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When we announced to friends and family that we were going to discover Bulgaria, almost everyone was stunned by our choice. "There is nothing to see, choose other destinations", cos? they told us. Do you think we listened to him? Certainly not; and we did well! In this article I will expose? 5 reasons to visit a city? enchanting of this country: Sofia, the capital.

1 day

We arrived around am! As soon as we left the hotel we took a taxi to the Renaissance hotel, known by all taxi drivers as: "Hotel Pink", why? all colored in pink. Important advice: to save on taxi costs, which are often high, book it via the internet, saving more? of the half ?! Try to take a daytime flight and not an evening flight. You will have even more? savings. The hotel staff speaks good English and the rooms were well cleaned, obviously old style, traveling low cost, but very comfortable and above all the location was central and not isolated, so I recommend staying here even if you are traveling alone or on your own. or just women.
The following morning we set out with the map of the city? towards the main monuments such as the capital of Aleksandr Nevskij and the church of San Nicola, much more? small compared to the first, but decidedly pretty and full of mystery; they say you make wishes come true :)
Visiting churches? free, but if you want to take pictures you have to pay around 25 lev, which is about in euros: 12 euros.

2 day

The next day we went to inspect the museums! Very beautiful is that of minerals and fossils, located on the road to get to the two main churches, mentioned above. The historical one is also very beautiful, where we saw the various thrones of past kings and the typical clothes that were used in antiquity. Sofia? fascinating why? it can be elegant, at the same time vintage and in part also historical. You can have a combination of all these qualities.
Walking through the center you will have on one side of the square, historical sites to observe and on the other buildings of the highest level and refinement. Walking in the streets more? dated you will find historical pieces of the Bulgarian capital that I found interesting to photograph; such as the wall of the chupa chups that made me suddenly go back to being a child.
Where to eat at low cost: we will always recommend the Happy restaurant, opposite the third largest church. beautiful city: Saint Nedelja. I have to say I was scared about the subject of "food" before I left, but once I tried these delicious dishes at a low cost, I calmed down and ate there all the time. Staff very friendly and fluent in English! I advise you to book why? ? always full! The men? contains everything: main courses of meat, fish, various snacks and sandwiches. If you want to spend even less, you will find several fast food restaurants in the center, including Mc Donald's.
The center ? divided into zones: the shopping area consisting of this wide and pedestrian only avenue (such as the Rambla, in Barcelona) and the area with all the prominent monuments, mentioned above. In the shopping area, you will find the Bulgaria roses shop. Delicious and typical. I don't know if you knew that Bulgaria takes great care of this flower which is used for various purposes.
What to say? A city? that left me fascinated!

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