Braies lake (a small magical place) and a trip to Austria to liez castle

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One day hanging out on the internet I came across a magical photo, a lake that seemed enchanted, I thought I would never see a place like this. "Who knows? Where in the world is he located?" I was wondering...
I did some research and saw that Lake Braies, nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, was just 4 hours by car from me, I accidentally found an offer and a few days later I left, alone, me, me and the desire to discover ...

1 day

4 hours spent thinking if it were so? as in the picture, ready for any disappointment ...
Yet there it is, in front of my eyes, even more? beautiful than I imagined ...
An enchanted world, a world beyond of the wardrobe of Narnia, a fairytale in flesh and blood, or rather in water and mountains!
The heart of the Dolomites, so? pale that never stop reflecting in that green and blue water to seek color.

2 day

Fortunately the day was sunny, as soon as I arrived at the lake I walked towards the small church that has the mountains as a background, there are also the stables with horses nearby.
A surreal setting, squirrels crossing the path and this peace that you can? breathe and smell of freedom.
I skirted the entire right side of the lake and found some benches that directly overlook the lake; L? I wrote part of my book finding inspiration and tranquility.
Continuing you find yourself on the beaches where you can? even swimming, a whole new view of the lake where you can? observe the other side no more? pale but green ...
Continuing along the path (which goes around the lake in 30 minutes) we find ourselves having to deal with many steps that lead us to a terrace with a breathtaking view of Braies.
Continuing further you find yourself at the end of the lake with a magical stilt house where you can also rent boats and immerse yourself in the center of the lake, rowing and dreaming.

3 day

Unfortunately, in Braies the weather was not on my side, I decided to take the car and set off towards the Austrian border.
Did I follow a sign that led to the city? of Lienz where luckily I found the sun (about 40 minutes by road from Braies).
I decided to visit the castle, where inside I found a very interesting museum; what what for? fascinated me more? ? Was it the view from the tower over the city? ...
Another nice part of the castle was the small inner turret which was once the kingdom of bats.
Unfortunately it began to rain, I must admit that the clouds that surrounded the tips of the mountains were still fascinated.

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