital of the West for a few days.

The modern and rich Calgary awaits you to offer you a stay of culture and history of a past of which it is proud and which - in the days of the Calgary Stampede - cannot fail to make you appreciate this city even more.

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