Billund the Danish city that lives in the magnificent world of Lego

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In 1932, a Billund, Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the first wooden toy factory which he called Lego. Who visits Billund, enter the world of Lego bricks, the whole city revolves around Legoland, the theme amusement park and the Lego trucks whiz around the city along with the cars. Everywhere you look, there are men dressed up as Lego characters and the two main attractions of the city are Legoland and the Lalandia water park.

The characteristic of this Danish city, known all over the world, is that of combining modern elements with classic ones, it has very wide streets, restaurants, shops and it is very pleasant to walk through the wide streets of the city even by bicycle. Billund is located in the Syddanmark region of southern Denmark, in the center of the Jutland peninsula. It is very easy to reach it by plane, as its airport is the second in Denmark.

Billund it is very colorful and particular, just look at its buildings, cheerful and colorful like the Lego bricks, which overlook the river bank.
But, Billund is a small town, which has had a demographic increase thanks to the Lego factory. In fact, all the activities in the city revolve around the amusement park. Legoland is the destination of millions of tourists every year, not only families with children, but also all those adults who, when they were children and there was no computer, played with Lego bricks. Legoland is a theme park, where all the objects built with these famous bricks are reproduced and also the most famous monuments in Europe, all rigorously built with Lego.

Getting to Legoland is easy, it's just a few minutes from the airport and can be reached easily on foot, just across the street. This amusement park is very large, there are delightful ponds and a large aquarium, where the fish mingle with the Lego sculptures.

Also worth visiting is Lalandia, the largest indoor water park in Europe, it is built with a large dome that guarantees a tropical climate even in cold weather, inside there are also a playground and an ice rink. five minutes away from Legoland. To spend an unforgettable holiday a Billund you don't need to be a child, this place is perfect for all those who want to spend a few carefree days in the world of Lego to make a holiday that is different from all the others.

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