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    Broadway Shows: The Best New York Musicals Upcoming!

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    Among the many attractions of New York, the Broadway shows are known all over the world for the exciting stories they tell, for the incredible impact of the sets and choreographies, the engaging musical arrangements, the splendid costumes and for a whole series of reasons that are understood only by going to see one with your own eyes. Basically, who says musicals says Broadway, and visit New York without attending one of the shows in the Times Square area risks being a missed opportunity ... or a reason to return!


    • Broadway shows: the most famous
      • The Lion King on Broadway
      • Aladdin on Broadway
      • The phantom of the opera
      • Chicago on Broadway
      • Frozen: the Broadway Musical
      • Cats On Broadway
      • Wicked at Broadway
      • More Broadway Shows ...
    • Broadway Theaters Map

    Broadway shows: the most famous

    In this article we have decided to briefly outline which ones we think are the best Broadway shows in programming: there are some relatively recent ones, and there are others that have made the history of the musical in New York and beyond (think of the Phantom of the Opera!). Take a look at our summary sheets to understand what to expect and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience in the Broadway theaters in Times Square, the most eccentric and bright of the New York neighborhoods! Let's start with a best-seller capable of making continuous sold-out at the Minskoff Theatre...

    The Lion King on Broadway

    Perhaps the most coveted Broadway show. The history of the Lion King needs no introduction: raise your hand if you have not seen even once the beautiful animated feature film by Disney dated 1994 (how time passes!). TO Broadway, you can attend a show that is a pleasure for the eyes and ears: the suggestive staging of the story of the little lion Simba, the dramatic succession war with the evil uncle Scar, but also the story of friendship to the cry of "Hakuna Matata!" with Timon and Pumbaa, unlikely duo formed by a warthog and a meerkat, companions in the adventure to discover the "Circle of Life".

    The millions of people who saw this award-winning show were struck by the impressive verisimilitude of the morals and scenography, from the explosive talent of actors, but above all of the exceptional ones incidental music, among which it also stands out “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, song that tells the love story between Simba and Nala. Suitable for children!

    For more information about the show you can read our card entirely dedicated to musical The Lion King.

    • Where to see it: Minskoff Theatre (200 W 45th St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.30 minutes
    • Broadway debut date: 13 November 1997


    Info and tickets on The Lion King

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    Aladdin on Broadway

    Disney has conquered Broadway not only with the Lion King, but recently also with another animation masterpiece that made adults and children dream: Aladdin! If you decide to participate in this magnificent musical, Broadway for one evening will turn into the Arab city of Agrabah, and you can follow the pyrotechnic adventures on the flying carpet of Aladdin and the beloved princess Jasmine, the Genie in a Bottle (beautifully played!), all grappling with the wicked Jafar (the musical was nominated for various Tony Awards over the years).

    The persuasive Arabesque atmosphere from Mille e una Notte has been effectively recreated thanks to the costumes and portentous scenographies, but cartoon lovers will be delighted in recognizing (and humming) exceptional songs such as Arabian Nights, Prince Ali e Friends Like Me, masterfully performed by choir and orchestra, and proposed together with other pieces composed especially for the Broadway show. A classic for the whole family, masterpiece of fairytale magic, irony e feeling.

    For more information dedicated to the show you can consult our in-depth analysis dedicated to musical Aladdin.

    • Where to see it: New Amsterdam Theatre (214 W 42nd St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.30 approximately minutes
    • Broadway debut date: 20 March 2014


    Info and tickets for Aladdin at Broadway

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    The phantom of the opera

    When you think of New York musicals, it immediately comes to mind The Phantom of the Opera, maybe it show par excellence of Broadway. Everyone knows: The Phantom of the Opera is the musical that has been staged several times in Broadway history, and to find tickets you have to move in advance because the audience is always packed with spectators. The staging of the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber has been in rerun continuously since 1988 and the sold out is now a constant that is unlikely to change, because this musical in New York is a real institution. The story of the Phantom of the Opera is taken from the novel by Gaston Leroux and tells the suggestive story of a ghost who lives behind the scenes and in the basement of the Paris Opera and falls in love with the young soprano Christine, dragging her into a fantastic and dark world.

    The theater experience is unforgettable, not only for the spectacular nature of the stage effects (the famous “Chandelier Crash”): this musical has its greatest strength in the music, being one of the most inspired creations of twentieth century American musical theater. In addition to the hugely popular title song, you will be captivated by a series of musical arias worthy of the best opera performances, including Think of Me, All I Ask of You and ensembles like The Point of No Return. Absolutely noteworthy is the care with which the period costumes have been reconstructed! Ultimately, a classic not to be missed.

    For more information about the show you can read our page entirely dedicated to the musical The phantom of the opera.

    • Where to see it: Majestic Theater (245 W 44th St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.30 approximately minutes
    • Broadway debut date: 26 January 1988

    Info and tickets for The Phantom of the Opera

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    Tickets to Broadway musicals sell out and are quite expensive, but there are a few ways to save a little. Here's how to get discounted Broadway tickets

    Chicago on Broadway

    Chicago on Broadway is no less well known than the three just mentioned: data in hand, is the American musical which has received multiple performances on Broadway and in various prestigious European theaters, including London. What is Chicago about? What to expect from the Bob Fosse then became a film in 2002? A sensual story that deals with murder, violence, envy, greed and hunger for success: Roxie Hart Velma Kelly they are two dancers who are in prison after having committed a murder. From behind the bars of the prison, the two dancers begin a ruthless struggle to achieve stardom all over Chicago: they use every device to prevail over each other, in a battle of unfairness and falsehood with no holds barred, with the collaboration of charming lawyer Billy Flynn. How will it end?

    Chicago at Broadway is an intriguing show starting from the music: songs like All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango e All I Care About they have a high rate of sensuality, which definitively explodes in the sinuous and unscrupulous choreography of the dance troupe. Here the scenography is less important than others Broadway shows, but on the other hand the exceptional skill of the actors-dancers and the dense plot of twists are just as engaging. One bold show - not really suitable for families - which will delight those who love the classic musical in New York in jazz style.

    For more information about the show you can read our card entirely dedicated to musical Chicago.

    • Where to see it: Ambassador Theatre (219 W 49th St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.30 approximately minutes
    • Broadway debut date: June 3, 1975

    Info and tickets for Chicago on Broadway

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    Frozen: the Broadway Musical

    Please note:: the show no longer goes on stage since May 2020

    The success of the 2013 animated film prompted Disney to make a musical version of it for Broadway as well. Many music returns from the film but new ones have also been composed for the occasion, while the plot is substantially adherent to the original version. For the few who do not know the story it will be enough to know that the story is centered on the relationship between 2 sister princesses, Elsa and Anna.

    The first has magical powers that allow it to turn everything it touches into ice; she unfortunately she cannot control them and this causes the whole kingdom to transform into a realm of ice destined to remain in a perennial winter. Together with the snowman Olaf, his friend Kristoff and the reindeer Sven, Anna sets out in search of her sister, who fled into exile after the freezing of the kingdom.

    More than surprising special effects, this musical focuses on the beauty of the music of the costumes and sets, as well as on his own moving story. During its Broadway debut year (2018) the musical received notable awards including the Tony Award for Best Musical, Best Libretto and Best Original Score and Drama Desk Award for Best Actor and Puppet Design on stage.

    For more information about the show you can read our card entirely dedicated to musical Frozen.

    • Where to see it: St. James Theatre (246 W 44th St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.20 minutes
    • Broadway debut date: 22 February 2018

    Info and tickets for Chicago on Broadway

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    Cats On Broadway

    Please note:: the show no longer goes on stage 

    Cats is another incredibly successful Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the story told in a book by the American poet Thomas Stearns Eliot, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. It is a completely musical fuck, full of characteristic and unforgettable characters: needless to say, they are all cats and one more eccentric than the other ... you will have the opportunity to know them all, because they will present themselves one by one singing and dancing during their traditional annual dance party, while their delicate and poetic surreal story is outlined.

    The song that made Cats known around the world is Memory, sung by Grizabella, a melancholy cat who tries to persuade the cats of the Jellicle neighborhood to allow her back into their group after she has gone away. I have bewitched the an ironic and dreamy look of the songs and the impressive care of the costumes and choreographies, which manage to recreate a nocturnal world where cats stage their tragicomic events, with an ending that opens the heart. After all, the fact that the plot of the musical is taken from a book of poetry is incredible for me quality assurance! The show is suitable for everyone, young and old, and especially for lovers of cats and poetry.

    For more information about the show you can read our card entirely dedicated to musical Cats.

    • Where to see it: Neil Simon Theatre (250 W 52nd St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.20 approximately minutes
    • Broadway debut date: 7 October 1982

    Info and tickets for Cats

    Wicked at Broadway

    Finally, we conclude our roundup of Broadway shows with Wicked, one of the newest musicals on the New York theater scene, but already capable of achieving excellent results from critics and audiences, as well as a large number of replicas. What is Wicked about? In fact, some of you will prick up your ears to hear that the story is set in Kingdom of Oz: the musical is in fact inspired by Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, who in turn revisited the famous book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. 

    As you can imagine, the costumes, sets and stage effects of this Broadway musical are inspired by a fantasy world of witches, wizards and bizarre characters, but the story itself has all the credentials to excite all types of spectators: is the story of Elphaba, the famous Wicked Witch of the West, told from the point of view of her witch friend Glinda. How did it actually go? Really Elphaba, marginalized as a child for the green color of her skin, was she so evil? Between love affairs, tragic events, quarrels between friends and dramatic choices of freedom, the musical teaches us to look at close people with less superficiality. From a scenic point of view, what made the show famous is undoubtedly the quality of the Songs, which have a great emotional impact, as well as sensational stage apparatus (a real world) and the plot of the story itself, full of suspense, irony, sentiment and twists.

    • Where to see it: Gershwin Theatre (222 W 51st St, New York)
    • Duration: 2.30 approximately minutes
    • Broadway debut date: June 10, 2003

    Info and tickets for Wicked

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    More Broadway Shows ...

    There are many other shows on Broadway! Here are three others that I like to tell you:

    • School of Rock on Broadway: rock adrenaline for the explosive musical based on the famous film with Jack Black.
    • The Book of Mormon: huge public success for this hilarious musical it's about two Mormon missionaries in Africa!
    • Kinky Boots: finally I point out this bizarre sight which tells how to survive in the footwear business by producing boots for drag queens ...

    All Broadway shows on the bill

    Broadway Theaters Map

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