Bugarach, where to save yourself from the end of the world

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To save you from end of the world, which according to the profezia Maya the December 21 2012, there is one place that will be spared: the village of Bugarach, on Pyrenees area of France, in the department of Languedoc-Roussillon, about sixty kilometers from Perpignan, on the French coast, and from Carcassonne, A Unesco World Heritage Site.

The village has approx 200 anime, but by that date the number of people who will come here cannot even be counted.

Sure, fans of esotericism they know it well, as they say it is an area that releases a particular energy. It was already known for the legends, handed down by word of mouth, according to which the Holy Grail.

Among the characters who have stayed in Bugarach there are Victor Hugo, Claude Debussy, Jules Verne e Steven Spielberg, perhaps to find inspiration or looking for a new experience. Maybe…

The area is also known by fans of trekking and eco-tourism that reach the Canigou peak, the  2.784 meters above sea level, from which, on clear days, you can even see Barcelona. The path is indicated in the topographical guides of the paths of the Grande randonnée, pedestrian itineraries of hundreds of kilometers.

The village has already been invaded by Street vendors of amulets and esoteric symbols that disturb the quiet and house prices have skyrocketed as many are trying to move there.

But there is another place that, according to some, should be saved from the apocalypse and is located in Italy. It is about Angrogna, a village about 60 km from Torino. It is a tourist destination due to its natural beauty, including the cave Gheisa de la Tana, also mentioned by Edmondo de Amicis in the book Alle porte d'Italia. In the Middle Ages, some considered communities settled here heretics. Even today it is a bi-religious municipality, in addition to the Catholics there are the Waldensians. Have you already packed your bags?

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