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When booking a trip it is advisable, even if not entirely pleasant, to also think about possible inconveniences and unforeseen events that could happen while traveling or even before, so as to have to give them up. Especially if we talk about Zanzibar, and more widely about Africa, these unforeseen events are more likely to occur. We refer both to problems related to luggage given the conditions of the airports, and to health problems considering the diseases of these areas and the poor quality of hospitals.

What comes to our aid in these cases are insurance, often seen as an extra cost which, however, can make us avoid spending out of our own pockets and not lose money already spent. Insurance is not compulsory but in cases like this it is necessary and important to protect and protect themselves, be sure to have assistance at all times and even be able to return to Italy if needed. Here's what the best insurance for a trip to Zanzibar, with info on costs and advice.


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It is a recent insurance system specialized in travel, born from the collaboration between the Italian company Ima Italia Assistance and the Spanish broker Smart Insurance. It was characterized right from the start for seriousness, reliability, advantageous costs and ease of use, this last factor is thanks to the24 hour assistance and the handy mobile app from which you can manage everything, from opening a claim to requesting a refund.
Yes they have guarantees of all kinds (medical expenses, early return, cancellation, baggage) based on the type of policy you choose, the possibility of canceling the insurance by obtaining 100% reimbursement, and also insuring a single trip or a full year of travel. A big plus is the option too Zero deductible that with a little extra reduces the deductibles on medical and luggage costs. In a nutshell Heymondo analyzes the market proposing the best solutions, all we have to do is choose the one that's right for us! Here are the proposed solutions:

  • Peace of mind travel it is the basic policy that only insures medical expenses and early return
  • Travel Top compared to the previous option, this policy adds reimbursement for baggage
  • Premium travel is the most comprehensive policy for travel up to 45 days which also includes travel cancellation

Allianz Global Assistance

World leader in the world of insurance, Allianz can only be among the best choices also in terms of travel, and especially those abroad. Allianz is classified as such for prices, coverage, flexibility and reliability. The policies proposed are truly numerous and varied, divided by type of trip. Whether it is a business trip, study, pleasure, sport, long stay or short vacation, there is a solution for everything! One of the strengths of this historic insurance company is the24 hour assistance and the direct payment of expenses without having to advance a single cent. It also gives the possibility to insure a single trip or several trips that will be made during the same year. Here are the various options proposed:

  • Travel Care the specific policy for healthcare and the direct payment of medical expenses
  • Travel Student which in turn is divided into Single Trip (single trip of max 180 days) and Multi Trip (multiple trips within a year), designed for students under 30 on a study trip abroad
  • Travel Long Stay: to travel safely for up to 4 months with 24-hour travel assistance, direct payment of medical expenses and assistance to family members left at home
  • Travel Cancel: to protect against cancellation penalties in case of unforeseen events that lead to not being able to leave

Fit 2 Trip

A downside to most insurances is that they don't guarantee anything for pre-existing illnesses a traveler may have upon departure.
This travel insurance is very ethical as it has a specific package designed for those who leave already knowing they have pathologies and medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart problems etc. Its strong point is undoubtedly the fact of evaluate each individual customercase by case, creating the most suitable tailor-made insurance. In addition, as with other policies, it is possible to insure more trips or add additional guarantees of various kinds such as coverage in the event of sports accidents. And the prices? Absolutely advantageous! Here are some proposed policies:

  • Cancellation only is the policy for those who want to have financial protection in the event of a trip cancellation or interruption
  • Medical expenses only covers any medical expenses to be faced while traveling, available for both single trips and multi-trips
  • Multi-risk it is a complete option which includes medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, loss or theft of baggage, flight delay
  • Pre-existing pathologies is the policy for people with pre-existing diseases who want to travel in total safety and serenity from a health point of view
  • Annual coverage it is ideal for those who make several trips in a year and covers health needs, cancellation or theft of baggage


It is a world leader in travel insurance, specializing in travel abroad, reasons that make it one of the best online policies. Among the strengths there are undoubtedly the very competitive prices, the 24-hour assistance service and reliable coverage. The packages proposed are basically 4, from the most basic to the most complete, to which you can always add extra coverage to customize the policy according to your needs.

  • All-inclusive coverage is the most comprehensive policy that insures medical expenses, baggage and trip cancellation
  • Medical Coverage it is the option to rest assured only from a health point of view
  • Medical Coverage and Baggage as the name suggests, health care plus coverage in the event of theft, loss or damage to luggage
  • Cancellation Cover is the specific option to be reimbursed in case you have to give up the trip


It is one of the best known insurance companies and at the same time one of the most reliable, known both nationally and internationally, whose strength is the 24-hour operational center, always available for travelers who want to open a claim. The 100% Italian assistance also offers medical advice by telephone and pays medical expenses immediately without making the traveler advance anything. Furthermore, even the reimbursement in case of cancellation of the trip, any legal fees, and other compensation due to the loss or breakage of luggage, is very fast, thus breaking down the usual long bureaucratic times. Here are the packages offered by Axa:

  • Total Screen is the all-inclusive policy suitable for the most demanding travelers who need full coverage (medical, baggage, cancellation)
  • Medium Protection basic covers medical expenses and baggage
  • Basic Protection it is the ideal option for short trips to Europe, therefore not very far, and covers medical expenses and injuries
  • Annual Policy to ensure more trips during the year, whether for business or pleasure

Price comparison

Below is a comparative table of prices for the stipulation of travel policies.

NB: Prices are intended for an adult basic policy without previous illnesses

Is travel insurance in Zanzibar mandatory?

For a trip to Zanzibar you are not obliged to take out insuranceHowever, considering some factors, especially health related, having a policy becomes practically essential. Among the diseases present in the area, some of which are tropical dangerous, and the poorly functioning health system, are you really thinking about whether or not to take out a policy for this type of trip?

Why do health insurance: risks and dangers

In Zanzibar, as in most African areas, there are diseases of all kinds such as cholera, typhus, paratyphus, epithitis, tetanus and diphtheria. In tropical belts there is also the risk of contracting malaria and dengue fever, both transmitted by mosquito bites. In the first case there is still no vaccine but only prophylactic drugs, while the virus is cured even if you will still have to deal with a bad and heavy flu.

The food poisoning due to raw meat and fish, unwashed vegetables and water. Compounding the situation is the poor health system of personnel, equipment and specific drugs, which would not be able to better manage even a simple fracture. It follows, if something should happen to you, the need to be repatriated to Italy, an expense that without a travel policy is entirely borne by the traveler. In short, here are the reasons why you should take out travel insurance to go to Zanzibar:

  • Food poisoning and pathologies conveyed by food and water (for example hepatitis) because in Africa the water is not drinkable and almost never food is prepared respecting sanitation standards
  • Diseases contracted from insect bites, such as malaria and dengue virus
  • Any type of injury that can happen on excursions such as safaris, as hospitals would not properly treat breakages or injuries
  • Sudden illnesses during the trip, which unfortunately must always be taken into account as there is constantly the possibility of them happening
  • Repatriation to Italy in the event of one of the above reasons

How to choose travel insurance

There are many factors to consider: first of all it is necessary rely on specialized travel insurance so as to have more complete policies and specific guarantees that go to protect risks and dangers of various kinds (health care, cancellations, problems with luggage).
Essential to take into consideration are the values ​​of ceilings and deductibles, respectively the maximum threshold and the minimum threshold above and below which the insurance does not pay. It is also important to ensure that assistance in Italian and the translation service, both every day and all day long. Another fundamental aspect is the method of payment of expenses: some companies reimburse the traveler after he has advanced the amount, while others pay everything directly out of their own pockets. In the case of health policies, it is also advisable to inquire about the possible room and board of a family member / friend if you are hospitalized and need assistance. Here is a brief summary of what a policy should include and the factors to consider:

  • Maximum limits and deductibles
  • Telephone and medical assistance 24 hours a day, 24 days a week
  • Translation service 24 hours a day, 24 days a week
  • Terms of payment of expenses, whether in advance or not
  • Luggage cover (theft, loss, damage)
  • Civil liability (expenses or compensation in case of damage to third parties)
  • Presence or not of compensation for accidents, death, permanent disability
  • Whether or not there is compensation for delays, changes and cancellations
  • Presence of any reimbursement for unused holidays
  • Early return in case of hospitalization or death of a family member in Italy
  • Repatriation to Italy
  • Age limits for the insured person
  • Coverage of previous and / or chronic illnesses

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