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Cala Goloritzè is a small dream corner composed of white pebbles, a limpid sea proof of the most daring swimmers (the waters of the cove are colder than normal due to the numerous currents of frozen water coming from a nearby river) and, above all, from a characteristic spire 150 meters high, which makes it the ideal destination for lovers of trekking and climbing.

A real unspoiled corner, a small Mediterranean jungle that has been awarded, by right, the prestigious title of Italian National Monument in 1995.


  1. How to reach us
  2. Useful info: costs, timetables and advice
  3. Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments
  4. Where to sleep nearby: hotels, resorts and b & bs
  5. What to do and see in the surrounding area
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How to reach us

Located in the municipality of Baunei, near the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Goloritzè can be reached via two routes: the first, to be carried out strictly on foot (after leaving your vehicle at the Su Porteddu car park), is recommended for trekking lovers or for those who have the patience and strength to be able to long walk, "armed" with umbrellas, some beach accessories and lots and lots of water to drink.

How to get there by land

To reach Cala Goloritzè there are two routes available, the first (classic path) simpler and more intuitive, the second, the trail of the blue wild, is a complex route of 50 km along the Baunei coast that offers unique views and ancient mule tracks of the charcoal burners.

The classic trail, with a length of 3,5 km that can be covered in about 1 hour and 30 minutes (for the descent) and a difference in height of about 500 meters, is the most used route to reach the cove. The path starts from the Su Porteddu car park (Get directions), from which a slight climb begins immediately followed by a steep descent that runs along the Mediterranean scrub that characterizes the entire route.

How to arrive by sea

It is possible to arrive by sea from the ports of Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese, La Caletta or Arbatax. The nearest port is Santa Maria Navarrese (Get directions) which allows you to reach Cala Goloritzè in less than 25/30 minutes. Several depart from here daily itineraries with prices starting from € 59,00 per person and mini cruises with prices starting from € 40,00 to € 45,00 per person (prices vary according to the company and the period chosen). We recommend the tour directly from Arbatax which can be purchased conveniently online.

It is also possible rent dinghies from € 100,00 per day o personalized excursions starting from € 35,00 per person. For those who choose the latter solution it is recommended to observe the specific limitations. Upon passing the buoys of limitation placed about 300 meters from the shorelinein fact, it is allowed to approach Cala Goloritzè only and exclusively by boats without engines.

Useful info: costs, timetables and advice

  • from 6:00 to 18:30. The beach is limited, so it is advisable to arrive early in the morning, or to purchase a tour by sea
  • Cost of entry: € 6,00 full, € 1,00 reduced (children up to 10 years)
  • Clothing and equipment: in addition to the necessary for a nice swim (swimsuit and towel), bring comfortable closed shoes or trekking shoes, as the path is long with about 500 m of altitude difference. Don't forget the sunscreen but above all the water and food for a small snack as there are no bars on the beach.
  • Children and the elderly: the path to reach the beach is quite difficult for both very small children and the elderly, the path as well as being long (about 1 hour and 30 minutes) is also characterized by a significant difference in height that complicates the path.
  • Parking: as far as cars are concerned, it is possible to take advantage of the free parking in Su Porteddu.

Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments

In order to safeguard the landscape, flora and fauna of the place, the entrances to the beach have been regulated by the municipal administration in recent years.

In order to access you must pay a small fee.
Once you have paid the entrance, the beach is pristine and devoid of beaches and bathing establishments.

It should also be noted that bathers are prohibited from taking away the characteristic "pebbles", a choice dictated by need to keep this little corner of paradise intact.

Where to sleep nearby: hotels, resorts and b & bs

To have the opportunity to reach Cala Goloritzè in the shortest possible time, it is advisable stay in the municipality of Baunei, or nearby. The housing solutions proposed are numerous, and some of them offer complete packages to the visitor, also consisting of excursions, guided tours and moments of pleasant relaxation.

What to do and see in the surrounding area

Cala Goloritzè is considered the trekking paradise and Climbing. The Goloritzè Cooperative, founded in 1991, offers a range of infinite possibilities to lovers of walks in the heart of nature and of all those activities to be conducted in contact with the "bare" earth. Hiking, climbing, even off-road trips they are periodically organized and coordinated by the volunteers of the coop, to give the tourist an experience that he will hardly forget. For more information, you can consult the official website.

For lovers of boat trips, you can also benefit from minicruises which include stops of variable duration in the extraordinary cove. The most recommended solution as it is practical and fast is undoubtedly the tour from Arbatax, which can be purchased online.

Those who have time and money can buy the SEA pass, a kind of subscription for boat trips and excursions in the Gulf, which in addition to Cala Goloritzè allows you to visit places such as cala mariolu and the Grotta del Bue Marino. For more info visit this site.

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