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    Beverly Hills Los Angeles: what to see and attractions to visit

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    When thinking about a vacation, there is no doubt that California is a good starting point to start inventing something beautiful, but if we want to focus on just one "portion" of the state, this time our attention goes to the center-south. , to the area of Los Angeles known for the climate, beaches, sport, the cult of physical activity, theme parks, Hollywood and the world of cinema with the nearby neighborhoods, actually cities, which notoriously distinguish a certain social "status". Today our attention goes to one of those, Beverly Hills, which has about 37.000 inhabitants, which is located between Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountains and West Hollywood, not far from Bel Air and Holmby Hills (which together with it make up the so-called Platinum Triangle).


    • Brief historical introduction
    • Visit Beverly Hills nowadays: what to see
    • Los Angeles Golden triangle e Rodeo Drive
    • Important streets and homes of movie stars
    • Civic Center e City Hall
    • 9/11 Memorial Garden
    • Saban Theater
    • Radio and Television Museum
    • The parks of Beverly Hills
      • Beverly Gardens Park
      • Cienega Park
      • Beverly Canon Gardens
    • Beverly Hills major events
    • Where to eat
      • Wilshire Boulevard
      • Cienega Boulevard
    • Where to sleep in Beverly Hills?
    • Beverly Hills how to get there, how to get around and tour
      • Parking advice
    • Surroundings of Beverly Hills

    Brief historical introduction

    We are talking about something familiar at least in terms of name, if only for the films and TV series like Pretty Woman, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Beverly Hills 90210 and Beverly Hills Cop, shot right here. Originally Beverly Hills it was very different from what we can see today. At the time of its foundation it was a ranch where beans were grown, then in 1914 investors arrived in search of oil but they found water instead of "black gold"; these gentlemen were not demoralized, let's say that they "adapted" to the discovery and decided to found a city by exploiting that precious asset.

    In the 20th century Beverly Hills was one of the many white communities in thearea di Los Angeles and those who did not have the "right color" skin could not own or rent property unless they were employed by white people. The Jews also had the same fate.

    Visit Beverly Hills nowadays: what to see

    But how exactly is the locality of Beverly Hills in the present day? It is an affluent community in a beautiful hilly area where people live in comfort and ease amidst villas, luxurious cars, manicured tree-lined streets, with shops, luxury boutiques and excellent restaurants. There is no shortage of hotels, many of which have "many" stars, churches, parks and the town hall, but no industry, no hospitals or even cemeteries. This is why it is said that "no one is born and no one dies in Beverly Hills".

    Given the style, the charm and the dollars that circulate, it is no surprise that one of the cities it is twinned with is Cannes, yes indeed the famous Cannes on the Cote d'Azur. However, along the streets of Beverly Hills we do not feel in a particularly snobbish place because, while passing in front of buildings of a certain architectural impact, selling limousines and cars with high-sounding brands such as Ferrari, Cadillac and Rolls Royce in circulation, essentially in the presence of the "smell of money", we can say that there is luxury, you can see it, but it is not so ostentatious. And the first impact is really pleasant especially because we are attracted by the presence of so much green.

    We realize that we will never live in similar villas, that our standard of living is not comparable to this one but we do not feel envious because "all that glitters is not gold" and to tell the truth the lives of many characters who live here are not always as easy as it may seem. But beyond all, we have come here to continue the discovery of the many faces of the States and we continue to take a walk in this corner of green trying to capture as much as possible what is around us.

    Los Angeles Golden triangle e Rodeo Drive

    The area bounded by the Santa Monica Boulevard, from Wilshire Boulevard and North Crescent Drive, is also called the Beverly Hills shopping area “Golden Triangle”. These streets are lined with some of the most luxurious shops, restaurants and art galleries in the world. Beverly Hills is cut in two by a very famous artery, Rodeo Drive, the icon par excellence, once one of the first Spanish settlements, now the most famous shopping street in the city and one of the most renowned in the world for Italian designer boutiques, the hottest high fashion brands, as well as for jewelers world-class.

    You can turn into the pretty loop (a short semicircular detour that falls on Rodeo Drive) called Two Rodeo, the copy of a European trade route with pharaonic construction costs and where you realize you are when you notice a particular sculpture, a shining bust called Torso made by artist Robert Graham. This is also the starting point of the Walk of Style where not only the names of stylists, jewelers and masters of style are engraved in the pavement but also of characters that have made an era of style and elegance. And in this area Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman walked and did not go unnoticed in the boutiques. Those who have seen the film cannot have forgotten it (for more information we suggest reading the our article dedicated to Rodeo Drive).

    In addition to Rodeo Drive, here it is Shopping continues in shopping malls, for example al Beverly Center (8500 Beverly Blvd.), al Brentwood Place Shopping center (12019 Wilshire Blvd) o al Granville Plaza (11819 Wilshire Blvd) where you can find the best of American department stores, including classy and luxury products.

    Important streets and homes of movie stars

    And having "pointed the finger" on the luxury and well-being that distinguish Beverly Hills, we continue to talk about it taking a step back in time in the 20s when the couple who symbolize the cinema of the moment, actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, settled on the hill of Summit Drive in a mansion named Pickfair which, among various vicissitudes, has made an epoch, costing at that time about 41 million dollars today. Many other Hollywood artists followed their example by starting the "fashion" of building their villas on those hills.

    Some of the star favorite routes are Alpine Dr., Roxbury Dr., Carolwood Dr., Bedford Dr., Hillcrest Dr., Maple Dr., Rexford Dr., Summit Dr., Tower Rd. And Benedict Canyon Rd. , for example, it is one of the roads that continue towards the hill of Bel Air, the site par excellence of the abodes of the stars which is less than twenty minutes from Beverly Hills. Between these two hills it fits Holmby hills, a residential area noteworthy for its particular street lighting and for the homes of illustrious personalities such as Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney.

    Then there are other villas, now not high-rise residences, which currently have functions worthy of mention for various reasons. Virginia Robinson Gardens (1008 Elden Way), the first mansion in town, built in 1911 and now known for its legendary parties. The gardens are divided into five sections where citrus fruits, magnolias, palms, roses, camellias, gardenias, azaleas, banana trees, ginger and aromatic herbs grow. The visit is subject to a fee (14 $ / adults 4 $ / children 5-12) upon reservation of the tour.

    La Greystone Mansion (905 Loma Vista Dr.) is a 55-room residence created by an oil tycoon for his son but in 1965 the city of Beverly Hills bought the property which in 1971 became a public park open every day. This is a popular location for weddings, meetings, photo shoots and various events. We report some.

    Murder in the Manor it is a show that takes place inside the villa at a cost of $ 65 and lasts about 2h45. Inside luxurious rooms, a cast of professional actors makes us feel like in a series by Inspector Colombo or the Lady in Yellow among murders, intrigues, suspects and interrogations. In grand style, theHollywood Ball instead it is a celebrity meeting during a fashion event while in May in Concours d'Elegance the theme is the exhibition of expensive classic cars. The event is similar to the one held every year on Father's day in the Rodeo Drive area but this is intended to raise funds to restore a historic property, the Doheny Estate. Films such as Spiderman and X-Men have been shot at the Greystone Mansion.

    Harold Lloyd, famous director, film producer and silent actor in vogue in the 20s, (tenacious "rival" of Chaplin and Keaton), built his large villa, Greenacres, at 1740 Green Acres Drive and lived there until his death in 1971. Since then the house and gardens have been used as a location for films, civic events and charity galas.

    Still on the subject of houses, we would like to point out a truly singular one, Spadena Home (516 Walden Dr.) nicknamed the Witch's House. This time nothing to do with the elegant and luxurious mansions (the villas in the area), but certainly a building that deserves for its particularity and originality, designed by the Hollywood artistic director Harry Oliver. The style of this property is referred to as storybook architecture, a style in vogue in the XNUMXth century in the United States and England. Thatched roofs, cobblestone pavement, strange shapes, bizarre structures and wavy lines characterize this house. A structure definitely out of the ordinary and worth seeing.

    Finding your way around the various villas may not be immediate, in case you can also choose one of the many tours to the houses of the movie stars available:

    Tour of the houses of the stars

    Civic Center e City Hall

    Il Beverly Hills Civic Center (455 N. Rexford Dr.) with the monumental City Hall (town hall) in Spanish colonial style and its tiled dome, is the symbol of the city. It is really very beautiful. It dates back to 1932 and now the building is connected to the new civic center through courtyards, balconies, corridors with arches that always recall the Hispanic style.

    9/11 Memorial Garden

    The monument was created in memory of the terrorist attack in New York 9/11 Memorial Garden (445 N. Rexford Dr.) owned by the Fire Department and inaugurated on September 11, 2011. The twin towers, the pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania where the massacres took place were depicted. The purpose of this construction is to honor various categories: those who lost their lives in the attack, those who maintain security in the country, as well as those who still believe in equality, in the right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The site is open to the public on a daily basis and was created thanks to private donations of money, materials and time; it is a special place to contemplate and not forget.

    Saban Theater

    Of a completely different kind is a point of interest that dates back to 1930, the Saban Theater (8440 Wilshire Boulevard), formerly known as Fox Wilshire Theater. We are talking about an Art Deco style structure, with very beautiful interiors that hold more than 1800 spectators, officially declared a historic building in 2012. The programming of the events is intense and varied; watching a show is a great experience that we recommend to anyone who is in sight here. Tickets can also be purchased online.

    Radio and Television Museum

    It is not often that you meet a Museum of Television and Radio, but here it is, at 465 N. Beverly Drive, and it's worth enjoying. With a collection of around 80.000 television and radio programs, it tells the story of the two media. You can watch and listen to moments of entertainment, music, sports and events up to the present day.

    The parks of Beverly Hills

    Beverly Gardens Park

    As we pointed out, one of the things we like about Beverly Hills is the presence of a lot of green. At 9990 Santa Monica Boulevard, a large crescent-shaped sign (much photographed by tourists) with the inscription BEVERLY HILLS placed above a water lily fountain indicates that we have arrived at Beverly Gardens Park. Within this green area more than three and a half kilometers long, you can walk among paths admiring cacti and roses.

    Inside Beverly Gardens Park, on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Wilshire Blvd. is theElectric Fountain, a unique fountain with a six meter high column from which stands a statue of a member of a local Indian tribe kneeling in prayer. The structure, built in 1931, creates a very particular effect at night as it is illuminated by a succession of colored lights. In this park the Beverly Hills Art Show artistic event takes place on the third weekend of May and October (see events section).

    Cienega Park

    La Cienega Park (8400 Gregory Way) is considered the “jewel” park of the city. Here you can play sports, the little ones have fun in the playground, there are grills for the barbeque, picnic tables and a snack bar. Special events are held in the park's Community Center. Nearby, at the Tennis Center (325 S. La Cienega Blvd.) there is convenient free parking for two hours.

    Beverly Canon Gardens

    A beautiful green area recently established is the park Beverly Canon Gardens with many walkways (241 N. Canon Dr.). This lovely oasis is enriched by fountains, arcades, gardens and pleasant outdoor areas where it is possible to eat.

    Beverly Hills major events

    During the year 3 events in the Rodeo Drive area that deserve to be reported and that turn the spotlight on this destination even more. Outside this famous street there is an interesting initiative that takes place at Beverly Gardens Park (9990 St. Monica Blvd.) in May and October. This is the Beverly Hills Art Show, a free outdoor event comprised of 240 artists from across the nation featuring painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry, printing and drawing. During the event it will be possible to taste food in trucks and drinks. The event is pet friendly.

    Where to eat

    Want to try the food in Beverly Hills? Of course yes! So let's go to the Wilshire Boulevard.

    Wilshire Boulevard

    • Da Caulfield’s Cash & Dining Room (9360 Wilshire Blvd.) Within the Sixty hotel, contemporary American cuisine blends with European influences for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant has a vintage-style bar and a panoramic one.
    • Since 1985 we have tasted authentic North Indian cuisine from Bombay luxury hotel (8690 Wilshire Blvd.). The restaurant looks like a mix of modern and Indian style with two large windows facing the street.
    • A restaurant that serves good Chinese cuisine, interpreting classic dishes in a modern way Shanghai Grill (9383 Wilshire Blvd.). This place also offers a take out service and makes home deliveries.
    • Also along Wilshire Boulevard it is no surprise to find the sandwich chain Subway  (9673 Wilshire Blvd.) where everyone personalizes and creates their own sandwich starting from the bread, continuing with the filling up to the sauces. This chain is present practically everywhere in the United States for a simple, fast but tasteful solution precisely because we choose the sandwich!

    Cienega Boulevard

    North of Wilshire Boulevard, Cienega Boulevard is known as “Restaurant Row” due to the presence of various restaurants. We recommend four places that offer ethnic cuisine and perhaps this detour is worthwhile.

    • The restaurant Ground fire (133 N. La Cienega Blvd.), with its typical South Brazilian churrasco, has been named by Zagat (restaurant guide of America) the best restaurant in Los Angeles for South American cuisine. Here you can eat meat at will while the bar serves a small restaurant, wine and cocktails. The first restaurant of this chain was opened in Porto Alegre in Brazil while in the United States it was opened in Dallas.
    • Korean cuisine, with its rice dishes, soups, noodles, vegetables and fish is a must try at the restaurant Genwa (1700 La Cienega Blvd. / 5115 Wilshire Blvd.). The peculiarity of this place lies in the flameless grill positioned at each table where customers cook their own meat.
    • Spices are the protagonists of Spice Affair (50 N.La Cienega Blvd.) which offers contemporary Californian and traditional Indian dishes in both cases with a spicy touch. The menu also offers foods for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs. Fun is guaranteed from 17 to 20 pm with Happy Hour at the bar & lounge. In the restaurant, which won awards for its cuisine, VIPs have been spotted, which the owners do not mind. The restaurant is located in front of a fountain, it is impossible not to notice it.

    Where to sleep in Beverly Hills?

    Montage Beverly Hills

    Stay overnight in Beverly Hills it is not an impossible thing on an economic level, thanks also to the search engines in which to "investigate". We point out some accommodation facilities according to the various needs and occasions, excluding those in the Rodeo Drive area that you find in our study.

    As a luxury hotel we recommend the Assembly Beverly Hills (225 N. Canon Dr.), named the number 1 hotel in the Los Angeles area by readers of Conde Nast Traveler. As soon as you enter the large garden facing the entrance you will notice a beautiful fountain. The hotel has a spa and a restaurant with a rooftop swimming pool. The rooms and suites are presented in all their elegance.

    Il Beverly Hills Hotel (9641 Sunset Blvd.), nicknamed Pink Palace for the pink color of its walls, is a hotel frequented by Hollywood stars. Luxurious rooms, suites and bungalows are surrounded by four acres of beautiful gardens and exotic flowers. The apartments feature a patio with private green area, kitchen, fireplace and balcony with views of Beverly Hills and palm-lined driveways.

    At guests' disposal there are a spa and a particular swimming pool with music that plays film melodies, in the background in the water. The POD Coffee, poolside, serves quick meals from 9 to 18 in a casual-chic atmosphere while the Polo Lounge it has the characteristic of cheering up guests' lunches and dinners with piano music. Jazz music can be heard on the patio in the summer.

    It boutique hotel Beverly Terrace (469 N. Doheny Dr.) is located in a vibrant neighborhood near Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive. The 39 rooms are located around the garden. The property features a classic mid-century style in a welcoming and relaxed European setting. In the heart of Beverly Hills we point out the Crescent Hotel (403 N. Crescent Dr.). The rooms are furnished in a modern style and each has its own style and prices vary from room to room. California cuisine can be sampled in the restaurant with terrace bar.

    in surroundings of Beverly Hills we would like to point out a couple of accommodation structures of a totally different typology. Those who want accommodation other than the classic hotel, depending on their needs, might find them interesting.

    The Garden Cottage (8318 W. 4th St. - Los Angeles) was rated the best B&B di Los Angeles. It is within walking distance of CBS Studios, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Grove Shopping Center (189 The Grove Dr.) with adjoining Farmers Market, and within walking distance of Beverly Hills. The individually decorated rooms and cottages (with dining room) are equipped with microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, air conditioning and internet service. Some rooms have a balcony and a view of the garden. In common with the various guests there is a dining room and a kitchen.

    THEOrange Drive Hostel (1764 N. Orange Dr. - Hollywood) is a highly rated hostel in its category. It is located in a 1790 mansion near the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame and sports the style of old Hollywood. It has free wi-fi, a laundry room and an equipped kitchen. The rooms, with shared bathroom, are structured in various types and the cost ranges from a minimum of $ 42 to a maximum of $ 108. Parking costs $ 10 per night.

    Find accommodation in Beverly Hills

    • All accommodations on Booking
    • All accommodations on Vrbo

    Il Beverly Hills Conference and Visitor Office (239 S. Beverly Dr.) is available to visitors for more information about the city.

    Beverly Hills how to get there, how to get around and tour

    Beverly Hills can be reached via theLos Angeles International Airport, 1 World Way, (take a look at our guide to finding a cheap flight to the USA). Once in the area, let's see how we can get around starting with a trolley tour. Excluding Mondays and public holidays, the service is free and operates between the Civic Center (corner of the Civic Center with 3rd Street every hour from 11am with last departure at 17pm) and Rodeo Drive (corner of Rodeo Dr. and Dayton Way adjacent to Two Rodeo every half hour from 11.30 with last departure at 17.30). On Sundays the trolley leaves in front of the courthouse (9355 Burton Way) as the Civic Center road is closed.

    Who wants to opt for a tour narrato can find more details at This Page, but you can also opt for a bike tour which is not bad if your legs are a bit trained. The bikes are solid, heavy, very reliable and with an unmistakable color: green, in harmony with a large part of the environment. For more details take a look here.

    Parking advice

    Those who have a car can take advantage of the 2 hours of free parking at the Beverly Hills Parking Facility (461 N. Bedford Dr.) et al Beverly South Public Parking (216 S. Beverly Blvd.).

    Surroundings of Beverly Hills

    About 30 minutes from Beverly Hills along US 101 west you can go in excursion in the residential area of ​​Woodland Hills, in Los Angeles county in the Santa Monica Mountains, crossed by the Mulholland Drive. And from this street you can enjoy spectacular views of the San Fernando Valley, the famous "Hollywood" sign on the hill and a panoramic view of Los Angeles in all its extension. Weather permitting, this is the perfect place to take great photos.

    Since we are here at Beverly Hills, why not add the crossing of the neighborhoods of Holmby hills e Bel Air to complete the “Platinum Triangle”? It might seem a bit trivial to do the classic city ​​tour of Hollywood stars, music and sports stars. We instead recommend it not so much to know the names of the owners of the residences, but for the pleasure of driving through the hills. We especially liked enjoying the beauties of the place aboard our car ……. with the addition of some gossip. If you want to know more take a look at our guide on how to visit Bel Air.

    Those who want to know the properties, stories and various anecdotes in more detail, can buy a "map of the villas" and move independently or they can rely on specialized agencies, for example Starline Tours (6925 Hollywood Blvd).

    In the Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills it is one of those places where those with a certain standard of living can decide to reside while remaining close to their activities, their world, at the same time moving away from the chaos and frenzy of a metropolis. And many do. We went to have a look around and now we know something more about the so-called "golden world" of America.

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