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You say Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, and your thoughts fly to its prestigious universities (MIT and Harvard) and to the American Revolution that you savor step by step on the Freedom Trail.

Rich in history and culture, Boston is this, but much more.

Boston is the unbridled cheer for the Red Sox, it is the warmth of the Fall Foliage, it is the adrenaline of the Head of the Charles Regatta and the tradition of the Fisherman's Feast, but also of the color and joy of Boston's Trinidad Style Carnival, the Caribbean carnival that invades the city on the weekend before Labor Day.

Awaited appointment of the Bostonian August, since 1973, the Caribbean Carnival makes the atmosphere of the city even more hot with its dancers and their costumes, with the sumptuous feathers and the overwhelming music, giving the city a slightly more jaunty veil and festive.

The 2014 edition of the Boston Carnival is held by 17 23 to August and, from the line up of the program, we can bet that it will be an event that will entertain, amuse and even surprise spectators of all ages.

Far from the usual images of similar carnivals that only see adults parading, the Boston carnival also involves the smallest, future actors of the traditional colorful to whom, from an early age, the community entrusts the baton. Kiddies Carnival, the children's parade, is held on Sunday 17th at the White Stadium where not only the extraordinary choreography and the children's make-up will be held, but also the music and the dances.

A few days later, on August 21, at the Reggie Lewis Center, size will make the difference: let's get ready to see the most XL costumes that each team has in their repertoire. Large, impressive and colorful costumes will be the real stars of The King & Queen Show, accompanied by excellent musical and non-musical entertainment.

Regardless of the weather conditions, the weekend of 23 and 24 August will be absolutely hot: Saturday is scheduled I open, the parade which - borrowed from the traditional carnival celebrations of Trinidad & Tobago - is held along Blue Hill Ave.

In recent years, its popularity has continued to grow, so much so that it attracts around 5-8.000 participants from the States, Canada and the Caribbean islands (such as Jamaica or Haiti), either for the originality of the event, or for the skill of the participants.

In fact, the real protagonists are the common people who wear costumes of their own production and make up according to their tastes. From 6 in the morning until after the sun goes down, hundreds and hundreds of people arrive sporting green Hulk faces, messy but cheerful smears of body paint or phosphorescent wigs; the musical rhythms are dictated by drums and vuvuzela. As imaginable, the atmosphere is very goliardic and the tones very relaxed… are we or are we not at Carnival?

The grand finale, scheduled for Saturday 23rd, is at the height of the event: entrusted to the colors of the costumes and the talent of the dancers, the rhythms of the bands and the joy of the parades and the public, the conclusion of the Carnival is aanimated and engaging parade which, from 13pm, runs from Blue Hill Avenue to the Franklin Park Zoo.

Caribbean culture and traditions are the fulcrum of these four events, capable of making Boston a small colony of the Caribbean world, animated by the joyfulness and light-heartedness of Carnival: an appointment we cannot miss to remember and tell about a slightly unusual Boston .

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