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    Budapest 2016: The magic of Christmas

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    Martí Micolau

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    I state that 3 days are the minimum time to enjoy a city? like Budapest, why? yes, there are many things to do but the main attractions are concentrated in a few areas all easily accessible, so if you have only one long weekend take and leave without thinking too much, after all Hungary? so close and low cost that I will not miss? opportunity to go back

    1 day

    Budapest? a city? cheap and easily accessible by various low cost airlines. We landed around 14.00 pm in Budapest and after a journey of about 45 minutes we arrived at the apartment about 200 meters from the Oktong metro station (M1) where we settled down and started looking at the map of the city. (consider that our stop was the beginning of the main Hungarian shopping street Andr? ssy? t therefore, well connected with all public transport) we immediately headed to the Basilica of Santo Stefano where they had set up a Christmas market. This ? the first image I have in memory of Budapest, the strong smell of mulled wine? and caramelized sugar. A city? full of joy where you can breathe the real Christmas atmosphere! Shortly after we headed towards the other main Piazza Vorosmarty, another 100 chalets set up with all the specialties? gastronomic and artisanal Hungarians, here we tasted the L? ngos:? a fried pasta that stuffs sweet or savory ... truly exceptional!

    If you don't like markets or choose a different period to visit the city? can you consider visiting the city? from another perspective ... or from the boat !!
    There are several mini cruises that depart from the Parliament lasting about an hour that with only 10 euros will show you the main monuments explained with the audio guide in Italian.
    In some ? also planned dinner with musical entertainment as you can imagine they are not exactly cheap, but in my opinion? one of those things that should be done ... we had it planned but the weather and the cold didn't help us.

    From here, we headed to the Chain Bridge, we crossed it and we found ourselves in Buda to take dozens of photos of the illuminated Parliament admiring it only from the outside with its 40 kilos of gold.

    2 day

    We decided to head to the Buda Castle. You can either use the funicular that takes you directly to the castle from the Chain Bridge or, like us, take bus 16 that goes around the entire Castle and Fishermen's Bastion and there a few meters c ?? also the church of San Mattia.
    Around lunchtime we took tram 2 to head to Margaret Island
    (it is reported in all the guides but no one tells you that in the middle of December there is absolutely nothing to see here and above all there is very cold; I tell you, forget it).

    Basically? the city park, a green lung of about 2.5km in length.
    After an initial tour we gave up and headed (always with the same bus and metro) to the Central Market Hall (the Central Market) where we had lunch very quickly with street food, this? an obligatory stop consider that the 1? plan ? dedicated entirely to souvenirs of all kinds, to lose your head. I recommend buying them here the gifts to take to friends and relatives.
    17.00 pm in the direction of Terme Szechenyi, you cannot come to Budapest and not visit the thermal baths!

    Are there swimming pools that even score 40 degrees like the outdoor one when it's -5 outside? ? an experience to do at least once!

    I recommend these or the Gellert, but in reality? are there several throughout the city? I was very fearful about the cleanliness of these spas by reading various comments on some sites but I must say that at least in this period even though there are many people I did not find them dirty so for me they are promoted.

    3 day

    We headed to the Great Synagogue, in Budapest c ?? an entire Jewish quarter in the IIV District, and for history lovers you will also find the House of Terror, a museum where documents and testimonies of Nazi survivors are collected, retracing the war years.
    Don't miss the shoes on the banks of the Danube by a Can Togay - the work depicts shoes placed on the Danube bank on the Pest side and recalls a massacre of Jewish citizens carried out by militiamen of the Arrow Cross Party during the Second World War.
    Around 18.00 our last stop: Piazzale degli Eroi and near them c '? the Vajdahunyad Castle, located right at the metro stop you can also admire the most? great ice rink in Europe !!

    Many had told me it was a beautiful city? but I didn't think so fascinating, especially in this period of the year, sure? needless to deny that it was bitterly cold so, last advice? to cover you very well with thermal clothing!

    I just have to wish you a good trip!

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