Bosphorus, gigantic Mosques and delicious food: here we are in Istanbul

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Can't you? don't visit istanbul at least once in your life. A city? rich in monuments, culture to experience, foods to taste. Even the Bosphorus can? bewitch you.

1 day

The first day we decided to tour the center to understand where all the monuments to visit were located. We planned to see the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia (located in front of the Blue Mosque), Topkapi Palace (located behind Hagia Sofia) and try the typical restaurants. By typical I don't just mean savoring their typical food, but also observing the preparation of their dishes and eating like them, then sitting on comfortable cushions all colored. Really particular. The cook sitting in the shop window is delightful, preparing delicious, thin and tasty wraps. I love to test culture in all its forms and over time I have perfected this transformation within myself: not just a tourist but a traveler.
The nearest restaurant good? "The Han", located on the road leading to the two main mosques. It is equipped with a sign, so you will notice it without problem. Doner Kebab? really delicious. A light dish with all the macro-nutrients needed to tackle a city trip.

2 day

Interesting ? It was also worth visiting the Basilica Cistern, placed underground and almost entirely in the dark. It served in ancient times as a container of water.
Another thing that leaves you speechless? been observing Istanbul from above from the Galata tower! The latter? equipped with a comfortable lift. Once you get on it is a bit tight to observe the view, but I recommend it to everyone. From above you can see the fascinating Blue Mosque.
For truly unbridled shopping lovers, I recommend taking a trip to the Grand Bazaar. Take a taxi, wherever your hotel is, it is really difficult to find your way around, due to narrow and intersecting streets.

3 day

The third day ? was the most? beautiful. We did the Bosphorus cruise. How to describe this experience in a nutshell: romantic, exciting, fascinating. Council to do it at sunset or at intermediate times so? to look forward to a twilight and daytime scenario over the city? view from the sea. We have done so? and we were fine.
It is interesting to note that in the evening the bridge over the Bosphorus turns red ... BREATHTAKING! We recommend booking it directly at the port, to ensure a low cost price and not to rely on local tour operators. You will find the road to the port behind the Blue Mosque.

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