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  • Family and childhood
  • The beginning of the problems with the law
  • The death

Family and childhood

Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in New York on June 16, 1971. His mother Afeni Shakur, who is part of a movement that fights for black rights, the Black Panther, gives birth to him 40 days after her release from prison where she had been locked up as she was accused of having been involved in a bomb attack. Tupac and Amaru are Inca words and mean "bright snake", while Shakur derives from Arabic and means "thankful to God".

He spent his childhood in Bronx and in the neighborhood of Harlem, in which there is a theater group, at the 127 Street Ensemble, and there he is enrolled at the age of 12, making his debut a year later in the comedy "A raisin in the sun" in the role of Travis. After having changed residence many times a New York, Tupac with his mother and half-sister Sekiwa moved to Baltimore and at the age of 15 he began to write his first lyrics by signing them with the name of "MC New York", and at the same time he attended the "School of the Arts" for two years studying acting and dancing.

The beginning of the problems with the law

Subsequently, in 1988, Tupac and his family moved to Marin City (Bay Area-California) and it was here that he began to live on the streets and sell drugs. Meanwhile, Tupac's stepfather, Mutulu Shakur, is sentenced to 60 years in prison because he was found guilty of an armed robbery in 1981. In the Bay Area, Tupac collaborates with rapper Ray Luv, giving rise to the group “One nation mc's”. Then the meeting with i Digital Underground, with whom Tupac collaborated in 1990 creating a featuring in the song "Same song". Meanwhile, while Tupac is touring, he discovers that his mother is on crack.

The performance with the Digital Underground earned him the contract with Interscope Records and on November 12, 1991 he made his debut with his first album "2pacalypse now"Containing the hit"Brenda’s got a baby". Shortly before the album's release, in October 91, Tupac accuses two policemen of brutally assaulting him and so decides to sue the police for $ 10 million. Oakland.

Later, in the Texas, a boy influenced by the rapper's violent lyrics kills a ranger and so he tries, in vain, to withdraw from the market "2pacalypse now", while in the meantime Tupac makes his debut as an actor in the film "Juice". On February 1993, XNUMX, his second album "Strictly for my NIGGAZ" was released and sold over one million copies.

The troubles with justice multiply. In March 93 he was in prison for two weeks for beating up the director Allan Hughes and less than a month later, on April 5, '93, he returned to prison for 10 days, guilty of attacking a rapper during a concert. A few months later he gets a part in the film "Poetic Justice”But later continues to have problems with the law.

In October 93 he was arrested for shooting two off-duty policemen and a month later he was accused of having sexually abused a fan he met in a New York nightclub and this incident prevented him from participating in the filming of the film "Higher Learning ". In April 94 he was arrested in Los Angeles for possession of weapons and drugs and on November 30 of the same year he was the victim of an attack in New York. He is hit by 5 gunshots as he walks out of a recording studio Times Square.

While still recovering from his injuries he is found guilty of the sexual abuse of November 93 and incarcerated in the "Clinton Collectional Facility" in New York. At the same time the third album comes out, "Thug life"(There are those who translate the expression with" life as a tough "and who with" life as a bandit "), and while the fourth album is in prison,"Me against the world", Containing the beautiful"Dear Mama"Also nominated for the title of" best song "to MTV Music Awards of 1995.

The album immediately reaches the first position in the charts of Billboard. While Tupac is incarcerated he deepens his acquaintance with Suge Knight, the boss of "Death Row Records". It is Knight himself who pays the bail, of 1,4 million dollars (well over 2 billion lire), which allows Tupac to get out of prison.

In the meantime, it is now a war with some east-coast artists such as Notorious BIG and Sean “Puffy” Combs who Tupac believes were involved in the shooting that saw him victim in Times Square in '94. Furthermore, Tupac accuses Notorious BIG of stealing numerous lyrics from him, taking advantage of the fact that he was in prison.

Four months after his release from prison, Tupac's fifth album (a double album) is released, "All Eyez On Me“, And it immediately ranks to number one on the Billboard charts and exceeds 6 million copies sold in a few months (now the album has exceeded 10 million copies sold).

The death

By now Tupac feels in constant danger and at the '96 MTV Music Awards he shows up surrounded by numerous bodyguards with whom he is in contact with a walkie-talkie that he always holds in his hand. Also at the '96 MTV Music Video Awards he is involved in a fight with Nas. On 7 September 96 Tupac together with Suge Knight went to MGM in Las Vegas to attend his friend's boxing match Mike Tyson fighting against Bruce Seldon.

The meeting lasts 109 seconds and upon leaving MGM Tupac, Knight and the rapper's bodyguards start a fight, captured by MGM cameras, against Orlando Anderson, a member of the gang called "Southside Crips". Tupac gets into Suge Knight's car and drives to the Death Row Records boss's club, 662, for a benefit concert.

At about 23.15 pm while the two are on the road, 750 gunshots are fired from a white Cadillac with four men on board, alongside Suge Knight's BMW 12, and of these 5 hit Tupac (who usually runs with a vest bulletproof, but this time he has none; it will be said, later, due to the heat) in the chest, while Knight remains unharmed.

An ambulance goes to the scene to transport the rapper to the University Medical Center, where in the span of six days he undergoes three operations and the removal of his right lung. Tupac Amaru Shakur was pronounced dead at 4:03 p.m. on Friday 13 September 1996 following respiratory complications. His body is cremated the next day.

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