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Reading various posts from other bloggers and travelogues about beautiful Boston, the only place that came back redundant was Quincy Market.

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Not the classic set of shops and bars, but a series of very long buildings arranged parallel to each other. A shopping mall horizontally that occupies a large square in the city.

By planning our short trip to Boston last December, I left an entire day for shopping. I had printed the handy PDF shopping guide in advance and I left prepared knowing what to buy at Quincy Market. Not only clothes and souvenirs, but good food and Christmas treats awaited us.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
The? Faneuil Hall Marketplace, one of the Freedom Trail's suggested historic spots, is located in downtown Boston. The huge shopping complex, consisting of? Four buildings, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, South Market and North Market, lined up next to each other,? ready to welcome you and surprise you with its products. Enter here? like being catapulted into the land of toys.
The main building of the whole complex? the Quincy Market. "Built in 1824, it owes its name to the major" Josiah Quincy "who subsidized it. Considered one of Boston's? National Historic Landmarks, this huge covered market? in neoclassical style. The Quincy Market welcomes visitors with a smooth and imposing colonnade which, at this time of the year,? made even more? elegant thanks to the Christmas decorations (here our experience in Boston for Christmas). Yes, Americans know what it means to decorate a building!
I warn you that entering the Quincy Market? bad for bacon and love handles. Not ? the classic local market we are all used to. Once inside I didn't want to anymore? get out of it. A succession of small shops, pastry shops, vegetarian places and sushi bars. A world for lovers of good food and not, everyone will surely find what to buy at Quincy Market.

We walk in disbelief until we stop to admire the spectacular decorations of the dome. A riot of red, gold and lights. We buy some vegetables and two cups of "Clam Chowder" to be enjoyed comfortably seated on the tables available along the perimeter of the dome. The view from here? very pretty, you can see the tree at the end of the illuminated avenue and the government center in the distance.
We recommend that you take a couple of hours to see the large Faneuil Hall Marketplace complex and decide what to buy at Quincy Market to have lunch at one of the many free tables in the dome.

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